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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


Trixie and Big Macintosh, a mare of many words and a stallion of few to none. They're as different as the river and the sky... which might be why they get along so well.

A special Hearts and Hooves day vignette for the Lunaverse. Not much else to it. Thanks to Fizzy Orange for the idea of writing something like this for the holiday.

Cover image courtesy of SpiritTrax85

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The end was quite unexpected. Not bad for a crack pairing in the Lunaverse.

Wow, she's really drunk. Good thing she won't remember that in the morning.

I really liked this actually. Shame it's so short. Anyway, great job!

Hmm... Big Mac seems a might chatty for a fic that actually mentions how mild spoken he's suposed to be in the description, and arguably Trixie isn't chatty enough given that same description states her to be his inverse; just an observation.


Wait.... WHY is this included in the "Lunaverse", might I ask?
I think I already know the answer

I could honestly see it. Too bad Mac and Ditzy are my OTP. :derpytongue2:

....You know, I could actually see this working out well for the two of them....

2124532 lol, thanks. Opposites attract, right? ;)

2124592 Hmm, nah. She remembers it. they do this every week. :eeyup: She's not into 'Lulamoon' territory, after all.

2124894 Thanks!

2124960 I was pushing the deadline a bit. Hmm, I wonder if I should continue this...

2124976 :ajbemused::facehoof: Did you... I mean really? Really? :coolphoto:

2125097 I take it that's good, then. :twilightsheepish:

2125120 We ran a Hearts and Hooves contest with a random number generator and this is what I got.

2125138 Then we must duel! Banana cream pie or blueberry pies, my good sir? :rainbowlaugh:

2126068 Thanks. Hmm... maybe I should float this... Nah. no one would go for it.

2126127 That's a decent enough reason I guess.

What? :rainbowhuh:

I'm not allowed to point out when an author's own description declares Big Mac to be "a stallion of few to none", and yet in the fic the character speaks in whole and even extended sentences?

It's not a critique of the story itself, that's fine for what it is, but there is a definite incongruity between the description and the actually body of work.

2126416 Thanks.

2127073 lol, thanks.

2127558 ... 'Few to none' does not mean mute, or not talking at all. There has to be some back and forth between the two, more than 'yup' or 'nope'. Otherwise it'd be dull and rather difficult to write. And well... you didn't write any praise or anything that I did good for what was a short, silly dare challenge. :ajbemused: So... yeah. I'm sorry, but that rather ticked me off a bit.

Sorry, I wasn't aware you needed my approval to validate the existence of this fic. The fact I had no specific praise for the fic, doesn't mean I did not enjoy it; it just means there was nothing that stood out to me as exceptionally inspired, but as you said this whole affair was just a "silly dare challenge", so that really shouldn't be surprising for ANY of the H&H fics.

Anyway, yes, you are 100% correct that writing a character with limited dialog would indeed be difficult, but when you describe the fic as a contrast between "a mare of many words and a stallion of few to none", I do not feel it is unfair for me to expect to see that borne out in the fic itself. With a different description, I'd likely not have complained at all, but you set up an expectation then failed to deliver on it. Not saying that makes this a bad fic, just that it means the summery and the actual story don't really match up.

I liked this. It was a short, sweet fic capturing a single moment between the 'couple'. Frankly this is the way I see how a 'relationship' would work between them. It would start off as two ponies coming together after work to talk about their (admittedly with one pony talking more than the other :raritywink:) but then it growing more.

I can honestly say that I'd love to see more of these two together.

On a side, I liked the reference of Big Mac and Caramel taking care of business :pinkiehappy: Though chasing a Pegasus like Lightning Dust all the way to the wonderbolts acadamy and still taking her down, I believe the proper term for that is "Like a BOSS!" :eeyup:

Well, that was pretty cute.

¡Lightning Dust! Hasbro would never name a pony such a silly name. ;-)

Seriously, how can Big MacIntosh and Caramel chase a pegasus.

In the CelestiaVerse, Lightning Dust has the potential to be a great WonderBolt, but she is too reckless. After she will emotionally mature, she should reapply to the WonderBolts. At this time, she is too much of a danger to herself and others to be a WonderBolt.

It was good. I feel like I would have enjoyed it more if I read up on this "Lunaverse", and I definitely would have enjoyed it more if it took place at a pivotal point in Trixie and Mac's relationship, rather than being a random snapshot in the middle of it. For a one-shot, though, it was plenty.
I do think they make an awesome couple, if only because Trixie could appreciate somepony who spends all his time listening rather than speaking and has a near-infinite wellspring of stoic patience. Cute story.

Well, that was short and cute. Nice to see even in the Lunaverse Trixie acts exactly as one would expect of her Great and Powerful Personality when combined with actually being nervous when courting, especially when it comes to Best (Male) Pony such as Big Mac.

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