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After a humiliating defeat and savagely mauled by his former allies, This old usurper is no longer where he once reigned. But after a interesting crystalling for their baby, Shining Armor and Cadence decide to unwind a little with a small vacation overseas. Unknowing to them that they'll meet an exiled king and a cold blooded killer.

(Disclaimer: I do not own The Lion King as it is owned by Disney, Also there will be blood mentioned)

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Scar needs a power up or he'll become the ponies bitch boy.

You've got my attention. Keep it up! I eagerly await more! :pinkiehappy:

Scar's got to eat sooner or later, so the ponies best just settle for him not eating equines. Cause, really, asking more than that is just bias against predators.

Still, otherwise liking this.

Don't worry Scar will get what he deserves.

I'm eager to read more of this. *insert Thor gif smashing a mug*

This sounds like an interesting story, if a bit bare on the details. I suppose that's to be expected since it's only the first chapter. For now, I'll track for a few more chapters and see where it goes.

The biggest issue I've noticed so far is that you're having issues with keeping in a consistent tense between your narrative and dialogue. I.E. --> Switching between past and present.

Interesting... I'll follow

7350109 but he is the main character though...why should he be killed? (That's what i think you mean.)

Just wait and see, even I don't know what will happen.

wow, its an interesting story, im not an english native speaker, but i can give you a little advice, i suggest to slow down a bit the pasing, a little too quick the transition from the savanah to poniville, its like cadence went from stranger to look a kitty, lets give as present to twily.

aside from that, im eager to read more of this, keep the good job!

Thank you Scar for doing that to Diamond Tiara. I do believe she will have nightmares for weeks, and i'm not being sarcastic either, i a glad you did that.

I just found this today, a mere two hours before it was updated. Lucky me.

Chapter kind of slow, but you appear to be setting us up for a wonderful next chapter. I can't wait to see Scar interact with Luna.

Still hoping Scar gets a power up. Blueblood would kinda make a good alley. He has in my Canon every reason to hate twilight and shining armor.

When is the next update?

Poor Zira, she has been replaced by a bug.

She fell off a cliff and drowned to death for nothing.

And holy shit, If I was not hooked before this is certainly the point where I become an addict to your word craft.

Unfortunately for my sanity, I can't get ScarxChrysalis out of my mind now.

7456529 Remember this is after events of Scar's downfall so Zira is still alive in this point in time, Also she has no idea Scar vanished to another dimension

So, will this fail for the Changelings, i hope not.

I'm not so sure this is funny anymore.

7492713 No the DT abuse is funny imo but you'll see what evil in disguise can accomplish

7492929 Didn't mean the DT abuse, but the fact that Shining's acting a little like RD.

“Yes, but afterwards I have a special request for you.” She said with a sultry smile. “And what would that be?” I asked. Chrysalis giggled in response.

I know you've probably heard all this from many people already, but I'll list a few points anyway:

1) New paragraph every time a new character begins speaking
2) Lions are canon in Equestria (check the cutie pox episode)
3) Slow down. It's like you're writing with a gun to your head. Give us some extra words to flesh out the scenes.

Is this getting updated anytime soon? :3

I'm so glad this story isn't dead, but I'm also sorry I haven't been able to help out since I've been very busy with school.


I couldn't help but notice you were using old canon. Try this.

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