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Heart of Blades

Looks like this thing needs to be updated so here we go. I'm a writer, currently when needing a break from work I write pony fanficiton. Expect more random works soon-ish

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Super Awesome Fics Everyone Must Read

  • We Are What We Are What does it take to transform three innocent youths into the most fearsome enchantresses two worlds would ever know? Redemption be damned. Sometimes one's past is too painful to leave behind. A dark, novelesque & musical Sirens origin story by Theigi 446,940 words · 5,083 views · 192 likes · 22 dislikes
  • Pony Age: Origins The Ponyspawn have invaded Equestria, and it is up to the newest addition to the Grey Wardens, Twilight Sparkle, to find the means to drive them back! With her friends and allies at her side, can Twilight win before Equestria is devoured? by OmegaPony11 397,953 words · 19,995 views · 798 likes · 33 dislikes
  • Exit Through Canterlot Octavia pursues a new path in life, a path where symphonies are composed with cans of spray paint. by TheBrianJ 137,539 words · 20,097 views · 1,901 likes · 50 dislikes
  • Night's Favoured Child With her new apprenticeship under Nightmare Moon, Empress of Equestria and Queen of the Eternal Night, the orphan filly Twilight Sparkle plunges head-first into the conspiracies, secrets and intrigues of the Empire. by Municipal Engines 151,320 words · 39,195 views · 3,607 likes · 58 dislikes

Amazing One-Shots

  • Warpigs A Lesson in History and War by TheWraithWriter 5,227 words · 4,384 views · 583 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Tyrant Canterlot has fallen at last, and six heroes go to face the tyrant of Equestria: Princess Twilight Sparkle. What they find, however, is not at all what they expected. — A reaction to Tyrant Sparkle fics. by PaulAsaran 3,738 words · 17,368 views · 2,326 likes · 68 dislikes
  • What you sat on... Octavia sends Pinkie Pie a letter laying down some facts about history, music-making and her personal life. by Owlor 1,979 words · 924 views · 40 likes · 3 dislikes
  • The Diary Of An Evil Pony Dear Diary. I have selected my new name for this job: "Fleur De Lis." The target's name is Fancy Pants, and he's rich, well-known, and single. This is going to be a breeze. by TheBrianJ 8,312 words · 11,697 views · 1,172 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Sometimes Never Luna and Celestia hold a slumber party to celebrate Luna's return from the moon by Blueshift 1,952 words · 4,648 views · 569 likes · 13 dislikes

I Can Has Romance?

  • The Games We Play Somepony is once again masquerading as Mare Do Well, and it's up to Rainbow Dash to figure out who. by AbsoluteAnonymous 137,602 words · 28,393 views · 1,883 likes · 53 dislikes
  • Fractured Sunlight As kids, Twilight and Sunset were best friends, but a tragic accident cut their friendship short. Years later, Twilight investigates the incidents at Canterlot High and comes face to face with what appears to be a literal ghost from her past. by Oroboro 113,957 words · 15,206 views · 1,975 likes · 67 dislikes
  • Vinyl and Octavia: University Days Vinyl Scratch and Octavia go to university. by DawnFade 71,075 words · 99,312 views · 7,514 likes · 123 dislikes
  • Bonafide Bon Bon and Lyra's life together in Ponyville was perfect - and then Bon Bon showed up. by Sharp Spark 11,111 words · 17,748 views · 1,745 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Duet in the Folk Style Big McIntosh's unique way of experiencing music fascinates Octavia, and he'd love nothing better than to satisfy her desire to get in touch with her earth pony roots. They could learn so much from each other. by Pascoite 38,822 words · 3,075 views · 312 likes · 14 dislikes
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Hey there! Thanks for the faves on my stories. If you'd care to give any more a shot, I hope you'll like them too. :pinkiesmile:

2214595 Oh.....umm....okay? I don't hate Pinkie, just like the fic

u favorited that fan fic "what you sat on" its a pinkie hatefic

2214192 I don't like Pinkie?....wait, why don't I like Pinkie?

i noticed something. why dont you like pinkie?

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