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Please post any stories about the princesses Twilight,Celestia,Luna,Cadence,Skyla,or even a oc alicorn! We will have daily contests or instead you can take a picture of your alicorn oc and we will have a contest on who has the best alicorn oc!

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Have you considered adding folders to your group? :unsuresweetie:

341655 Rarity did have a pretty cool super power :raritywink: but it was kinda cute to see sweet little Fluttershy go angry. Also, back on the Rarity topic...I heard the next episode is about her. I think its called Rarity takes Manehattan or something like that.

341518 I think I liked Rarity's the best!:raritystarry:
But how could they do that to Flutter?:fluttercry:

340762 yeah I just saw it today and I enjoyed it. I think Fluttershy's power was the best :flutterrage:
and I think the next episode is where Sweet apple Acers gets attacked by vampire fruit bats or something...:applejackunsure:

340337 It was! And i think this saturday is when THE POWER PONIES EPISODE COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiegasp: I CAN NOT WAIT!!!:pinkiehappy:

339070 yup, me too. plus did you see Daring Don't? I did not expect something like that to happen. also I believe the new episode(tomorrow) is the Scootaloo one.

338985 I think each of the mane six will each find one. I think six of the episodes they will each find keys, and 20 will just be stuff. Like the power ponies or somehing.

338383 it was awesome! I have absolutely no clue what the heck that box is or what's inside it. but maybe everypony will find a key to unlock it, there are six keyholes.

I mean it was so awsome

337775 ohoh! I watched the new episodes on the computer!!!! I was so awsome, but I wonder what is in that box that grew on the Harmony Tree!?

337775 Thanks that sound cool!

337708 aww okay, but just a little. Celestia and Luna get captured and that worries everypony, at the same time the everfree forest is attacking. Zecora gives Twi this weird potion and it allowed her to see in the past. It showed when Tia and Luna defeated Discored and Celestia sending 'Nightmare moon' away. Lastly, she's shown the harmony tree, that's where the princesses got the elements of harmony from.

337692 pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeee can you tell me just a little :fluttercry:

337531 it was on Saturday! If you missed it I won't tell you anything about it, just that you need to go see it.

337448 was the premire last night if it was I did not see it!!!!!!!!!

337419 did you see it!? Season 4 looks like its going to be fun.

337329 I know eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

337308 yeah! Tommorow! And there's going to be, like, a marathon followed by Equestria girls followed by the new two parter! I'm so excited :rainbowkiss:

337247 OK sounds good. Did you here about what is coming out? It is season four of mlp fim

337217 hehe, thanks for understanding. :twilightsmile:
maybe I'll add my story in the group once I get the 2nd chapter in.

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