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Another Exquisite Corpse · 8:18pm Dec 10th, 2014

Before you all kill me, I apologise that the next chapter is taking so long. Real life has been a bit crazy. It's still on its way.

That said, I have contributed to a third exquisite corpse. Why don't you read tit (and the previous ones) in the mean time.


The premise was the Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon go time travelling. This one was insane even by our standards.

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1125548 Nope. Just been busy. Sorry.

Thank you for adding A Debt to the Stars to Vampires and Vamponies, I've added it to my read list and I'll be taking a look at it soon!

Thank you so much for the fav for Flight of the Parasprite! I am glad that you enjoyed it so far.

Hey thanks for adding Discord Writes a Ship Fic to your favorites list, I appreciate it more than you know, or maybe you do know? I don't know. Or do I?:applejackconfused: THE POINT IS, Thank you very much! And I hope with all my heart that you do enjoy the story. :pinkiehappy: So, keep all wings, horns hooves and legs inside the cart at all times, In case of an emergency, your seat can (supposedly) be used as a flotation device!:twilightoops: Now strap in and enjoy the ride!:rainbowdetermined2:

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