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Caramel gets picked on by his friends.
Caramel goes with his friends to see a magic show with a magician from Canterlot.
Caramel gets called on stage with the magician as an assistant for a trick.

...perhaps Caramel finds a new friend?

- - -

Written without much reason, thought, or inhibition. Which is odd for me.

NOTE: Anthro ponies present. M/M things later, no sex.

Sequel: Ace in the Hole: Under the Gun

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I will follow this

Also ten my lucky number hearts my favorite set

Good use of tension and dialog. Extra points for research. Faved and upvoted.

This is the first time I've actually considered reading an anthro story, and I'm only doing so because you explicitly mentioned that it's M/M without sex, which is totally my thing.

Fan-fucking-TASTIC. This hypnotist is something new, and he really plays out the whole stage hypnosis thing and all the unique story elements that come with it.

Long story short, this was... Awesome. Especially Caramel. He's very interesting to picture falling into trance for some reason.

The fuck you lookin' at? :rainbowderp:

I loved what you did with the hypnotist. You gave him an aura of depth and warmth, which is something I don't normally see in hypnofics. Well done.

Personally, when I've done what hypnosis things I have, relaxation is priority and dominance/commanding is far enough down the list that I will break out, so someone who is at least friendly makes it easier to fall. As for the depth and warmth, I'm surprised I pulled that off considering some of his behavior and language.

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I like M/M if it doesn't have sex. I'm biased towards M/F on that front, though some F/F is okay. Probably doesn't matter since writing it in any form is not my forte.

First, good to know it was actually interesting to follow. Secondly, I don't even know why I chose Caramel.

I like M/M without sex because I don't like reading porn, but I am gay and I'd like to see some representation in the stuff I read. Unfortunately almost everything that is M/M is either poorly written Soarin/Braeburn shipping, unfinished/cancelled, or clop.

Some Soarburn is decent. Not all of it, but I've found one or two good ones.

Ace is an evil, manipulative, monster.

He's that kind of guy who's charming, kind, and appears to have someone's best intentions at heart, but later reveals his trues colors later.

This is clearly shown with:

"But I do need your love and attention. You will listen to me when I give you an order, and you will love me like you would another mare or stallion. You are not afraid of being affectionate with me and will willingly show me such whenever the situation or feeling arises. And if I say your name before any command, you will obey that command without question."

If he truly wanted to help Caramel he wouldn't have said this, Ace is forcing Caramel to be his love slave through hypnosis and is only got him to agree because of psychological manipulation like a pimp does with prostitutes.

If Ace really cared about Caramel then he would have a least given him a few days to think about this life changing decision, and he certainly wouldn't have said that quote above. Even if Ace is attracted to, Caramel he wouldn't have if he's the guy you want us to think of hime as, he would have let their relationship progress naturally as the traveled together.

I have to say I'm impressed by these subtle clues you left us to find, Ace is a despicable pony, but he is a great villain, I can't wait to see what happens in the sequel.

I've never seen a plot like this before, and i'm looking forward to the sequel. I also like the use of Caramel as a main character.

Gay anthro isn't my thing, but still very well done.

It's not mine, either. I just had a thing, an idea in my head, and it wouldn't leave. :pinkiehappy:


I know that feeling. My latest story, the one about the giant monster pony vore, I just felt unnaturally compelled to write it after I dreamed about it. I don't even like big pony or vore, but still.

This was better than I expected. Well written. :pinkiesmile:

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