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I'm just a simple girl who loves ponies.


I'm sorry... · 11:16pm Oct 5th, 2014

Well...I'm not dead. I almost died but...whatever. I doubt anyone cares. So...lately stuff has been happening and I'm more stressful so I don't think I'll be here a lot. It'll be a miracle if ever was here on a daily basis. Now for another thing, my story. I hate it. I'm not continuing it, why should I? A lot of people don't like it and my grammar is horrible. Stencilella is a Mary Sue...no one likes them. So I won't try to keep it alive. If you want me to continue it I probably won't so,

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ayy lmao luv u gurl:raritywink:

That is all. Equestria is ours.


Thanks for the follow. Here's one in return as a symbol of my thanks.

Hi there! Thanks so much for the follow! Have one back~:heart:

1768569 You are welcome! You seemed awesome! :pinkiehappy::heart:

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Poem By Stella

Have you ever wondered...what'll be like, if you were somepony other than you? I imagine that all the time, and I think it'll be cool. If I weren't a princess, how happy I'd be! I would love to be somepony who isn't me. I don't know you, or what you would do...so I assume you also hate me. You might love to be you, for some that is true, and something you already knew. But for others like me...do you know what we see? Somepony who isn't you. If you ever happen to wonder around and see a pony obviously in the blues, please help them out...'cause without a doubt I bet they'd appreciate what you do. For those who are me, someday you will see...how amazing you truly are. I know you're a shinning star. I should follow my words, take my own advice, but I still think being me isn't all that nice. I bet you still hate me...so I ask for forgiveness, until then I'm going to stay a stupid princess.