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Unusual Magic is a group for discussing (or pointing out stories with) novel uses of magic within fics. (It's still a WIP, so please excuse the obviously default look for the moment.)

Which is to say that just because a story has:

Twilight using major magic
Rarity using moderate-to-high-level magic
Celestia or Luna using high-level magic
Any unicorn using basic magic

they aren't necessarily what we're looking for. Those things are not unusual within the canon.

The stories we're looking for must include at least one of the following:

Earth ponies or pegasi channeling magic
Magic being used in novel ways
Magic being ascribed to ponies it rarely is ascribed to
Unusual magical items (items from the show only count if they can do things not shown in canon, or work differently than they seemed to in canon)
Unusual magical events

As always, there is an exception for Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie "magic" only counts if it's outside her canon capabilities. Pinkie senses immediate events, eats impossible amounts of food, and can keep up with Dash? She does that already. Pinkie is actually an eldritch abomination, an impossible dream, or a unicorn with a stunted horn? That fits.

Any use of magic not shown in canon is the rule of thumb here. Pinkie just happens to be a rather magical earth pony to begin with.

For now, there's just main; I'll sort these as time goes by and separate them out into folders based on how prevalent specific magical tropes are.

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Are human magic stories allowed? Not human-turned-pony, but a human-human using magic.

Happy to see you liked my story enough to add it here. Cool group!

Apparently my story was added here, and this group looks pretty interesting. Might as well join :twilightsmile:

Just curious, do Golems or other inanimate constructs and such being brought to life by magic count for this? What about demon gifted necromancy for a villain? Would that fit? I think they do but I'm not sure. :unsuresweetie:

some one plz tell me if my story belongs here....

Hey, I'm adding my own story The Cult of Amplification to this group, I think it fits the bill pretty perfectly. A group of unicorns explore magic in QUITE the novel way, by cutting off sections of their horns. The resulting consequences will put them at odds with Twilight, Shining Armor, and Cadence, raising questions on the ethics of magic use and the history of magic in Equestria.

I may as well list why I added the two stories I did as well:

Making Friends:
An unusual magical event near the end of the oneshot (which, unfortunately, would be extremely spoilery to mention)

Just Winging It:
Magic used in a novel way
A pegasus using magic
Unusual forms of magic (sigil magic)
Twilight's thaumapotentiametronometer

hello everyone, I added Spike the Knight
:trixieshiftright:Spoilers ahead!:trixieshiftright:
It includes (or will include)
-Earth pony magic (with a little explanation thrown in),
-Potions and rituals going horribly horribly wrong (a CMC was involved),
-Dragon magic,
-The usage of magical artefacts (both cannon and original),
-Somewhat creative use of existing spells,
-And even a little blood magic,
-Non equine creatures using magic,
-Enchanted locations,
-And more.
The story is complete so if you don't find something I mentioned, it will appear in a later chapter.

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