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Xenonic lives in the north of england and so has never seen the sun. She would put that she's a girl but there are no girls on the internet so she won't.


Caramel can't swim, and with summer almost arriving, and a holiday with Mac to look forward to, it's up to Sassaflash to change that. Can the shy guy learn to swim without looking like a drowning chicken in just a week? Will Sassaflash pocket a substantial amount of money from a bet with Thunderlane? Can the author ever learn to write comedy? Read and find out!

Anthro-ponies, be warned!

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Sir, you've got my attention :moustache:
So I liked it :P

This is... not bad. Continue. It's kind of disappointing to see such a small up/downvote ratio, but that may be because of the subject matter, the whole anthro(?) stigma.
Anyway, liked and Favorited.

2556291 Thank you. I really enjoyed writing it.

Description says anthro, but the picture shows humanized characters, and there is a human tag. Very confusing.
If this is an anthro story I thin you should get a different picture. And definitely get rid of the human tag. The human tag does not apply to anthro stories.

2558785 k. I'm not sure I can find another picture, tho

You could try looking through the site e621.net, if you don't mind sifting through pony porn. Found this there.

2561353 Looks like he's got boobs

Those would be muscles, which would basically be the case if he was anthro. Not the skinny kid that is in the picture you have now.

2561549 ...awful lot of porn on there...

Well, I did tell you that. The site is a image bored that is pretty much furry porn.
Still, plenty of clean pictures one could find.
If it bothers you you could always try looking through deviant. But they have less anthro pictures, and many of the ones that do exist are crap.

2561585 ...might just use that one you gave me...

Again, I did warn you.
Here. One of the three good anthro Big Mac pictures that would be found on deviant art.

Awesome story. I don't care if it may have been cheesy or not, I enjoyed it greatly. For sake of your amazing quality, I found two errors, but only two:

being to bony to hold any significant warmth. And another thing - the shorts he'd had to borrow. They were miles to large!

Should be too bony and too large. :twilightsmile:

2658585 Ah, yeah. Sorry, I'll fix those.

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