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"The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face." - William Makepeace Thackeray, Vanity Fair. Admin of LGBT, somewhat obsessed with Crash Bandicoot.


In his latest plans for world domination, Dr Neo Cortex sends Crash Bandicoot to another world. But the thought of defeating a world without annihilating Crash utterly bores Cortex, and decides to come through the portal he created and take over Equestria as well as the Wumpa Islands. Now, Crash must team up with the ponies of Equestria to defeat Cortex and return home before both worlds fall to the wrath of Cortex.

Crash Bandicoot x MLP crossover
First crossover
Crash Bandicoot and related characters (C) Naughty Dog/Activision.

Chapters (5)
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Good... yes, very good, hrmrmm... but could use some more spoons.

I can imagine Tiny got an army of manticores on his side.

Ooh! Interesting!!:scootangel:

*puts on the read it later list because clock is 2:42 AM*

Thank the Lord for me now being into Crash.

Though overall good, especially the writing, I do have some concerns.

For one, Dingodile's personality is off here. He only threatens(with intent to carry out) those that get in his way. Sunburst freely gave the info. Though a villain, Dingodile is an honorable sort. Case in point when he tried to give Crash an out, saying he'd leave him alone if Crash gave him the crystals. Though, those that DO ignore his offers and continue to stand in his way, he's more than willing to roast and eat.

Next... this one isn't a complaint, but a concern. There's 25 crystals. So, having one shouldn't grant a power, since it took OVER five crystals to gain a power, since he only gained powers after he beat a target.

HOWEVER, the idea of the crystals being capable of causing such is a good idea. But, not in their normal state. Perhaps if they got charged up or something, they could, though. So, the concept is not entirely without merit.

Also, you have it so that Crash is stupid and mute... that is not true. He can talk, but it's rare that he does. Also, he's been shown more than once to be clever... but in an eccentric way. He doesn't think in the normal ways people would consider sane, but in a good way. Simply put, despite lacking logical smarts, he's quite ingenious in terms of creativity.

Also, though easily distracted... it doesn't seem like that's an innate quality about him. When focused on a goal, he stays focused on it. However, from what we've seen, when not saving the world, he does get distracted often then. This makes it seem like that he CAN focus... but doesn't like to. He enjoys the wonders of life, and can easily find enjoyment in their many wonders, ALLOWING himself to be distracted when he doesn't have stuff to worry about.

Beyond those complaints though, I do enjoy the rest of what you've written here. Overall, not a bad start. Certainly good enough to continue watching.:D

Thank you very much for your comment! :D I'll try to address some of them as best as you can, and you can give me more feedback if possible.

On Dingodile: I did kind of want him to really show the villains here mean business (especially after the Radical titles; part of the reason the original trilogy is my favorite but Wrath of Cortex was also really good is because they meant business when encountered), but I suppose that was a poor way of doing so. Perhaps I should have threatened Sunburst with bringing him back to Cortex instead to draw out more information?

On the 25 crystals: To be honest, I've cut it down a lot (explained in detail in the next chapter) just because I had no idea what to do with 25 of them. I've gotten it down to 7 - six for each of Crash's main abilities and the 'master' crystal discussed in Cortex Strikes Back that would give plot importance. I could make them charged with either Aku Aku's magic, a unicorn's magic, or some technology of Cortex (whoever gets their hands on it). Would that work?

On Crash's speaking: Outside of the Japanese manga, Crash has said all of two words barring the Radical titles: "Uh-oh!" and "Whoa!". Besides those, Crash is hardly ever shown speaking and aside from a few references I really don't use the Radical titles (Tiny will be featured, for example, and he's got his original design and personality). The horn ring-turned-amulet made it easier for me to include Crash speaking and much more often than the original titles, but if you can remember any more please show me where.

On Crash's intelligence: I'll have to remember that for later on, though I do have him as spacey later on when in downtime or at a place where he can't do much of anything; if given a chance he'll move the plot forward and do something, but otherwise he may not be the brightest.

Thank you for commenting again and I hope you have more feedback from this! :D

I was reeeeeally tempted to put in "Break out the butter; we're gonna make toast!" line from Cortex Strikes Back, but I didn't want to do too many lines from the games themselves.

Part of the reason I'm doing this is because of the 20th anniversary last year and the upcoming N. Sane Trilogy games; this is a series I've loved since childhood and finally felt enough inspiration to do something. Can't wait for it; already did the pre-order on PS4 digital! :D

Whoops, my bad. xD I'm doing a Let's Play of Warped on my Youtube channel so I do remember the line, but CSB is my favorite of the series.

Before I read: Which game is this set after?

Admittedly, I make references to everything from the original trilogy of games to the GBA titles to the Radical titles, but most things are going to be taken from the original trilogy + Wrath of Cortex and hardly anything from the Radical ones is going to be used.

I see, well then, yes, of course, all I can say is; OH MY GOSH! THIS IS AWESOME! Thumbs up, favourite and tracking! As one Crash fan to another I eagerly await your next chapter. Now, do the Crash Dance!

This was awesome. I can't wait to see who's the next technical boss. Now I'm imagining the Mane-iac teaming up with Ripper Roo

7824828 First: I'm just glad you don't have the Activision Mutant games.
Second: Will there be Twinsanity references?
Third: I meant after which game does this start?

7824656 Well, I had some theories that could be interestin' for ya for the games set after Wrath of Cortex that could actually prove useful for you, if you'd like.

And technically, Crash in Skylanders Academy talked a lot, BUT, I think of that more like his remastered variant more than anything, like two separate timelines.

However, it does seem he CAN talk, as you said with the Whoa and the like. But, he just doesn't talk much. Perhaps having it so that it's hard for him to form words that aren't simple to pronounce? Not sure.

Technically this would be after Mind over Mutant as the references include them. As for Twinsanity, maybe one or two but it's been a while since I played that one so little would be included.

7825377 ... At least tell me you agree Activision fucked the franchise when they the Mutant games.

You know, the Radical titles are good games if you don't count them as part of the Crash series. They're funny, decently written, and play well, but if you take them as the spirit of Crash, it's as someone from Naughty Dog said: "It's a bit like watching your daughter do porn."

7825393 Considering Crash was the first video game I ever played, I have to admit a touch of bias.

Yes, though I have hope that the N Sane Trilogy will be good with Vicarious Visions at the helm developing it.

7825581 I hear ya there. But, I'm waiting for my dream game to come; CTR Remastered. (With online features) I will die happily with that experience in mind if it does happen. All the fingers and toes are crossed.

Absolutely a thousand times yes.

7825970 Feautres would include;
- Free Battle: No need for multiplayer to go on the Battle Maps! Set your opponents difficulty and the game will pick random opponents, including unlockables.
- Extreme Difficulty: Thought Hard Mode was piece of cake? Well, test your skill as all the CPU's aim for first place with extreme prejudice!
- Unlockable Characters as opponents outside of Story Mode
- New Characters: Koala Kong, Nitrus Brio, Komodo Moe, Nitrus Oxide and Spyro are all added to the roster
- Online Mode: Its you against the world as you aim to become the best CTR player ever!

7825581 ...I'm upset Crash Bash never got put on PSN...

Hehehe, this started out pretty awesome! :yay: I am liking how this is going so far, and I can tell this is going to be a fantastic read! :rainbowkiss:
Ahh this brings back so many memories of Crash Bash, chriiiiist man... god forbid ponies find Nitro Crates around XD hahaha, or TNT, speedy shoes, etc.
I wonder if Crash will get a Pogo Stick?

Good show man!

7825970 What is your opinion on the titans series of Crash? Personally, while I find the characters to be varying levels of OOC at times, I still like the concept

Well whaddya know! This is great! Know we can hear what insanity goes on in Crash's head :rainbowkiss: Awesomeness in full tilt extreme!
Hahaha, nicely done man, nicely done, I am looking forward to more of this!

Hehehe, ahhh Power Crystals... nice.

*head bangs*

They are fun, even amusing games. However, they definitely do not feel like Crash games.

That was from Twinsanity; firing a green beam and leaving her paralyzed with a dumb look.

Just had a thought. What if the 'slave crystals' are a group of five crystals combined, the spark of energy keeping it together as a larger structure?

(Also, there's a part earlier that you had in italics that wasn't meant to be italicized.)

Dun, dun, dun! Great work here. Looking forward to more

This'll end well, hehehe.
Awesomely done dude, awesomely done!

Somehow I think them overpowering Celly isn't gonna... end well.

Oh ho h-- I mean, WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have plans for him! >:D

Ah, Ripper Roo! My first boss battle. Crash 2 was the first one I played.

Ripper Roo is sane? I thought he was still crazy with the swirling eyes, wearing a straitjacket and creating explosions.

Yeah! Ripper Roo is finally up in this story!

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to go get a map,” Twilight said. “I’ll be right back. We’ll mark the locations of the crystals you can find on that map.” And she ran off.

Princess Luna opened her eyes and gave the crystal back to Crash, who had been looking on at the whole thing awestruck. He gently took the crystal back, watched as Aku Aku shrunk the crystal again, and put it back in his pocket. Crash looked at Luna with awe.

Seems a scene was skipped there.

Thought Ripper Roo still had the usual straight jacket and controlled things with his feet?

Nope. Princess Luna's had her eyes closed for a few paragraphs.

If you get the gem path ending in the original game it shows that Ripper Roo actually went through intensive therapy, got a Doctorate of Psychology, and wrote a book about his experiences in the Evolv-O-Ray. In Cortex Strikes Back, his boss arena is actually a large study-type area over a waterfall, and he's seen reading a book in the outfit I described. He goes insane again if he blows up a TNT crate, and goes back to normal once you hit him after he's been dazed by blowing up a Nitro crate.

Wait... who is...
*Looks down below*
Oh... oh Christ no... :raritydespair: not him!
*Crash Bash PTSD comes back full force*

Hahaha... anyway, awesome job on this!
And... weird, how he's acting, considering... who we're dealing with.

Nice job!

Great. The only thing predictable about Ripper Roo, is his unpredictability, well when it comes to his sanity anyway.

He also took in quite a few apples that looked like Wumpa fruits but were harder and didn’t taste so sweet.

That's wrong.
Wumpa fruits are officially not very sweet at all, with Crash, Coco and Crunch being the only beings that can actually eat them for their bitter taste, and even then, Coco and Crunch are nowhere near as fond of them as Crash.

large tattoo of a capital N on his forehead.

Tattoos are not three dimensional protrusions.

Also, you keep neglecting Crunch and Nina Cortex.

Ripper Roo is back to his Sane and Sophisticated Self?

When'd that happen?
He was originally insane, sane with the monocle and moustache in 2, and went insane again after Crash defeated him that second time, and has only ever been insane since.
For some reason writing this reminds me of Twinsanity, when Crash beat Mecha-Bandicoot and dingodile popped up with him and asked him, "Lunch?" and he nodded his head.

Long time to respond, but I'm finally back to working on it.

Didn't really remember where the flavor was or how it was described, so I just took the fact that it looked like a braeburn apple (red to yellow color with occasional green) as a base.

Taking Cortex Strikes Back into account, the master crystal and the original 25 'slave' crystals (cut down for plot purposes) are separate entities.

8055096 You knew what I meant. XD They're still slave crystals, but I meant for what you have going here.

My name is Ripper Roo, and yes, I am from the Wumpa Islands much as Crash is.

Ripper Roo is from the N' Sanity Isles. More specifically, the Temple Island of the N' Sanity Isles.

“A very volatile substance,” Aku Aku said. “The slightest wrong touch and it violently explodes.”

He forgot to mention that it's short for nitro-glycerine.

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