A King's Ambition

by Dark Obsidian

New "Friends"

(1 week later, Scar’s P.O.V)

Laying in a new cave I now called home, I’ve been able to sate my appetite with some antelope and zebra as I could never let some horses tell me what I can and cannot eat. But as time went on whenever I look at the environment around me, I’ve felt reminded of the memories of the kingdom I once ruled over and I grew sick of it. “I can’t stand this place anymore. It’s just like the home I left, only difference is the name and appearance of the land.” I said as I began to ponder if there were other places beyond this one. The thought of the two horses I met came to my mind and how there could be more of them. There could be a change in scenery and better food than what I’ve been forced to eat while I’ve been here. “Maybe those horses came from someplace else seeing as they don’t match any of the natives in culture, or culture.” I theorized as I went out to go hunt again.

While wandering through the tall grass of the savannah, the thoughts of the Pride Lands also turned into memories of my past from the day Mufasa would become the next king, The day I met my three hyena friends, Getting my scar from my father, and finally killing Mufasa. I could still see the scared expression on his face when I said “Long live the king” to him before releasing him into the wildebeest stampede.

“No, no I must not think that.” I said to myself. “He’s dead and that’s all that matters, I just need to focus on what matters and that’s surviving this dreadful place.” I continued prowling for my next meal and I will find some way to become a king again. “Maybe those odd horse things could be of assistance.” I mused as I lowered myself down to the ground in preparation for a pounce. Low in the grass and gazing upon a herd of unsuspecting wildebeest, I found a small one straying a little too far from the herd, easy target. “Too bad you didn’t stay close to your herd.” I said to myself as I leapt forward and tackled the wildebeest to the ground. I sunk my claws in his hide and my teeth into his neck to suffocate it until it stopped moving and dragged my next meal to my cave to feast like a king.

(1 week Later)

Chewing on a bone in my cave, I was extremely bored. For the past week it had been the same routine from waking up, getting a morning drink, hunting for the day, eat, sleep, and repeat. After some careful planning, I came up with my plan to leave this miserable land with those horses today. “Obviously, I have to follow them without alerting them to my presence.” I said as I used a bone to pick my teeth for any small chunks of meat stuck in my teeth. I then heard something not too far off into the distance, it was familiar to my ears as it grew closer. I hid in the shadows and listened to the sounds of two voices coming towards my makeshift throne room.

“I’m just saying that these disappearances aren’t any accidents, that lion has be the one behind them.” the male voice said as the cave began to illuminate with a magenta glow. “Scar gave us his word he wouldn’t harm anymore innocent lives, what makes you think he would do such a thing?” The female retorted trying to defend me. “Something just rubs me wrong about him, I mean he sounded like he would stab you in the back as soon as you turn your back to him.” The male replied as they managed to find the remains of my meals scattered about. “See? What did I tell you?” The male said as he gestured to the scattered bones. “You know it’s rude to assume.” I said as I walked out of the shadows. “I know you did it.” The male scowled angrily. “Did what? I didn’t do anything.” I replied making myself innocent. “Shiny calm down it’s obvious he came here for shelter, I mean the heat in this area is absolutely devastating.” The female said still trying to defend me as if I truly wasn’t a murderer. “She’s right, I mean with my fur being darker than others, the heat makes it hard to stay comfortable, and I only ate unwelcome guests, these bones were here before I got here.” I said with a pouty face. I could tell Shiny wasn’t buying my little act, but as long as I still had the female’s trust, I could still try and hitch a way off this land.

“I don’t buy this one bit, You must have been behind the disappearances across the Savannah.” Shiny said with his angry expression not changing. “Are you always suspicious of newcomers, or are you just a jerk.” I replied sounding hurt. “Shining Armor leave him alone, or you sleep on the couch until you apologize to him, because I can obviously see that Scar doesn’t like it here and perhaps a change of scenery might be good for him.” The female said as she flared her wings out and took a defensive stance. “Bitch You don’t know the half of it.” I thought as I continued my little persuasion to get me out of here. “Why that sounds like a grand idea, this area has reminded me of my old kingdom I used to call home.” I said as I approached the female. “You can’t be.” Shining said before his wife gave him a glare in anger. “Fine, Scar I apologize for my accusations and you're more than welcome to come with us.” Shining sighed in defeat as my plan had worked. “Thank you so much for this opportunity. Don’t worry about me having any belongings, it’s just me, myself, and I.” I said with a giddy expression, or as giddy as I could get without being too creepy.

“Great, let’s head home.” The female replied as she happily left the cave as Shining only gave me a glare before following. I may have gotten on his wife’s good side, but I feel as if he doesn’t trust me soon, he’ll become a thorn in my paw. As we walked through the savannah, I got the female’s name as Cadence and rattled off about the place she lived as Equestria but more specifically, The Crystal Empire.

(Ponyville, 3rd P.O.V)

It was beautiful day in Ponyville, thanks to the efforts of the weather team, and Celestia’s sun. However, seven mares and a dragon were all inside Twilight’s Castle just having one of their weekly get togethers. “So what’s been going on with Cadence and your brother Twi?” Rainbow asked curiously. “From what I heard, they left for a safari in Zebafrica for two weeks.” Twilight replied happily. “What about that cutie, Flurry?” Pinkie asked with a huge smile on her face. “My mom, dad, and Sunburst are taking good care of her, just the other day Flurry managed to levitate a bottle to feed herself last week, much to the amazement of everypony in the room.” Twilight said with a smile. “Well she certainly seems like by the time she is four, she’ll be ready for a job or something.” Spike said as he chomped on an emerald. “She already has a job, and that’s to be adorable.” Starlight said as she sipped on some tea. “So have ya any word from your big brother or sister in law as of lately?” Applejack asked. Twilight shook her head. “I haven’t heard anything out of the ordinary…” Twilight was interrupted by the sound of Spike belching up a letter. “Huh, it’s from Cadence.” He said as he skimmed over it. “You better read this Twi, this is too weird for me to even read out loud.” Spike said as he gave the letter to Twilight. Twilight levitated the letter and read aloud.

“Dear Twilight

Our time in Zebafrica was amazing, we saw many interesting and exotic animals and flora and each day brought something new to enjoy. We did however seem to have made a new friend of a species that we have not seen, but as a mixture on Griffons, Manticores, and even Discord. I’m sure you’ll all like to meet him and is why we are stopping by Ponyville for a quick visit before we return. We’ll be in Ponyville soon.

Love, Cadence.”

“A new friend is coming?! Yippee!” Pinkie squealed in delight as she began to bounce around the room. “Pinkie dear, calm down! You don’t want to scare him off, do you?” Rarity said while she held the pink party pony in her magic. Pinkie shook her head ‘no’. “Very good, now be good and sit down.” Rarity said in a soothing tone. “Wow Rarity, you handled Pinkie like a professional tamer, or something.” Fluttershy said with a smile. “Thank you Fluttershy, but still we’re going to have visitors here soon, so let’s clean this place up.” Rarity said as she looked at the slightly messy dining room table.

“Alright, I’ll grab the broom, mop, and some rags.” Spike sighed as he left to the storage closet. Everypony pitched in to clean an area of the castle to make it look as presentable for their new friend that will be arriving shortly. “Now this is how things get done!” Starlight said as she placed the last of the silverware in the their appropriate places in the drawer. “Yeah, I’m glad we all did something to get this place prettied up for Cadence, Shining Armor, and their new friend from Zebafrica.” Spike said as he came into the kitchen. “What do you think he is?” Starlight asked the group for their hypotheses. “I think it’s going to be a more composed version of Discord.” Rarity suggested with a slight huff at Discord’s antics. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a new animal capable of communicating with ponies.” Fluttershy said with a hoof on her chin in thought. “I personally think he’s going to be a creature we’ve heard about but never seen by ponies.” Twilight inputted as well.

As the mares continued their conversation, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get the door.” Spike said as he ran to the front door. When he opened the door, he found Cadence and Shining Armor standing in front of them. “Twilight! Look who’s here.” Spike called as he let the two in followed by their new friend with a dark brown coat, black mane, green eyes and a scar on his face.

(Scar’s P.O.V)

After a train ride, I believe it was called, we arrived at this little town called “Ponyville” and as much as I hate to say the name I had to keep my act as if I care about them and not reveal my true self. When we arrived at some crystal castle, the door was opened by some small lizard with green spikes, in some way he reminds me of Zazu, the royal domo. “Twilight! Look who’s here.” The lizard said with a smile. “It’s nice to see you too Spike. This is our new friend Scar, we met him in Zebafrica while Shining and I were on vacation.” Cadence said as she hugged the lizard and gestured to me with a hoof. “Charmed.” I said flatly. “It’s nice to meet you Scar, I’ll lead you to the others.” Spike said as we followed the little lizard into some sort of throne room where seven more small horses with either horns wings and another with both. One of the small horses with no horn or wings managed to get right in my face with quite possibly the scariest smile I’d ever seen in my life, even Ed would’ve been terrified of this smile.

“HithereI’mPinkiePie,whoareyoubecauseIwanttobeyournewfriendlikeyoudidwithCadenceand…” She rambled off before her mouth was shut finally and was pulled away by the purple alicorn. “Sorry about Pinkie, she can get a little too excited when she encounters a new pony or lion in this case.” The purple alicorn apologized. “I see.” I replied flatly. “Darling, your coat is absolutely lovely, it pains me to think that you have that scar on your face, but still it makes you look rather mysterious.” The white unicorn said as she looked at my scar and coat. “Well I don’t think you’re all ready for that story, but I may as well introduce myself. I am Scar, Former King of the Pride Lands.” I introduced myself with a little pride, but it still hurt that I am no longer what I used to be. “I’m guessing somepony, or lion overthrew you?” A yellow pegasus asked with a sorrowful expression. “Yes, I was overthrown, but I’m afraid that tale is also something you’re not ready for.” I replied as memories of my duel with Simba returned to the surface.

“It’s fine. Let me introduce you to the girls. You’ve already met Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Spike. I’m Twilight Sparkle, that’s Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Starlight Glimmer, my student and friend.” Twilight said with a pleasant smile. “Pleasure to meet you all.” I replied as I lied down for a moment still sitting upright. “So, Scar what do you think of Equestria so far?” Twilight asked. “To be honest, I like it better than the savannah, but other than that I don’t know what to expect.” I said as I stretched on the floor feeling the cool chill on my body. “Well, I’am sure once you get out there and make some friends, you’ll really like this place and what better place to start than here in Ponyville.” Rainbow Dash said as she hovered over me. “Thanks, but I’m rather tired from the long trip here, is there anywhere I can sleep for a while?” I asked after a yawn escaped my mouth.

“Oh sure, we have a spare bedroom you can use, just down the hall and to the second door on your right.” Twilight said as I headed off into my new bedchamber. “Thank you, I’ll see you ladies later, for now I must rest.” I said as I found the door and used my left paw to open the door. When I entered the room, I was amazed to see a comfy looking bed, a nice white room, what its purpose is I have no clue, but it still looked nice. Then I saw the beautiful windows and their coverings called ‘curtains’. “I suppose this’ll suffice.” I said as I got comfortable in the bed and collapsed to head off to sleep.

(Hours Later)

I slept quite peacefully on the bed, which really was comfortable. I yawned and stretched out my limbs and back. I heard some satisfying pops from my joints and I felt tempted to fall back to sleep, until my hungry stomach had interrupted those thoughts. “If I eat one of those ponies, it could be my end, maybe they’ll have some kind of meat I can eat.” I thought as I exited the room and tried to find something to sate my hunger. “Wait a moment, that one mare, uh Fluttershy, I believe was her name, maybe she has some meat for me to eat. I mean it wouldn’t hurt to just ask.” I thought to myself as I tried to think of a solution for my growling stomach.

I eventually arrived at some house or whatever it was and saw many animals just looking at me and hiding since I looked kind of scary. I knocked on the door with my paw and waited for a response. “Oh, um, just a minute!” Fluttershy shouted like she was having trouble with something. But the door soon opened and was actually quite happy to see me, even if she kept worrying about my scar. “What can I do for you Mister Scar?” she asked. “I’m really hungry, and as you can gather, I’m a carnivore, and I’m asking if you any meat to spare, if not I’ll just go into that forest and look for some.” I said with a sincere expression. “Oh dear no, you can’t go into that forest. It’s full of dangerous creatures and I do have some meat, but I do hope you like fish as I feed it to my otters and Harry.” Fluttershy responded with fear at first then it dialed down a little. “Oh fish will be fine thank you.” I replied as she motioned me to follow her into her home. “Great, oh and don’t mind the other animals, they’re only curious.” Fluttershy said with a nervous smile. “It’s fine as long as they don’t try to steal my food.” I said as we walked into the ‘living room’ I believe it’s called.

As I finally got the fish I hungered for, I picked up a salmon and tossed it into my mouth to sate the growing hunger in my stomach, but out of the blue, I felt like I was getting poked by something. I looked over my shoulder and saw a small bunny poking me with a carrot with an irritated scowl on its face. “Can I help you?” I asked with complete confusion. The bunny only pointed his paw over at the door. “Well, forgive me, but I’m hungry.” I replied eating another fish from the plate. The bunny was still disappointed with this notion, so he tried to push me to get me to move. “Look, I know you must belong to Fluttershy, so I’m literally trying to keep myself calm.” I replied with slight anger. The rabbit then began slamming his carrot on my side, this was provoking me to the verge of eating this rabbit, but I went another direction.

“Mister Scar is everything alright?” Fluttershy asked as she came back into the room. “Everything was fine until that bunny started to tell me to leave.” I said as I pointed at the bunny in question. “Angel Bunny, you know that’s rude, now go apologize.” Fluttershy said with a stern tone and a disappointed expression on her face. The bunny only bowed before hopping off somewhere in the house as I devoured my last fish. I was surprised to see this meeger mare act like this, but I have to admit it was a welcome sight. “I must thank you for sating my hunger and I look forward to more later, but for now I must be off.” I said standing up and heading to the door. “It was nice to have you here, just come to me when you need anything to eat, and don’t ever go in that forest.” Fluttershy said with a slightly terrified expression. “I’ll keep that in mind.” I said as I walked back into the town. As I walked through the town I noticed that many of the townsfolk seemed to hide in their homes as I walked near them. I felt hurt that they saw me as a monster, even when I did do horrible things in my past, but they don’t know that. “Move aside you walking carpet!” A voice said from behind me. I turned around to see a small pink pony with a small tiara on her head. “Excuse me, but I believe that this is a public street, just go around me.” I said as respectfully as I could. “I don’t care, for one, and for another my daddy practically owns this town, so shoo!” The tiara wearing pony said with her nose pointed towards the sky. “Oooh I quiver with fear!” I Started mockingly then changed my tone into a more sinister as I lowered my head and looked the pony with hungry eyes. The pony was absolutely terrified as I pretended to prowl for her. “Please mister don’t look at me that way, HELP!” She shouted as I faked a charge at her. As the pony ran, I stood up and chuckled a bit as I continued on my way.

I eventually arrived back at Twilight’s castle to see a very disappointed Twilight glaring at me. “What?” I asked nonchalantly. “That wasn’t funny Scar, scaring ponies to death will not get you anywhere.” Twilight said approaching me. “She called me a walking carpet. How would you like it if she managed to insult you in a similar manner, not to mention that Fluttershy’s bunny may have put me on edge a bit.” I replied with a sigh. “That’s still no reason to traumatize a small filly, just brush it off and keep moving.” Twilight replied as I continued on my way.  “I’ll do something about it in the morning.” I replied before going back to my room to sleep for the night.