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I sails the Seven Salty Seas on a ship made out o' rubbers! I writes porn and porn alone, but only when 'tis funny! Avast and ahoy, mateys, watch yer backsides, we've stormy waters ahead! ARRRRR!


The day has finally come: Celestia's Nightmare has overtaken her. Daybreaker is on the rise, and all of Equestria will burn.

Her first target: Ponyville, home the Elements of Harmony.

But Daybreaker didn't count on one thing. See, she's really hot, and some ponies are just really, really horny.

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I'd definitely like more daybreaker dom fics

Comedy perverts can be fun

The power of horni

This is a beautiful reminder that even evil has standards. That said, you gotta hand it to the nameless protagonist for living the dream, even if it didn't live up to the hype.

I commend you for such a marvelously hilarious piece.

The greatest power of all

Any game grumps fans on here all read the title in the Obama voice. Don’t deny it.

But horny ingrates are not so easily stopped.

No... No we are in fact, not. 😘

Well, that was a thing that I read. And found amusing.

10754902 I deny it :derpytongue2:

But only because I don't know the video.

that was some funny shit

A sapient creatures Libido is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the universe, to the point of even suppressing and tossing survival and self preservation out a damn window.
Daybreaker never stood a chance.

From an evolutionary standpoint, you don't matter unless you reproduce. :twilightsmile:


Who didn't get Norted! :rainbowlaugh:

I am excited for the slew of TallDommyMommy fics coming. We need more. This was fun

To horny jail with all of us

Take us all to the horny brig

Once again the horny™ saves the day.

"Flatten his dick!" the rest of us chanted, myself included. "Flatten his dick!"

They are kinda acting like me after half a glass of mildly alkaholic choco milk.

Resident Evil 8 is looking great.

Hahahah. That was great!

I’ll have what their having

I feel like this is the Daybreaker Pony variant of Ken Ashcorp’s We’re Shameless... I also feel it deserves a favorite.

I've never seen a story title that understood me so perfectly.

Plus she was packin' some serious honkers. A real set of badonkers. I mean some dobonhonkeros. Massive doboonkabhankoloos. Big ol' tonhongerekoogers. Humongous hungolomghononoloughongous.

this is amazing


Sadly, they didn't focused on her Giant Tiddies. And are more focused on getting stomped on and waste their lives by getting crushed.

I'm NOT a Masochistic Suicidal like the rest of those idiots in Ponyville. I'm more into having Sex with the Huge Boobs Daybreaker WITHOUT me dying in the process. That's real accomplishment! 👍

To a phoenix, dying is just another part of life.

Also, don't assume.

I can vibe with the sentiment of “please step on me“ while not finding it, or the pain, hot.


Well for one, We are NOT Phoenix's. Nor have extra lives or a "do over" in Video Games. Sorry.


Also, don't assume. I can vibe with the sentiment of “please step on me“ while not finding it, or the pain, hot.

You actually agree??!! Thanks, I guess?

No. You're misunderstanding because you're ascribing logic to horny. And porn.

Oh, and stupid for trying to counter a metaphor as an actual argument.


No. You're misunderstanding because you're ascribing logic to horny. And porn.

I wasn't trying too. I know that Logic and Horny/Porn don't mix. It's just I'm No Masochistic, like the Ponies are in the story.

Nor the Fans of that Resident Evil 8: Village Meme. I may like the Tall Vampire Lady like everyone else here. BUT, I don't want to get stepped on, nor get killed.

Oh, and stupid for trying to counter a metaphor as an actual argument.

Okay, I was just confused on the saying metaphor. No NEED to be f***** insulting on me.

Alright. So... whats the problem? Is it that you aren't a masochist, or that they are? And.. why please?


Well, it's just them mostly. I mean, the story in here shows a Very Hot Queen with a nice body. And instead of wanting to have Snu Snu ( Basically Sex, and a Futurama reference) with her ( without the "Death" part.). They want to get "stepped on". Basically getting crushed and KILLED by her huge feet??!! I mean, WTF?!

I do get that this is a Reference to that recent Resident Evil 8: Village Meme with the Eight Foot Tall Vampire Lady with the nice body and all. But everyone on YouTube, or in the internet mostly wants to get stepped on ( Highly to get killed by it), INSTEAD of wanting to be a "possible" Boyfriend/Girlfriend to her. And later on get the amazing Sex.

I do get that people are joking about it. And are only kidding for the meme. But, when ever I see the meme and all. It makes me want to make a assumption that their probably a little Masochist, and wants to possibly die from a very tall lady by stomping on them on purpose??!!

I get that everyone likes different "tastes" in the Sex/Porn part. But, HOW does hurting yourself, or even get your Sex Privates destroyed considered a "Good Thing"?! :twilightoops:

So you think it's harmful?

People simply like different things and, as far as I know, they couldn't stop liking them even if they tried.

That wouldn't change anything for how harmful it is, but it's a fantasy. How does a fantasy hurt anyone who's old enough to see one as such? So, in the end, what are you trying to change here?

Its alright you're trying to vent! Good for you, even. And its ok if somethings don't make sense to you. Its completely understandable that you may question peoples inteligenz because of that.

You could work on the when, where and how next time. Choose your battle better and stop being so condesending at first.

It was decent talking to you! I hope you have some good days later! If you want to set the record straight on anything, i'll read it but I may not reply, depending on what it is.


Well, I did read this at first, before I commented. And it basically shows that the Ponies embarrassed themselves. And even Daybreaker is disgusted with them, and wants them to rot in Tartarus. ( Even though she is a Major Hypocrite about it. Considering that she is a VILLAIN!!!) But, I guess even Villains have Standards.

I would have preferred to have Regular Sex with her to try to "Cure" her. :trollestia:

And it's without the "Stepping on" meme thing.

That's... not what they want. at all. stepped on, or steppe, whatever, is a sex/domination thing, not a meme or literally "step on me". It's not "let's get crushed" it's "put me in my place and fuck me." It's basically just asking to be dominated. The joke is that Daybreaker doesn't realize that, and is disgusted by it, like most normal people are.

This is the Resident Evil 8 vampire lady isn't it?

I always assumed it was a foot fetish thing and to want someone to press their foot on them.

I'm not sure why this ended up in my recommendations since I mainly read horror and the occasional slice of life fic, but this was a fun read! haha!

ALL THAT FOR A ‘Horny on main’ JOKE?! … I approve.

MoMmY sTeP oN mE

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