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Revenant Wings

"The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face." - William Makepeace Thackeray, Vanity Fair. Admin of LGBT, somewhat obsessed with Crash Bandicoot.


Whether it's a drink or a slice of locally made apple pie, the Salt Block Saloon in Appleoosa is the place to go. Come on down, have a local cider or imported bourbon or whiskey, and relax with music and entertainment in the company of a few good friends.

Or, if you don't have any friends, you're likely to make a new one by the time you leave.

Starts after S1's "Over a Barrel", will eventually progress through S7's "The Perfect Pear" unless a new western episode comes out.

M/M Braeburn x Sheriff Silverstar.

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In the forests near Ponyville live two zebras. Everyone knows Zecora as the resident herbalist and curer of magical maladies and her connections with the Princess. But a second zebra also lives in the area, one who keeps to himself and is a bit of a recluse. Almost no one knows who he is and what he does, and he seems to prefer to keep it that way.

Night Shield is a new unicorn guard taking up the post at Princess Twilight's castle. The strange habits of this second zebra soon become known to him, and a chance situation allows him to find and meet with this zebra to know what makes him tick.

Night Shield may not like what he finds.

Proofread by MightyShockwave

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South of Equestria, the Tenochtitlan basin has had trouble lately; the city of Tegucigallopa finds itself at war with a hidden civilization to the southwest and ponies are found missing or kidnapped. But this isn't stopping Daring Do from pursuing her latest prize: a statue of the legendary "god" Quetzalcoatl, a half-pony, half-snake being with bird wings believed to come as a savior of the Tenochtitlan ponies.

Daring, out in the jungles of Tenochtitlan, suddenly finds herself within the confines of the city of Viboran, a city inhabited by half-pony, half-snake beings that revere Quetzalcoatl as an actual pony. Despite being kept inside the city until they can be sure she's not a spy from the outside, the residents and their leader - Prince Serpis - offer to help with Daring's latest quest. But something seems off to our intrepid adventurer, and she quickly smells the power struggles hidden under the surface.

Daring Do's quest now is not just a fight for a treasure; her sanity is on the line...

Prince Serpis (C) MightyShockwave

Proofread by MightyShockwave

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In his latest plans for world domination, Dr Neo Cortex sends Crash Bandicoot to another world. But the thought of defeating a world without annihilating Crash utterly bores Cortex, and decides to come through the portal he created and take over Equestria as well as the Wumpa Islands. Now, Crash must team up with the ponies of Equestria to defeat Cortex and return home before both worlds fall to the wrath of Cortex.

Crash Bandicoot x MLP crossover
First crossover
Crash Bandicoot and related characters (C) Naughty Dog/Activision.

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Something has happened in Ponyville that hasn't happened for nearly a century: someone has gone missing.

Such a situation is more than the Ponyville guard normally has to deal with. But they're willing to take up the case no matter how strange the circumstances seem if it means preventing it from happening again in the future.

As more oddities about the case surface, the guard may be in over their head... so long as they can keep it on straight...

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Caramel is an earth pony, but not as strong nor as fast as the others. He works an okay job and has a small home, but wonders if his life couldn't have turned out differently. And, most of all, he longs to fly like a pegasus. He likes the idea of the wind beneath his wings, of the combination of speed and grace, of freedom to go wherever he wants, something he's currently missing in his life.

A chance encounter with a pegasus living in Ponyville instead of Cloudsdale may give him the opportunity he's been looking for this whole time. If only he wasn't so insecure...

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On a lead from her friend A. B. Ravenhoof, Daring Do heads off to the Tenochtitlan Basin to recover the statue of the ancient god. But Daring's troubles are only just beginning as she is sent off on a commission to find the legendary Sacred Stones, items that once held the power to defeat Discord and were last seen shortly before Nightmare Moon was vanquished. The stones have appeared all across Equestria, and Daring Do now has to make her way throughout the land to find them all.

But someone else is interested in the Stones... someone who's slumber has been awakened, who wants to use the Stones to make himself the most powerful being in Equestria, and to take revenge on the one who imprisoned him...

Racing against an unknown foe, Daring Do will need to rely on her wits, ingenuity, and her closest companions. For as a cult of the ancient god rises in Equestria, it's hard to tell who she can trust.

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Average Joe is a simple pony. Entrancing Voice is a seductive hypnotist. Entrancing Voice realizes he hasn't attempted his powers on Average Joe... and tries to do so casually at a bar.

Rated T for... mentions of potentially naughty things. But nothing is actually done.

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Amethyst harbors a minor grudge on Twilight Sparkle ever since she took over her duties as Ponyville's premier event planner and organizer. Twilight decides to use the Hearth's Warming Season to possibly try and fix things...

Jinglemas Secret Santa gift for Derpator and part of the Incredible Amazeballs Jinglemas Secret Santa work.

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Octavia’s relationship with her partner was once a paradise. But now, dissimilarities run rampant; they don’t like the same things and conversations that work tend to be repeats of the old ones. When Octavia finds fault with her partner's behavior towards their one-year anniversary and a friend suggests moving to a nearby small town to get her mind off things, Octavia soon jumps at the chance and finds a place in Ponyville.

But some wounds aren’t healed so easily, some hearts hold on to things for longer, and first impressions can be the hardest to break. Especially when Octavia finds someone who reminds her a little much of what once was a near perfect life.

Octavia x Neon Lights with slow buildup.

Thank you to Ceffyl Dwr for prereading, editing, and advice.

Started before "Slice of Life".

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