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Writes literature that primarily focuses upon combining the numerous escapades of miniature equines with those of characters from other franchises. Also creates non-literary works from time to time.

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Gallant Tempest State of Affairs · 9:39am Apr 15th, 2014

:unsuresweetie: "That awkward moment when Gallant's last story update was over half a year ago..."
:trollestia: "I'll be done with Hoof-Life 3 by the time you write another chapter."
:pinkiesad2: "I am getting a feeling that this story is dead." *
:rainbowderp: "How did he get a printed copy of My Little Dashie?"

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I got an extra stick; wanna help me poke him and see if his Ed, Edd and Eddy story is still alive?

If and when you plan to continue this story, I was wondering if you plan on having the Edds physics show at any point or are we going off of MLPs physics? What I mean by physics is, when Eddy would get a building dropped on him and would be flattened and come out with hardly any long term damage, or how Ed could be disintegrated with out dying. Will we see some off that stuff happen to the Edds or will we go by MLPs standard and make it to where if any of what I mentioned happened then they would die?

I really hope I am not coming off as picky or annoying, but I feel I need to ask... is the story still alive? I understand you stated before you had to get through other obstacles in your life before you could focus on this story, I am just curious as to whether you are still pressured by these obstacles or if you have just given up on the story.

Well I just hope it isn't much longer. Your story is definitely one I hope gets finished.

Don't worry, the story isn't dead. I fully intend to resume working on it as soon as I can. I've been meaning to put up a blog post explaining what's up with all the delays (it's mostly due to me starting university and some other IRL stuff, to be honest), so I'll probably post something over this weekend to explain what's up with the delays (hopefully it also shouldn't be too long before I can get Chapter 7 done as well). Sorry for letting you all go for so long without any explanation as to the sudden unexpected hiatus, that really wasn't fair of me at all. :applejackunsure:

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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