A King's Ambition

by Dark Obsidian

First published

Exiled, Injured, confused, and alone, An old usurper had lost everything from his friends to his kingdom. But whose to say that the sun had set on his time as King.

After a humiliating defeat and savagely mauled by his former allies, This old usurper is no longer where he once reigned. But after a interesting crystalling for their baby, Shining Armor and Cadence decide to unwind a little with a small vacation overseas. Unknowing to them that they'll meet an exiled king and a cold blooded killer.

(Disclaimer: I do not own The Lion King as it is owned by Disney, Also there will be blood mentioned)

Unexpected Revival

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(Pride Rock, Scar’s P.O.V)

After a miscalculation on my final attack against my nephew for king, I was sent over a cliff, hitting the side and onto the hard ground. I was dazed for a little before slowly rising to see my three cubhood hyena friends approaching me.

“Oooh, my friends.” I said relieved to see them.

“Fri eh ends? I thought he said we were the enemy?” Shenzi asked Banzai.

“Yeah, that’s what I heard.” Banzai replied as this made my blood run cold after realizing they must have overheard me when I was talking to Simba. They then turned to their friend and asked.

“Ed?” I was thinking he would have done something stupid as always since he couldn’t speak, but he laughed with evil and licked his lips in hunger as more hyenas began to emerge from the flames.

“No, l-l-l-let me explain. No, You don’t understand. No! No! I didn't mean No!” I said as a pack of hyenas began to surround me with hungry looks in their eyes. I tried to think of a way to escape, but I was too late when some hyenas pounced onto me and I was tackled to the burning ground. Then everything became dark.

(Crystal Palace, 3rd P.O.V)

Cadence and Shining were persuaded by Twilight Velvet, Night Light, and Sunburst to take a vacation. Much to their hesitance, they knew that being exhausted from taking care of Flurry wouldn’t be the best for their physical, or mental health, so they decided to take some much needed time for themselves overseas.

“Are you sure she’ll be alright?” Cadence asked her husband, Shining Armor, as she levitated some sun tan lotion into her suitcase.

“I told you already Cady, everything’s going to be just fine. Mom, Dad, Twily, and Sunburst know what to do with our precious little daughter.” Shining said as he placed their shared toiletry bag on their bed. Cadence was still having doubts after seeing Flurry’s magic going out of control before her Crystalling. Since then, she’s been like a normal foal with her magic contained and less destructive.

“Still, I hate to leave her like this. I mean she’s still just a baby, and I don’t want to neglect her.” Cadence said with a pout on her face.

“Hey, c’mon now. We’ve both worked hard just to keep this place from becoming a frozen wasteland, and we’ve spent most of our time just trying to keep Flurry from getting upset every time she needed something, like changing her diaper, feeding her, but most of all trying to get her to sleep.” Shining said as he slightly shuddered at the memory of trying to get his daughter to take a nap without getting blasted through a wall. Cadence saw his point, she had been worked up with her daughter since she is a first time mother and it has been a while since she last did something exciting.

“I guess you’re right. I mean she almost blew out my eardrums from a burp once. Talk about a gassy kid.” Cadence said with a small chuckle. Shining chuckled as well as he closed his suitcase and gave it to one of the servants.

“That’s funny, I mean I’ve never heard a baby make that kind of sound before, but I guess it was disturbing for you. Almost as embarrassing as the time that you-” Shining found his wife placing her hoof on his mouth.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence! If you do, then no fun for you during this vacation!” Cadence hissed in anger. Shining was quite scared of her when she is angry and had no choice but to comply unconditionally.

“Alright fine, I won’t mention that. So, are you almost done or?” Shining said as he walked over to the door.

“Yes I’m done packing, you goof. Now come on let’s go.” Cadence said in a sing-song tone while lightly brushing her tail on Shining’s muzzle seductively.

After arriving at the train station, they were met by Twilight Velvet, Night Light, Sunburst, and their baby Flurry Heart on the platform. They kissed their daughter goodbye, and hugged the ponies that would be caring for their little bundle of joy for the next two weeks.

“Just remember that Flurry has to be in bed by 8 and all of her diaper supplies are in the dresser in her room.” Cadence said in reminder.

“Don’t you worry Cadence, we’ll handle everything while you're gone, just go on and have fun.” Twilight Velvet said as she waved her hoof dismissively.

“Besides, it’s not the first time we’ve had foals, I mean Twilight was a hoofful to look after when she was this age.” Night Light said as he nuzzled his granddaughter. Flurry giggled happily from the contact and yawned.

“Why seems as if somepony’s tired and two others that are going to miss their train if they don’t hurry.” Sunburst said as he pointed at the train.

“You’re right. See you in two weeks!” Shining said as he and Cadence boarded their train and waved to Sunburst, Night Light, Velvet, and Flurry.

(Zebafrica, Scar’s P.O.V)

Slowly lifting my heavy eyelids, I was surprised to know that I was still alive or maybe I was killed and sent to the afterlife. I tried to get up and survey what had happened, but I felt pain surge through my body and causing me to lie down once more. I looked over to see that I had blood and scratches from my encounter with the hyenas.

“I need to find some method to heal my wounds, or I’ll bleed out.” I said as I clutched my chest in pain. I had to get moving or get picked off by scavengers and using what strength I had to rise on my paws.

Being able to stand, I steadily began moving one leg at a time to get myself moving to the nearest source of water to get a drink and clean off my wounds. I stumbled a little at first and nearly fell, but I was able to get myself moving as I looked around my environment which seemed more lush and full of life. I didn’t see Pride Rock anywhere which raised some questions.

“Where am I?” I asked as I looked at my surroundings and saw some zebras roaming the plains. I heard my stomach growl at me as I realized that I haven’t eaten anything for possibly weeks. “Well I know what’s for lunch today.” I said with a predatory grin on my face.

I lowered myself within the grass as I slowly approached my potential meal without making much no ise to frighten them off. I looked for either a young or sick zebra from the herd to make it easier for me.

“Hmm, now that looks like good potential prey, but that zebra seems off to me.” I said with a suspicious tone. “But I must lay those thoughts to rest, I need to eat, or starve.” I said as I shook my head to fend off my doubts.

I crept slowly toward the grazing herd and found a delicious target of near the back of the herd and with her head not facing my direction, It was time to strike. Readying my claws, I attacked at full sprint, ignoring the pain through my wounds as my mind was set on surviving. However, when I lept towards the zebra I felt like I was being held back by something.

“What- what’s going on?!” I asked in confusion. Looking around, I saw that I was being held by some sort of mystical energy. I thrashed about for few seconds only to see that I was still suspended in the air. “What is this?” I asked as I looked around for the caster.

“Just what do you think you are doing, about to harm an innocent life?” A feminine voice spoke from behind.

“I am hungry, and I need to eat, or I’ll die from hunger.” I replied to the voice.

As I grew more impatient and hungry from dealing with this, the voice decided to reveal itself as a creature I’d never seen before. Some kind of pink horse with a horn and wings, followed by a male horse with a horn as well.

“Sorry to hear that, but you can’t just eat unsuspecting ponies, it’s illegal, and cruel.” The male said with a stern look on his face.

“I am a king, I can do as I please!” I replied with a snarl.

“A king of what?” the female horse asked with a stern look on her face.

“I’m the king of the Pride Lands, or at least I was until I was usurped by my nephew.” I said nearly roaring in anger at mentioning my downfall.

“Well hate to break it to you, but this isn’t the place you called the Pride Lands.” the male said as this did make me think where did I end up.

“Well then where am I, weird horse thing?” I asked with an annoyed expression on my face.

“First off, I am Princess Cadence and this is my husband, Shining Armor. Secondly, you’re in Zebafrica.” Cadence replied to correct me.

“Well at least I know where I am now, but agh!” I shouted in pain as my chest stung from the stress I was putting on my body now that my adrenaline rush has ended.

“What happened to you and when I release you, you must swear to not harm the innocent zebra.” Cadence commanded me. I didn’t have much of a choice so I nodded in response.

“I was attacked by a pack of hyenas, and I promise I won’t harm anything when you release me.” I said as I rolled my eyes at the last statement.

Cadence lowered me to the ground as she scanned over my body to see all the wounds and blood that covered my fur as I lied on the ground.

“Oh my goodness! I need to heal you and fast, or your wounds will be infected.” Cadence said as she ignited her horn with a light cerulean aura that began to clean the blood from my fur and the pain was dissipating as my wounds were indeed healing.

I felt my strength returning and stood once more and looked over to see that I was healed, except my scar on my face. I looked at Cadence without a happy expression.

“Thank you for your help, but I shall fare on my own now.” I said as I turned away from the zebra and the two horses.

“Good luck out there uh…” Shining Armor said as he knew that I never told them my name.

“My name is Scar, if that’s what you’re wondering, and I don’t need luck, I have skill.” I said as I walked towards the fields.

New "Friends"

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(1 week later, Scar’s P.O.V)

Laying in a new cave I now called home, I’ve been able to sate my appetite with some antelope and zebra as I could never let some horses tell me what I can and cannot eat. But as time went on whenever I look at the environment around me, I’ve felt reminded of the memories of the kingdom I once ruled over and I grew sick of it. “I can’t stand this place anymore. It’s just like the home I left, only difference is the name and appearance of the land.” I said as I began to ponder if there were other places beyond this one. The thought of the two horses I met came to my mind and how there could be more of them. There could be a change in scenery and better food than what I’ve been forced to eat while I’ve been here. “Maybe those horses came from someplace else seeing as they don’t match any of the natives in culture, or culture.” I theorized as I went out to go hunt again.

While wandering through the tall grass of the savannah, the thoughts of the Pride Lands also turned into memories of my past from the day Mufasa would become the next king, The day I met my three hyena friends, Getting my scar from my father, and finally killing Mufasa. I could still see the scared expression on his face when I said “Long live the king” to him before releasing him into the wildebeest stampede.

“No, no I must not think that.” I said to myself. “He’s dead and that’s all that matters, I just need to focus on what matters and that’s surviving this dreadful place.” I continued prowling for my next meal and I will find some way to become a king again. “Maybe those odd horse things could be of assistance.” I mused as I lowered myself down to the ground in preparation for a pounce. Low in the grass and gazing upon a herd of unsuspecting wildebeest, I found a small one straying a little too far from the herd, easy target. “Too bad you didn’t stay close to your herd.” I said to myself as I leapt forward and tackled the wildebeest to the ground. I sunk my claws in his hide and my teeth into his neck to suffocate it until it stopped moving and dragged my next meal to my cave to feast like a king.

(1 week Later)

Chewing on a bone in my cave, I was extremely bored. For the past week it had been the same routine from waking up, getting a morning drink, hunting for the day, eat, sleep, and repeat. After some careful planning, I came up with my plan to leave this miserable land with those horses today. “Obviously, I have to follow them without alerting them to my presence.” I said as I used a bone to pick my teeth for any small chunks of meat stuck in my teeth. I then heard something not too far off into the distance, it was familiar to my ears as it grew closer. I hid in the shadows and listened to the sounds of two voices coming towards my makeshift throne room.

“I’m just saying that these disappearances aren’t any accidents, that lion has be the one behind them.” the male voice said as the cave began to illuminate with a magenta glow. “Scar gave us his word he wouldn’t harm anymore innocent lives, what makes you think he would do such a thing?” The female retorted trying to defend me. “Something just rubs me wrong about him, I mean he sounded like he would stab you in the back as soon as you turn your back to him.” The male replied as they managed to find the remains of my meals scattered about. “See? What did I tell you?” The male said as he gestured to the scattered bones. “You know it’s rude to assume.” I said as I walked out of the shadows. “I know you did it.” The male scowled angrily. “Did what? I didn’t do anything.” I replied making myself innocent. “Shiny calm down it’s obvious he came here for shelter, I mean the heat in this area is absolutely devastating.” The female said still trying to defend me as if I truly wasn’t a murderer. “She’s right, I mean with my fur being darker than others, the heat makes it hard to stay comfortable, and I only ate unwelcome guests, these bones were here before I got here.” I said with a pouty face. I could tell Shiny wasn’t buying my little act, but as long as I still had the female’s trust, I could still try and hitch a way off this land.

“I don’t buy this one bit, You must have been behind the disappearances across the Savannah.” Shiny said with his angry expression not changing. “Are you always suspicious of newcomers, or are you just a jerk.” I replied sounding hurt. “Shining Armor leave him alone, or you sleep on the couch until you apologize to him, because I can obviously see that Scar doesn’t like it here and perhaps a change of scenery might be good for him.” The female said as she flared her wings out and took a defensive stance. “Bitch You don’t know the half of it.” I thought as I continued my little persuasion to get me out of here. “Why that sounds like a grand idea, this area has reminded me of my old kingdom I used to call home.” I said as I approached the female. “You can’t be.” Shining said before his wife gave him a glare in anger. “Fine, Scar I apologize for my accusations and you're more than welcome to come with us.” Shining sighed in defeat as my plan had worked. “Thank you so much for this opportunity. Don’t worry about me having any belongings, it’s just me, myself, and I.” I said with a giddy expression, or as giddy as I could get without being too creepy.

“Great, let’s head home.” The female replied as she happily left the cave as Shining only gave me a glare before following. I may have gotten on his wife’s good side, but I feel as if he doesn’t trust me soon, he’ll become a thorn in my paw. As we walked through the savannah, I got the female’s name as Cadence and rattled off about the place she lived as Equestria but more specifically, The Crystal Empire.

(Ponyville, 3rd P.O.V)

It was beautiful day in Ponyville, thanks to the efforts of the weather team, and Celestia’s sun. However, seven mares and a dragon were all inside Twilight’s Castle just having one of their weekly get togethers. “So what’s been going on with Cadence and your brother Twi?” Rainbow asked curiously. “From what I heard, they left for a safari in Zebafrica for two weeks.” Twilight replied happily. “What about that cutie, Flurry?” Pinkie asked with a huge smile on her face. “My mom, dad, and Sunburst are taking good care of her, just the other day Flurry managed to levitate a bottle to feed herself last week, much to the amazement of everypony in the room.” Twilight said with a smile. “Well she certainly seems like by the time she is four, she’ll be ready for a job or something.” Spike said as he chomped on an emerald. “She already has a job, and that’s to be adorable.” Starlight said as she sipped on some tea. “So have ya any word from your big brother or sister in law as of lately?” Applejack asked. Twilight shook her head. “I haven’t heard anything out of the ordinary…” Twilight was interrupted by the sound of Spike belching up a letter. “Huh, it’s from Cadence.” He said as he skimmed over it. “You better read this Twi, this is too weird for me to even read out loud.” Spike said as he gave the letter to Twilight. Twilight levitated the letter and read aloud.

“Dear Twilight

Our time in Zebafrica was amazing, we saw many interesting and exotic animals and flora and each day brought something new to enjoy. We did however seem to have made a new friend of a species that we have not seen, but as a mixture on Griffons, Manticores, and even Discord. I’m sure you’ll all like to meet him and is why we are stopping by Ponyville for a quick visit before we return. We’ll be in Ponyville soon.

Love, Cadence.”

“A new friend is coming?! Yippee!” Pinkie squealed in delight as she began to bounce around the room. “Pinkie dear, calm down! You don’t want to scare him off, do you?” Rarity said while she held the pink party pony in her magic. Pinkie shook her head ‘no’. “Very good, now be good and sit down.” Rarity said in a soothing tone. “Wow Rarity, you handled Pinkie like a professional tamer, or something.” Fluttershy said with a smile. “Thank you Fluttershy, but still we’re going to have visitors here soon, so let’s clean this place up.” Rarity said as she looked at the slightly messy dining room table.

“Alright, I’ll grab the broom, mop, and some rags.” Spike sighed as he left to the storage closet. Everypony pitched in to clean an area of the castle to make it look as presentable for their new friend that will be arriving shortly. “Now this is how things get done!” Starlight said as she placed the last of the silverware in the their appropriate places in the drawer. “Yeah, I’m glad we all did something to get this place prettied up for Cadence, Shining Armor, and their new friend from Zebafrica.” Spike said as he came into the kitchen. “What do you think he is?” Starlight asked the group for their hypotheses. “I think it’s going to be a more composed version of Discord.” Rarity suggested with a slight huff at Discord’s antics. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a new animal capable of communicating with ponies.” Fluttershy said with a hoof on her chin in thought. “I personally think he’s going to be a creature we’ve heard about but never seen by ponies.” Twilight inputted as well.

As the mares continued their conversation, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get the door.” Spike said as he ran to the front door. When he opened the door, he found Cadence and Shining Armor standing in front of them. “Twilight! Look who’s here.” Spike called as he let the two in followed by their new friend with a dark brown coat, black mane, green eyes and a scar on his face.

(Scar’s P.O.V)

After a train ride, I believe it was called, we arrived at this little town called “Ponyville” and as much as I hate to say the name I had to keep my act as if I care about them and not reveal my true self. When we arrived at some crystal castle, the door was opened by some small lizard with green spikes, in some way he reminds me of Zazu, the royal domo. “Twilight! Look who’s here.” The lizard said with a smile. “It’s nice to see you too Spike. This is our new friend Scar, we met him in Zebafrica while Shining and I were on vacation.” Cadence said as she hugged the lizard and gestured to me with a hoof. “Charmed.” I said flatly. “It’s nice to meet you Scar, I’ll lead you to the others.” Spike said as we followed the little lizard into some sort of throne room where seven more small horses with either horns wings and another with both. One of the small horses with no horn or wings managed to get right in my face with quite possibly the scariest smile I’d ever seen in my life, even Ed would’ve been terrified of this smile.

“HithereI’mPinkiePie,whoareyoubecauseIwanttobeyournewfriendlikeyoudidwithCadenceand…” She rambled off before her mouth was shut finally and was pulled away by the purple alicorn. “Sorry about Pinkie, she can get a little too excited when she encounters a new pony or lion in this case.” The purple alicorn apologized. “I see.” I replied flatly. “Darling, your coat is absolutely lovely, it pains me to think that you have that scar on your face, but still it makes you look rather mysterious.” The white unicorn said as she looked at my scar and coat. “Well I don’t think you’re all ready for that story, but I may as well introduce myself. I am Scar, Former King of the Pride Lands.” I introduced myself with a little pride, but it still hurt that I am no longer what I used to be. “I’m guessing somepony, or lion overthrew you?” A yellow pegasus asked with a sorrowful expression. “Yes, I was overthrown, but I’m afraid that tale is also something you’re not ready for.” I replied as memories of my duel with Simba returned to the surface.

“It’s fine. Let me introduce you to the girls. You’ve already met Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Spike. I’m Twilight Sparkle, that’s Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Starlight Glimmer, my student and friend.” Twilight said with a pleasant smile. “Pleasure to meet you all.” I replied as I lied down for a moment still sitting upright. “So, Scar what do you think of Equestria so far?” Twilight asked. “To be honest, I like it better than the savannah, but other than that I don’t know what to expect.” I said as I stretched on the floor feeling the cool chill on my body. “Well, I’am sure once you get out there and make some friends, you’ll really like this place and what better place to start than here in Ponyville.” Rainbow Dash said as she hovered over me. “Thanks, but I’m rather tired from the long trip here, is there anywhere I can sleep for a while?” I asked after a yawn escaped my mouth.

“Oh sure, we have a spare bedroom you can use, just down the hall and to the second door on your right.” Twilight said as I headed off into my new bedchamber. “Thank you, I’ll see you ladies later, for now I must rest.” I said as I found the door and used my left paw to open the door. When I entered the room, I was amazed to see a comfy looking bed, a nice white room, what its purpose is I have no clue, but it still looked nice. Then I saw the beautiful windows and their coverings called ‘curtains’. “I suppose this’ll suffice.” I said as I got comfortable in the bed and collapsed to head off to sleep.

(Hours Later)

I slept quite peacefully on the bed, which really was comfortable. I yawned and stretched out my limbs and back. I heard some satisfying pops from my joints and I felt tempted to fall back to sleep, until my hungry stomach had interrupted those thoughts. “If I eat one of those ponies, it could be my end, maybe they’ll have some kind of meat I can eat.” I thought as I exited the room and tried to find something to sate my hunger. “Wait a moment, that one mare, uh Fluttershy, I believe was her name, maybe she has some meat for me to eat. I mean it wouldn’t hurt to just ask.” I thought to myself as I tried to think of a solution for my growling stomach.

I eventually arrived at some house or whatever it was and saw many animals just looking at me and hiding since I looked kind of scary. I knocked on the door with my paw and waited for a response. “Oh, um, just a minute!” Fluttershy shouted like she was having trouble with something. But the door soon opened and was actually quite happy to see me, even if she kept worrying about my scar. “What can I do for you Mister Scar?” she asked. “I’m really hungry, and as you can gather, I’m a carnivore, and I’m asking if you any meat to spare, if not I’ll just go into that forest and look for some.” I said with a sincere expression. “Oh dear no, you can’t go into that forest. It’s full of dangerous creatures and I do have some meat, but I do hope you like fish as I feed it to my otters and Harry.” Fluttershy responded with fear at first then it dialed down a little. “Oh fish will be fine thank you.” I replied as she motioned me to follow her into her home. “Great, oh and don’t mind the other animals, they’re only curious.” Fluttershy said with a nervous smile. “It’s fine as long as they don’t try to steal my food.” I said as we walked into the ‘living room’ I believe it’s called.

As I finally got the fish I hungered for, I picked up a salmon and tossed it into my mouth to sate the growing hunger in my stomach, but out of the blue, I felt like I was getting poked by something. I looked over my shoulder and saw a small bunny poking me with a carrot with an irritated scowl on its face. “Can I help you?” I asked with complete confusion. The bunny only pointed his paw over at the door. “Well, forgive me, but I’m hungry.” I replied eating another fish from the plate. The bunny was still disappointed with this notion, so he tried to push me to get me to move. “Look, I know you must belong to Fluttershy, so I’m literally trying to keep myself calm.” I replied with slight anger. The rabbit then began slamming his carrot on my side, this was provoking me to the verge of eating this rabbit, but I went another direction.

“Mister Scar is everything alright?” Fluttershy asked as she came back into the room. “Everything was fine until that bunny started to tell me to leave.” I said as I pointed at the bunny in question. “Angel Bunny, you know that’s rude, now go apologize.” Fluttershy said with a stern tone and a disappointed expression on her face. The bunny only bowed before hopping off somewhere in the house as I devoured my last fish. I was surprised to see this meeger mare act like this, but I have to admit it was a welcome sight. “I must thank you for sating my hunger and I look forward to more later, but for now I must be off.” I said standing up and heading to the door. “It was nice to have you here, just come to me when you need anything to eat, and don’t ever go in that forest.” Fluttershy said with a slightly terrified expression. “I’ll keep that in mind.” I said as I walked back into the town. As I walked through the town I noticed that many of the townsfolk seemed to hide in their homes as I walked near them. I felt hurt that they saw me as a monster, even when I did do horrible things in my past, but they don’t know that. “Move aside you walking carpet!” A voice said from behind me. I turned around to see a small pink pony with a small tiara on her head. “Excuse me, but I believe that this is a public street, just go around me.” I said as respectfully as I could. “I don’t care, for one, and for another my daddy practically owns this town, so shoo!” The tiara wearing pony said with her nose pointed towards the sky. “Oooh I quiver with fear!” I Started mockingly then changed my tone into a more sinister as I lowered my head and looked the pony with hungry eyes. The pony was absolutely terrified as I pretended to prowl for her. “Please mister don’t look at me that way, HELP!” She shouted as I faked a charge at her. As the pony ran, I stood up and chuckled a bit as I continued on my way.

I eventually arrived back at Twilight’s castle to see a very disappointed Twilight glaring at me. “What?” I asked nonchalantly. “That wasn’t funny Scar, scaring ponies to death will not get you anywhere.” Twilight said approaching me. “She called me a walking carpet. How would you like it if she managed to insult you in a similar manner, not to mention that Fluttershy’s bunny may have put me on edge a bit.” I replied with a sigh. “That’s still no reason to traumatize a small filly, just brush it off and keep moving.” Twilight replied as I continued on my way. “I’ll do something about it in the morning.” I replied before going back to my room to sleep for the night.

Tale of the Fallen Prince

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(Next Morning, Scar’s P.O.V)

After rising up for the day ahead, I had a terrible nightmare of what happened to my family after Simba took over the Pride Lands. I was even more hurt to know that my cubs will never see me again. “I’m so sorry Zira.” I said to myself with a hint of sadness tugging at my heart. Rising out of the bed, I trudged through the hallways looking as gloomy as ever on any occasion as I went to go and get some fish from Fluttershy for breakfast. I didn’t see Twilight, Spike, or anyone else out and about yet so I simply opened the door with one of my paws and walked into town towards Fluttershy’s home.

Upon arrival, I knocked on the door and waited for her to respond. “Just a minute.” Fluttershy sang out with a beautiful bird-like voice. I just groaned a bit and waited for the timid pony to open the door. After a few moments Fluttershy opened her door. “Oh Good morning Mister Scar. Usual I presume?” She asked with a small smile. “Yes actually.” I said trying to hold in my surprise at her somewhat snarky attitude. “Great, please come in and I’ll bring your fish in a moment.” Fluttershy said as I followed her in and relaxed just in front of her couch I presumed it was called. Angel Bunny was wise enough to not bother me, or he’d have to answer to his mistress, who could be quite assertive when the need calls for it. “It seems somepony likes my couch.” Fluttershy said with a giggle.

I thought she was talking about me, but I brushed it off and grabbed my breakfast. I chowed down on my fish and I was in thought once more with my family and how they are going to survive with me gone from their lives. “Is something wrong?” Fluttershy asked. “Not really, personally I don’t want to talk about it.” I said as I lazily ate the rest of my breakfast in an awkward silence. “I understand, but you won’t feel better if you just bottle it up inside you.” Fluttershy said as she sat next to me as I ate. “I know, but the story of my past isn’t for the faint of heart because it’s a tale of betrayal, sadness, love, and regret.” I said as I nudged my plate over to Fluttershy. “I promise I won’t judge you.” Fluttershy said with soothingly. “I guess she can know what I used to be.” I thought as I ate my last fish and took a deep breath.

“I wasn’t always the lion you see me now, I used to be a completely different lion. I was the second born from My father, King Ahadi, My mother, Queen Uru, and my brother Mufasa. My real name isn’t even Scar, My actual name was Taka.” I said as I began further explaining what happened. “If your real name is Taka, then why did you change it to Scar?” Fluttershy asked curiously. “Well, I’ll get to that in a moment. During my cubhood, Mufasa and I did everything together. It was like nothing could ever break us apart and we were the best lifelong friends, but I really wanted to be king with all the dreams and goals I had. At least until Mufasa was chosen by my father to become the next king. After that, I was devastated. I tried to make him reconsider by any means necessary, but I felt invisible as Ahadi taught my brother everything there was to know about being king. The only other who cared for me was my mother, who comforted me and tried to help me anyway she could. But after making a daring journey to the Elephant Graveyard, I met my three hyena friends named Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed.” I said as I felt some anger coming up.

I took a deep breath and exhaled. “Anyway, I befriended those hyenas I mentioned earlier, it was great to finally be with outcasts just like me, but my father never approved of it and demanded that I stop going to the Elephant Graveyard. I didn’t stop because I went behind his back for the next couple of years until I was a juvenile when my father found out as I returned to Pride Rock. We argued, fought and from the fight I got this scar on my face. From that moment on, I stopped calling myself Taka, instead I called myself Scar.” I explained fearing what was coming next and from the expression of fear and sadness from Fluttershy, it made it all the more tragic.

“My mother was angry at Ahadi from the fight especially hitting his own son. My father only said ‘It was to teach him respect’ and they got into a fight. My father emerged victorious as he had killed my mother and his queen. I was heart-broken, My father had killed the only other lion who cared for me, so I wanted vengeance. After growing into full adults, I killed my father in his sleep. Mufasa however, wasn’t pleased. After my nephew, Simba was born, I lost my chance to being king since I was no longer next in line, but with the help of my hyena friends, we devised a plan to kill Mufasa and Simba too with a wildebeest stampede. I threw my brother into the stampede and when Simba survived, I told him it was his fault and to run away and never return. To ensure his death, I ordered the hyenas to kill him.” I paused for a moment to let this new information sink in. Fluttershy looked mortified by my actions.

“Why would you do that to your family?!” She asked in sadness and anger. “I was neglected by my father, my mother was killed in front of me, and my brother never saw anything wrong with that, then I lose my opportunity to rule thanks to a little hairball, and my brother never cared about me after all of that! I know you don’t do that kind of stuff here, but that’s how it was where I came from. If you wanted something to get done right, you had to do it yourself, and how you did it didn’t matter, so long as it gets you what you want.” I said with a slightly stoic expression. “So when you killed your brother, what happened afterward?” Fluttershy asked still mortified by the story. “Well with the assumption that Simba was dead, I went back to Pride Rock and told the rest of the pride that they both died in a tragic accident, and that I should assume the throne and as a Lion of my word, I let the hyenas come into the Pride Lands.” I replied remembering my triumphant moment. “So what happened to your nephew?” Fluttershy asked.

“Well it turns out years later after I married and had a cub and a new heir to the throne, Simba returned thanks to a cubhood friend that convinced him to return and challenge me for the throne. I thought I had him in a corner when the lionesses never knew he was behind Mufasa’s death, however it didn’t work as I slipped the secret that I was the murderer of Mufasa. Once they knew, the battle began as my hyena companions fought against the lionesses as I tried to escape, but Simba caught with me to the top of Pride Rock. I tried to beg for mercy and made a fatal error by saying the whole plan was plotted by the hyenas. Afterwards Simba tried to repay the favor by asking me to run and never return. I however decided to defend my throne and flick cinders into his face and attack him. After thinking I had won, he propelled me off Pride Rock and onto the ground. I met my friends, but I never knew they overheard me and moved in to kill me and next second I knew I ended up in Zebafrica.” I finished my story and turned to see what expression Fluttershy had at the story’s end. Fluttershy had a mix of anger and pity for me. She understood that I was pretty much abandoned by my family, but she knew that life was cruel in the world I came from.

“I’m really sorry the way your family treated you, but surely there should have been some other way to avoid all the conflict.” Fluttershy said timidly. After chowing down on my last fish, I gave her the plate and sighed for a moment. “In the world I came from, that was the only thing I could do.” I said and then walked to the door. As I was about to walk out, I heard Fluttershy mutter something under her breath. I shook my head and walked back into town. I saw an extremely odd building that looked to be made out desserts, I believe they’re called. I quirked an eyebrow at the building as I wondered if the building was actually edible. I took a bite, but it tasted like wood and growled in frustration. “Looks like the big bad lion can’t tell wood from sugar.” The little pony from yesterday with a smug grin on her face. “What do you want?” I sighed in annoyance. “Oh nothin’ just to see you miserable, you freak.” She retorted. “You know I could do what I did yesterday again, but perhaps this time you won’t leave without a scratch. However, Twilight forbids it so I’m sorry for scaring you yesterday.” I said as I felt a bit of my fish coming back up, but I managed to swallow it back down. “Fine, and what was that earlier?” She asked. “I just threw up a little in my mouth.” I retorted. “Agh! Gross!” She screamed in disgust. “Well you asked.” I said as I went back to Twilight’s Castle.

(Twilight’s P.O.V)

After finishing a friendship lesson with Starlight, I went back into the map room to find Scar just entering the castle. “Hello Scar, You doing alright?” I asked approaching the lion. “I’m fine. I apologized to that pony that I scared yesterday.” He said with a slight groan in his voice. “It’s nice to see that you finally decided to turn over your personality.” I said as Scar and I walked through the halls. “If you’re curious of where I go in the morning, I go to Fluttershy to get some fish to eat.” Scar said as he opened the door to his room and went in. “Well I’ve decided to write to the Princess of your presence and I bet she would very much like to see you.” I informed Scar as he stopped after entering his room. Scar walked back out of his room with a shocked expression on his face. “Princess who now?” He asked. “Oh we have two princesses, Celestia and Luna. They rule over our land and bring the day and night.” I replied as Scar took in this new information. “Cadence and you are princesses too right?” He asked still clearly confused.

“Yes, I am the Princess of Friendship and Cadence is the Princess of Love.” I answered. “So Celestia and Luna are in charge of the entire land while you and Cadence rule your respective portions of the land?” He asked. “That’s one way to put it, but yes.” I replied. “I see, so she’s coming here?” He asked with a slight smile. “I think it would be best if we went to Canterlot, I mean there is much more in this world than just Ponyville and you need to just stop sleeping in bed most of the day.” I said with a little disappointment. “I was spending time with Fluttershy for most of the day, and sleeping around is quite common for male lions.” Scar said with a grin on his face. “But still at least be a bit more proactive and meet some new ponies and if you want you could hang out with Starlight to help her friendship lessons.” I said trying to convince Scar in interacting with other ponies in Ponyville. “I will do that once I get to meet ponies that won’t run and hide as soon as I approach.” He said with a snarky tone.

“Well you are certainly intimidating, but once they realize how friendly you are, I can guarantee you’ll make a great addition to Equestria.” I said as Starlight approached from behind. “Twilight, Trixie’s in town, and I wrote to her about meeting a lion and she wants to meet him, but since you’re going to Canterlot, then she’ll have to wait for a while, so can Trixie come with us to Canterlot please?” Starlight asked with a pleading expression. “She may not be Sweetie Belle, but she can make a heart melt with that pout.” I thought as I looked at Starlight. “Fine, just make sure she doesn’t pester Scar too much.” I said with a defeated sigh. “Sweet, I’ll let her know.” Starlight beamed as she left and I saw the expression on Scar’s face saying ‘This is going to be my whole day isn’t it?’ “Don’t worry Scar, you’ll be fine.” I tried to reassure him as we walked towards the train station to catch the next train to Canterlot.

Royals Meet Royals

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(Canterlot Train Station, Scar’s P.O.V)

After arriving at this place called ‘Canterlot’, I was relieved to finally be off the train after what felt like an endless journey with many conversations going on at once, it was like listening to my hyena companions. “I’m glad to be off of that contraption.” I said with a sigh of relief. “Oh come on it wasn’t that bad.” Rainbow Dash said hovering over me. “Have you ever spent time with a group of hyenas for hours on end before Ms. Dash?” I asked curiously. “Uh, no.” Rainbow Dash said. “Good, because it’s extremely annoying, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t go mad from their stupidity.” I said as we continued towards the city of Canterlot.

As we walked through the city, others eyed me the most like I was some moving attraction or something they had never seen in centuries. They began whispering to one another and some I could hear like. “Did he escape from the zoo?” or “What kind of creature is that?” One was quite odd to me was “What’s with the scar on his face?” That particular question made a particular memory resurface in my mind. “Hey, Scar? You alright?” Rainbow asked. “I’m fine, just remembered something, and no I don’t want to talk about it.” I replied with a bit of anger, not at her, but at the memory. “Yeesh, fine I won’t ask.” Rainbow replied as I sulked for a moment. “He’s been through alot Rainbow, cut him some slack.” I heard Fluttershy say. “What do you mean?” Twilight asked walking up to her friend. “I’ll tell you my life story when we reach the castle. Until then, just use your imaginations.” I said as we continued to walk towards the castle.

Upon arrival of what is supposed to be the castle, some ponies in what appears to be armor halted us before the entrance. “It’s alright sirs, he’s with us.” Twilight said. The guards moved aside to allow us to pass. “I take it you know them?” I asked curiously. “Well, I did live here before I became a princess, so handling the guards is second nature to me.” Twilight said with a slight blush on her face. Entering the castle and heading down the hall, We arrived outside the large throne room. “Princess Twilight and company, the princesses are expecting you.” The guard outside the throne room said as he stepped aside. Upon entry, I saw two more alicorns but one was pure white with a rainbow mane and tail flowing in a non-existent breeze and a sun cutie mark. The other was midnight blue with a night sky mane and tail and a crescent moon for a cutie mark. “Ah Twilight, girls, it’s so nice to see you again.” The midnight blue alicorn said with a smile. “It’s great to see you too Luna and Celestia.” Twilight replied.

When the two alicorns gazed upon me, they still retained those smiles on their faces and approached toward me.”And this must be the new friend Cadence wrote to us about.” The alicorn known as Celestia said. “He seems handsome to me.” The other alicorn said with a slightly seductive tone. “Charmed and you must be the rulers of this land.” I replied back. “Your assumption is correct. Luna and I have ruled here for quite some time.” Celestia said with a smile on her face. “Well then I suppose I may as well introduce myself. I am Scar, former king of the Pride Lands.” I introduced myself to the Princesses. “Welcome to Equestria Scar.” Celestia said as she respectfully bowed her head to me. “So where are these Pride Lands you mentioned, from all the maps I’ve read, I haven’t heard of such a place.” Twilight asked as this was just the stepping stone for these ponies what had happened before and during my reign. “It’s not anywhere in this world, but perhaps I should tell you the full story.” I said as I sat down on the floor. All of the ponies in the room followed suit. “You see…” I told them everything about my life except my overthrow against my brother. “And that’s how I ended up here.” I said breathing a sigh of relief that I ‘ve explained my life story for a second time.

“I can relate with you on a similar matter to being favorites.” Luna replied after hearing my tale. “How so?” I asked curious about Luna’s story. “Growing up to where my sister and I can control the day and night, Our subjects basked in the light of day and sleep through the night, making me feel as if Celestia was favorited by all as I would be underappreciated.” Luna replied looking down for a moment. “I see. If you don’t wish to continue you don’t have to.” I said sympathetically. “No, it’s fine. Anyway, I felt all of my envy,and anger consume me and I transformed into Nightmare Moon. I had one goal in mind, bring eternal night to Equestria, but my sister used the Elements of Harmony to seal me away in the moon for 1,000 years, and I’ve been accepted by our subjects ever since my return thanks to Twilight and her friends.” Luna finished with a smile.

I sighed for a moment, I knew I wasn’t honest with them and by the look on Fluttershy’s face, she knew it too. “There is something else I have yet to mention on my rise to power, I killed my brother and framed it on my nephew just so I could assume the throne.” I said which in turn got everyone, except Fluttershy surprised. “Why would you do that to your own nephew and brother?!” The others exclaimed in complete shock. “It was because I wasn’t appreciated for anything ever since my mother was murdered by my own father!” I said with a loud growl. “Even so, you shouldn’t have taken your anger out on a child.” Celestia said with a disappointed look on her face. “In my world, life is unpleasant, and unfair, so I just played the cards I was dealt.” I defended. They gave me displeasured looks at my actions for doing what I needed to seize the throne.

“Scar, There simply could have been less violence to settle your little dispute over power.” Celestia spoke. “Not really, because one time my father taught me and my brother about the circle of life, how all life is connected in a way. So my rise and fall was all a part of the cycle.” I said with a logical tone. “I understand but let’s just put this behind and have some dinner, I’m probably correct on the fact that lions have a strict eating habit?” Luna asked me. “That’s right, I’m strictly a carnivore, but lately I’ve been eating fish courtesy of Fluttershy.” I said as I pointed to Fluttershy. The small pegasus blushed for a moment as we entered the dining hall and plate were being set as I found my dish with raw fish. “This certainly looks like a meal fit for a king.” I simply said as I chowed on my plate of fish.

I never thought ponies essential. They’re crude and unspeakably plain. But maybe they’ve a glimmer with potential, If allied with my vision and brain.” I thought as ideas of becoming king rolled in. After hearing Luna’s tale, I felt as if we had more in common. We’re both the second born and less favored by our families. The only difference was that I was successful in claiming the throne, she was banished to the moon. I began to think of the possibilities of us ruling together and shroud the land in darkness, but I had to have some cleverness at my side for it work and loyal subjects to have my back. Which raised a question; Who would be willing to join me?

The rest of the dinner was relatively quiet, but my mind was filled with questions. I had to find a way to get Celestia off her throne, but how? That was the question. “Perhaps a band of loyal subjects who see my visions could assist, I mean if it worked with the hyenas, I guess it could work on these ponies.” I thought after chewing on a delicious fish. “Scar? Is anything wrong?” Celestia asked. “Oh there is nothing bothering me, I was just thinking to myself.” I replied with false confidence. “Well if that’s the case, it was a lovely evening with you all and I’m honored to meet you Scar. But as time now comes to begin the night, you are all more than welcome to spend the night here in Canterlot.” Celestia announced as I just finished my last juicy fish on the plate. “Sounds delightful.” I said as I pulled the bones from my mouth and placed them back on to the plate.

(Canterlot Castle, 3rd P.O.V)

For months, Guards had been on patrol to secure the capital of Equestria and on higher levels since the Changeling Invasion. After many had believed to have been blown away to the Badlands, one however managed to only get blown a mile from the city. This guard was in fact a Changeling spy who helped infiltrate the castle for the first invasion. When nopony was around he reported his findings to his queen, his mother; Chrysalis. “My Queen, there’s a new creature here in the castle. It looks like a manticore but it doesn’t have any wings, or a scorpion tail.” The imposter guard reported in a quiet tone. “You fool it’s known as a lion, describe it to me, he could be a valuable asset to our cause.” Chrysalis whispered back through a magical projection. “Of course my Queen. I’ll keep you updated on my findings with the lion, Orb Weaver, out.” Orb Weaver said as he made his projection disappear. Weaver then resumed his cover and with a new mission to follow Scar, this could be the foundation to the rise of a new era.

New Ally in Disguise

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(1 Week after Canterlot, 3rd P.O.V)

After a week of documentation and study, Orb had been able to record and report as much data about Scar, his diet, habits, behavior, and even his secret plan to become king. Chrysalis was pleased by these findings and was beginning to construct a plan to try and take Equestria to feed her starving subjects, but the process wasn’t going well for her as she now had to worry about the Elements of Harmony that could easily defeat her. “My queen, Is it nearing time to make our move?” Orb asked through the magical hologram. “Soon, my little spy, very soon. Listen this is important, when he catches on, guide him to me and then we can go from there.” Chrysalis instructed with a smile on her face. “Yes, My queen.” Orb replied as the hologram ended and the spy continued looking over at the ferocious resident. “You may not know it lion, but your vision of becoming king is about to be reality.” Orb said as he looked through the window at Scar.

(Scar’s P.O.V)

I was settling in for a relaxing evening after dinner with nothing but a bed and another day to dream of my downfall and visions of Simba ruling the Pride Lands. It wasn’t til I noticed something outside the window I saw something that looked as if a pony and a bug morphed together and at first I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. After a few seconds I saw nothing there, so I shrugged it off as a mental illusion and went back to focusing on sleep. “That was quite possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” I said as I closed my eyes to try and sleep. “Yeah, I could say the same about you.” Another voice said as my eyes opened and saw the same pony/bug hybrid in my room smiling at me. “Who, or what are you?!” I asked in complete surprise. “Easy, I’m Orb Weaver, and I am a loyal subject to Queen Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings.” The creature named Orb Weaver replied with a smile, exposing his fangs. “What is it that you want from me?” I asked still retaining somewhat of a snarl. “I’m here to help you, see here, my Queen wants to help feed her subjects, and you want to rule over these ponies, she thinks you can help each other, plus a king needs a queen to rule by his side.” Orb Weaver replied.

The thought rolled into my mind of being king, it looked glorious as I pictured it and with a queen at my side, it could offer a chance to have an heir to carry on my work. This also lead me to the chance of conquering with a small reason and it’s to help a desperate race like the hyenas. After thinking it over with all the pros and cons, I turned back to the small Changeling. “I agree to this deal.” I said with a menacing grin forming on my face. “Don’t tell that to me, tell it to her majesty. Follow me, I’ll take you to her.” Orb said and opened up the window and jumped out of it. I followed and took one last look in my room before joining Orb as he activated something I’d never expect to see.

“Why hello there, I am Chrysalis, The Changeling Queen. It is heard that you seek the Equestrian throne from Celestia am I not correct?” The leader asked. She looked taller than Orb and had a blue holed mane. I was stunned to see her even though she wasn’t physically here. “Yes I do, but what could you possibly do to help me?” I asked cocking an eyebrow. “Why it’s simple, I have an army of changelings and you need followers to bow to your rule. I’d be willing to help you if you could do me something.” Chrysalis proposed. She did make a valid point though, If I just seized the throne myself alone, I’d most likely be overthrown or killed within the few hours on the throne. She could be what I need to become king again, but I had to ask. “What is it that you need from me?” “Allow me and my starving changelings to come into Equestria and feast upon the love the ponies possess.” Chrysalis replied. By her desperate scenario, it was a lot like the hyenas situation in the Pride Lands. After thinking it over for a moment, my menacing grin returned. “You’ve found yourselves a new king.” Chrysalis grinned as well.

“You’ve saved thousands of my poor subjects, but we need to plan out our strategy because Celestia and Luna are powerful and defeating them isn’t easy. Follow Orb to my kingdom and we’ll discuss everything when you arrive.” Chrysalis instructed. “I’ll see you there and you may call me Scar.” I replied as the thing ended and Orb turned to me. “Alright let’s get moving so nopony will see us.” He said as we headed out of the small town and out into the unknown regions of Equestria and my path to power.

(Twilight’s Castle, 3rd P.O.V)

In the library within the castle, Twilight and Starlight had been doing some late night reading on a spell to fix the map after the time-travel shindig. The two unicorns had been scouring through potential mountains of books to find a solution but so far came up short. “Ugh! This is infuriating! I can stop you from nearly destroying the space-time continuum, but I can’t find a spell to get the map working again?!” Twilight shouted in frustration as she closed the book she just finished reading and slammed it on to the table making Starlight flinch a little. “Don’t stress Twilight. It’s my fault for messing with the map in the first place.” Starlight replied with regret. Looking back at her pupil, Twilight wrapped a hoof around her friend. “It’s okay Starlight, I’m just stressed out today and oddly feel like Scar on a daily basis.” Twilight said with a small smile. “Speaking of which, is it weird that we don’t hear him snoring up a storm right now?” Starlight asked curiously. “Maybe he finally saw his snoring problem and stopped for once.” Twilight thought as she released her friend. “I don’t think so, he’s usually sound asleep by this time and I’ve tried to ask him to stop, but he’s a heavy sleeper.” Starlight replied with a slight frown on her face.

“If it’ll ease your suspicions, let’s go and check on him.” Twilight sighed a bit and walked towards the lion’s room. Starlight knocked on the door hoping to hear Scar’s half asleep voice beckon them in. “Scar?” Starlight asked with concern as she slowly opened the door to the guest room. Inside the room was empty with an open window allowing Luna’s moon to shine brightly in the unoccupied space. “Where did that lion get off to now?” Twilight asked as she and Starlight entered their guest’s room. “Wherever he is, I just hope he’s alright.” Starlight said with a concerned expression on her face as she looked at the night sky.

(Badlands, Scar’s P.O.V)

After trekking all night through the wilderness of Equestria, we arrived upon a dry and barren wasteland that looked as if a drought had occurred. All around me and Orb were more Changelings glancing at us as we ventured. “Welcome to our kingdom.” Orb gestured the tall termite mounds and Changelings everywhere. “And I thought the Elephant Graveyard was a dismal place.” I said as I gazed upon the so-called kingdom. After entering a large mound that I assumed was the castle, we entered a large room with the large Changeling Queen Chrysalis herself. “Ah if it isn’t the lion of Equestria himself, a pleasure to see in my little kingdom.” She greeted us and approached. “The privilege is all mine,Queen Chrysalis.” I replied with a courteous bow. “Orb I thank you for your service, you are dismissed as I discuss business with my royal compatriot.” Chrysalis spoke to Orb as the small changeling responded with a bow and left the room.

Chrysalis was actually quite nice to speak to, she was straight-forward with me and didn’t bother to beat about the bush with things, unlike Twilight, or any of her companions did. “Now I believe it is time to explain the reason why Orb was spying on you since your visit with those do-gooder Princesses. It is simply because you and I both want the same thing and have some common interests such as you want to be king and I need to feed my starving subjects.” Chrysalis explained as we walked towards a window overseeing the hungry and depressed Changelings.

“I see, well perhaps we can form an alliance in which I help you get food for your subjects and you help me take the throne and rule by me as king and queen.” I suggested with a villainous grin forming. Chrysalis liked the idea and extended her holed-filled hoof out. “We have a deal, My King.” I was hesitant for a moment, but I grasped her hoof with my paw and we shook to seal our agreement.

“I shall inform the my subjects of this agreement and our glorious rise to power.” Chrysalis said as she walked out onto the balcony overlooking her subjects. The changelings gathered to listen to what she had to say. “My loyal subjects, Today is a new and glorious day for us as we are now blessed with a being, willing to help us in our struggle for food and will help defeat the Princesses of Equestria. May I present, your future king, Scar!” She announced and the Changeling crowd applaud as I presented myself to them. Doing so and hearing the cheers, This was a feeling I missed back during my rule in the Pride Lands. The sense of importance. I smiled as I felt my newfound subjects cheering for me. “Perhaps she and I will make a good couple.” I thought to myself as I glanced at Chrysalis with a slight smile on my face.

(Twilight’s Castle, 3rd P.O.V)

The next morning in Ponyville arrived and for once in quite awhile, Twilight actually woke up to the peaceful morning instead of the loud yawn from their lion companion. Speaking of which Twilight was quite surprised he wasn’t here still. “Where could he be? I mean I know we can be a bit annoying because we favor diplomacy over violence, but it shouldn’t be enough to just up and leave.” Twilight said with a frown on her face. But her doors open to reveal Starlight with a worried expression. “Twilight, I think I know what happened.” Starlight said with a slightly terrified expression on her face. “You do?” Twilight said with a slightly crazed smile. “Yes, but I believe you’re not going to like it, come on.” Starlight explained as the two unicorns left to their lion’s room, still deserted. Starlight then revealed some hoofprints in the room as well as Scar’s pawprints. “I think somepony left the room with Scar.” Starlight theorized as Twilight examined the prints on the floor. “But who? It couldn’t have been any of our friends, or any of the townsponies, so it must’ve been… Oh no.” Twilight’s face suddenly went from worried to horrified at the realization. “What is it?” Starlight asked confused. “Remember what I told you about the Canterlot Wedding Incident? More specifically about the Changelings and their queen?” Twilight asked as she frantically paced around Scar’s room. “Yeah, what about it?” Starlight asked still confused about what Twilight was thinking.

“I’m thinking that Scar has been either kidnapped, or seduced by Chrysalis into going with her to plan for her revenge!” Twilight exclaimed with tears streaming from her eyes. “What are we gonna do then?” Starlight asked now worried about her friend. “Only one thing we can do is follow the trail and get Scar back.” Twilight said now determined for her friend’s well being. “But first we need to gather our friends.”

Rally Support

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(Badlands, Scar’s P.O.V)

After the little fan fare of celebrations for a new coming era now set in motion, Chrysalis and I returned within the castle to discuss how we are going to rule this land. “Now when I tried to take Canterlot, I transformed to become the bride of Prince Shining Armor as my subjects waited outside the shield protecting the city and break through for our takeover. Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away in my victory to notice that the love for the wedded only lead to my humiliating defeat.” Chrysalis explained before inhaling sharply at her memories. “Now with you here, We can assault Canterlot directly and stealthy with deception.” As she smiled at the thought.

However, I saw flaws with the plan and came up with something different and less complicated. “Perhaps I have a better plan. Since the Princesses trust me, I can enter Canterlot without any complications. Once in the throne room, I’ll challenge her for the throne on my terms. That way she can’t refuse or it will result in a sign of weakness in the public’s eyes and make her seem rude. Once I have the throne, I will allow the Changelings to feast and banish Celestia and Luna.as we dominate this land.” I suggested as the Changeling Queen looked at me with a grin of malice, approval and somewhat doubtful.

“I like the way you think, but what if Celestia beats you after challenge her?” Chrysalis asked. I had to be careful when it came to my planning, one miscalculation could lead to disastrous results. “Then I will suffer whatever punishment she has in mind and your kind will continue to starve.” I replied somewhat sympathetic for her situation. Chrysalis was a bit disappointed but still loved my idea of an old fashioned throne challenge. “My changelings and I will support you in any way possible, just give us an order.” Chrysalis motioned to her subjects outside the castle, going about their business. “Thank you, but there will be no need. All I need is training and once I face Celestia, you to signal the changelings to enter once I’ve assumed the throne.” I replied as Chrysalis nodded and smiled villainously as I did.

“I bet all lionesses back where you came from loved that conniving mind that makes you so… powerful.” Chrysalis said with a slight slurry tone that I grew to admire. “Then it’s settled, get your subjects set for the journey. It’s going to be the start of a glorious era for Changelings and the foundation of a new Equestria.” I replied as I left the throne room to begin my training for the upcoming battle.

(Ponyville, 3rd P.O.V)

Rallied at the base of the castle, Twilight, Spike, Starlight, and the rest of the Element Bearers stood at attention to why they had been sent here so early in the day. “Alright, you’re all probably wondering why we came for you guys at this time of the day right?” Twilight asked. The others nodded in response. “Well it’s come to Starlight and I’s attention that Scar has possibly been abducted by Queen Chrysalis, and has been missing since yesterday evening.” Twilight reported in a serious tone. The ponies gasped in shock from what Twilight had just said. Applejack was the first to regain her composure. “What do ya mean Scar was abducted, he’s a carnivore for land sakes!” Applejack asked. “That’s the best way I could describe it, but we don’t know for sure, but we do know is that changelings could be behind it.” Twilight proclaimed. “Of all species, why Changelings?” Rainbow Dash asked with a groan as her forehoof slid down her face in frustration.

“We don’t know, but for some reason Chrysalis must want somepony to use as either a bargaining chip, or as a manipulated drone to fight us.” Twilight hypothesized. “Don’t forget that Chrysalis’ ability to shapeshift, for all we know she’s probably changed her form, and is planning to head back here to stop us from warning Celestia.” Starlight said with a concerned expression on her features. “What do you suggest we do Twilight dear?” Rarity asked looking at her friend with worry. “To be honest Rarity, I- I don’t know.” Twilight said with her ears flattening against her head.

“I still think we should do something and help Scar before he does something he may regret.” Fluttershy suggested for the concern of her friend. “I know Fluttershy. I know.” Twilight said before looking up to the sky lost in her thoughts.

(Badlands, Scar’s P.O.V)

After enhancing my fighting skills for the last few hours, I felt ready for the upcoming era ahead. I panted from all the work I’ve done, but I realized that I wasn’t alone anymore. “My, my, such a feral, yet sophisticated fighter.” Chrysalis said with a sultry tone as she came into the room. “Indeed, the era of change is upon us. We just need to address our loyal subjects our time has come.” I replied as we both walked out and saw our subjects lined up in an orderly fashion. “You’re all gathered here today to witness the beginning of a new age, with me as your king alongside your queen. You do not know pain, you do not know fear, you will taste victory!” I exclaimed with conviction. I heard the entire crowd roaring with cheers while Chrysalis smiled at me, but this smile wasn’t one of a master manipulator, but of a being in need of a lover. “Let us go and begin the gleaming future!” I continued and leading with Chrysalis to our march for Canterlot. “Yes, but afterwards I have a special request for you.” She said with a sultry smile. “And what would that be?” I asked. Chrysalis giggled in response.

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out, now let’s kick Celestia’s flank!” She said as we made our way out of the cave. We left the badlands and began our long march to the throne.

(Ponyville, 3rd P.O.V)

After a discussion on their next move, Twilight has decided to hope for the best and give Scar 2 days to return or else Twilight, Spike, and the others will go and search for their lost carnivorous friend. “Don’t worry Twilight, I’m sure a lion like him could take on an entire horde of those shapeshifting creeps.” Spike said reassuring. “Maybe in a small group, but in mass numbers, he’s outmatched.” Twilight said as she flopped down on her bed. “You may never know Twilight, I mean there were times when you seemed to be outmatched yet you still prevailed.” Spike proceeded to reassure his friend. “I know, but Scar doesn’t even know anything about the world!” Twilight argued. Spike knew it was sort of pointless to continue this argument and decided to change the subject. “So uh, you read any good books lately?” Spike asked sheepishly. “Not really, aside from a book I received from the Canterlot Castle library, I haven’t read anything worth talking about.” Twilight said with a slight pout.

(Everfree Forest, 1½ days later, Scar’s P.O.V)

After a day of marching our army into Equestria, An idea occurred to me as I remember looking over a map of the land. We approached a small bridge with two paths with one leading into the Everfree Forest and another heading into some gorge. “Chrysalis, take your subjects through the gorge as I head into the forest, I’ll assault Canterlot and signal you if I am successful.” I suggested to the Changeling Queen. “I will, now you have to keep those disgusting goody-two hooves ponies away until you’re ready.” Chrysalis said as she gagged at the description of Twilight and her friends. “I will indeed, meet you all at Canterlot.” I replied before splitting off our separate ways.

After trekking through the forest for the better portion of a day, I managed to find Fluttershy’s cottage. I saw her outside feeding her animals, and she was singing. I had never heard her sing before, but it’s absolutely wonderful. “I guess she does this when nobody’s watching.” I thought to myself as I got closer. Then the little hare of rabbit saw me and tried to get the mare’s attention from poking her leg to whacking her with a carrot. The singing mare took 5 minutes to notice what her pet was doing as he was frantically pointing at me and concluding my enjoyment. “Oh my goodness! It’s so great to see you Scar! You had us all worried sick!” The usually timid mare shouted with unbridled joy. She squeezed my foreleg tightly as I only smiled and placed my other paw on her head, softly petting her. “Where have you been and did the Changelings really abduct you?” Fluttershy asked looking up at me.

“Oh I was abducted by those Changelings, but I was lucky to fight them off and return as quick as I could. They are quite the fighting force though.” I said as I worked my charm of subtly. “Oh that sounds so terrible! I’m glad you managed to get away from those cruel creatures, especially their queen. She once posed as Princess Cadence to rule Equestria, and she even managed to overpower Princess Celestia herself!” She said while starting to tremble in fear. “Well she couldn’t overpower me, not even her army. Let’s go and find your other friends and surprise them of my return.” I said releasing the mare as she simply beamed in excitement. “Great idea, let’s go!” She squealed in happiness as we left, even if her happiness was rather distasteful to me.

It didn’t take us long to find Pinkie and Rarity having lunch at Sugarcube Corner. We approached the two of them while Rarity was in the middle of one of her usual rants I was behind her mimicking her making Pinkie laugh. “I never took you liked that kind of laughter.” I said from behind getting a startled reaction from Rarity. “Aah! Oh, Scar it’s you!” Rarity exclaimed making everyone look in our direction. “Yes I have returned and I hope I didn’t leave everypony in too much of a worry.” I said maintaining my posture.

“You did have us worried, but we’re just glad you’ve returned. I’m certain Twilight would be thrilled to see you again, why don’t you go and visit her?” Rarity suggested. “Very well, I’ll be off then.” I said as I turned and left the bakery. Along the way, some ponies were quite intimidated by me but overall glad I returned. Arriving at Twilight’s Castle, I knocked on the door and patiently waited for a response. As I waited I began thinking that after I meet Twilight I’ll tell her that I’ll be heading to Canterlot under the Princesses invitation.

Finally the doors opened to reveal Twilight, Spike, and Starlight, all surprised and overjoyed of my presence. “Scar! Thank goodness you’re alright!” Twilight shouted as she proceeded to tackle me and hugged me tightly... “It’s great to see you as well, now may I please breath.” I asked as I felt my windpipe slowly being constricted from the deathly embrace. “Sorry!” Twilight said sheepishly.

“It is great to see you again Scar, what happened with you and the Changelings?” Spike asked as he went up to me. “I was abducted by the queen in order to be her tool of affection, but I managed to escape.” I lied. They seemed to have bought it as they were intrigued about my ordeal. “So wish to come inside, you must be exhausted from your adventure?” Starlight offered.

“I may have to decline as I am to report to Canterlot when Princess Luna came into a dream of mine and it’s important that Celestia must know of Chrysalis’s future plans to prevent a disaster.” I lied once more to the ponies. “Oh, well best not keep them waiting. Tell them we said hello.” Twilight said with a smile. “Indeed.” I simply replied as I left the castle and towards the train station.

The Dawn of a New Era

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(Canterlot Castle, Scar’s P.O.V)

After an uneventful trip to Canterlot other than the usual stares and whispers from ponies, I reached the castle to begin to put the plan in motion. I approached the main gates to the castle with two guards posted on opposite ends wearing gold armor and wielding spears. “Halt, State your business!” A guard stated a crossing a glare at me.

“I have been called here by Princesses Celestia and Luna themselves to discuss of my recent abduction with the Changelings.” I stated to the guard as they grew weary as evidence that they must have faced Changelings in the past. “If you were summoned you may enter. You will find Celestia and Luna in the throne room just to save you the trouble.” The other guard stated as I proceeded to enter the castle.

“Thank you, have a nice day.” I said as I entered the castle and continued to act casual as my plan was working perfectly.

Upon entry into the throne room, I found Celestia and Luna on their thrones drinking some tea from a small cup. When she looked upon me, she was quite surprised by my presence. “Why hello Scar, I wasn’t expecting to see you.” Celestia said to me as I approached halfway to the throne.

“Princess Celestia and Luna it is an honor, but I have come for more than a mere visit. I have come for something else.” I said as Luna began to look skeptical at me. “What do you mean?” She asked as I only grinned villainously. “Princesses, I challenge you to a duel for the throne under a few conditions.” I stated as both the Princesses were mortified at what I had just claimed. “If you refuse however, Not only will you be known as rude, but shown as weak to the public and I don’t think you want to be weak to your subjects now do you?” I continued as Celestia looked down for a moment, but returned her attention to me.

“I accept your challenge Scar. What terms have you for this?” Celestia asked as Luna gasped. “Tia don’t. What if he bests one of us or worse?” Luna begged for her sister to reconsider, but knew it was futile. “I’m sorry Luna, but we have no choice.” Celestia said in a serious tone as she rose from her throne and walked before me and Luna to follow.

“My terms are more than simple really, One, No outside assistance, Two, No magic or flying, Three, The opponent that doesn’t call to yield will be the victor and the loser will be exiled from Equestria along with the sister.” I stated my terms and finished with one more question. “So which Princess will be my opponent?”

Luna looked horrified and shook her head in a desperate attempt to reconsider Celestia’s mind. “I will Scar.” Celestia announced with Luna still shocked. “Tia Please don’t!” Luna cried as Celestia levitated her sister a distance away as she was still crying for her sister to stop what she was doing.

“Wise choice Celestia.” I said with a sneer and readied my attack pose. “Scar I should have known you would fall back into your old ways to seek power.” Celestia said as she got into her fighting stance. “Oh I’m not doing this for myself, but for a rather different cause. But enough talk.” I said as I began to attack and commencing the duel for the Equestrian throne.

(3rd P.O.V)

Scar lowered into his attack stance and prowled around Celestia as the white alicorn took her stance and eyed her opponent sharply. Scar made the first attack with a swipe from his paw, which Celestia blocked with her hooves.

The lion then kept up his engagement scratching and biting at the alicorn princess, but Celestia kept pace with the attacks with a few cuts on her hooves. Scar then backed off for a moment and pounced on her side and dug his teeth into Celestia’s back. Luna stood and watched in horror as she knew she could not intervene the conflict.

Celestia tried to get Scar off her and bit his tail and flung him aside. The lion grew relentless and charged with more attacks with cuts, bites, and scratches. Scar suffered a few bruises from the hooves, but still kept going and not let his future rule slip from his paw. Scar jumped and bit Celestia on her neck and tossed her to the floor.

Luna wept as she saw her sister bloodied and beaten as she laid on the floor and Scar towered over her. “Do you yield Princess?” Scar asked as the beaten Princess looked up at him. She knew she couldn’t face him any longer and he could kill her easily since she couldn’t fly or use her magic for defense. She sighed deeply and responded. “I yield.”

Scar smiled triumphantly as the barrier fell and Luna ran to her sister’s side in tears. “Don’t worry Tia, I’ll end him for you.” She said with anger. “No Luna, we made an agreement. Scar is now the ruler and we must announce this to the public and leave Equestria.” Celestia said as she weakly rose and began to leave the throne room.

After an order to the guards to gather everypony in Canterlot was sent out, Celestia stepped forward leaving Luna to the side with tears in her eyes and Scar on the other with a victorious smile. “Citizens of Equestria…” Celestia began gaining everypony’s attention. “It is with a heavy heart that Luna and I will no longer be ruling Equestria.” Everypony gasped and began questioning when Celestia continued.

“After being challenged and beaten, Scar is now your new ruler.” Scar stepped out and everypony gasped as the guards had no choice but to kneel to their new superior. Scar looked over his new subjects with an evil smile as he began to speak.

“As your first order by your new King, I hereby banish Celestia and Luna from Equestria.” More gasps were heard as two guards came up and escorted the former Princesses out. “With the Princesses gone, I shall lead Equestria into a new era where Ponies and Changelings come together, In a great and glorious future.”

After that statement, the Changelings flew in from above and Chrysalis landed next to the new king with a smile of triumph. “Well done King Scar, just say the word.” Chrysalis said as the ponies were now scared of the hungry changelings that loomed over them.

“I decree, that the changelings can feed freely throughout Equestria.” Scar announced as the ponies began to panic and run with the changelings begin to swarm and feed on the love of Canterlot. Scar looked at Chrysalis and both shared an evil smirk on their faces.

“What is next, King Scar?” Chrysalis asked. “The future, My Queen, the future.” Scar replied as minor explosions and the ponies screams echoed throughout Canterlot, and quite soon all over Equestria.

New Beginnings to Ends

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Meanwhile in Ponyville

News around Equestria spread quickly as Ponyville received word of the events that had taken place in Canterlot, Scar's new reign of the ponies, Chrysalis's subject's being allowed to feast freely, and the former Princesses being sent into exile. It truly had been a major turn of events, but there was little to be done.

However, Twilight summoned and gathered her friends in her castle, which had a protective spell around it to keep the Changelings from entering. They were all in the throne room reviewing the map as the chaos spread from Canterlot to the far north of the Crystal Empire.

"I just can't believe it, Scar betrayed us and now he has conquered Equestria!" Rainbow Dash boomed with a loud angered outburst. "I can't say I agree with you, but we must find some way to overthrow that devious lion before Equestria's love is devoured." Twilight sparked back.

Fluttershy had a few tears running down her face, She was hurt the most because she worried for Scar the most. "I-I never thought he was a b-bad lion... J-Just wanted to be a leader." She squeaked out as Applejack put a hoof around her. "Calm down there Sugarcube, We'll bring Celestia and Luna back and dethrone that scoundrel." Fluttershy perked up a little, but said nothing. "But how in Equestria are we going to do that? We've got hundreds of those disgusting bugs out there." Rarity questioned in slight distaste of the changelings.

"We'll need some advice, maybe find a way to get the throne back." Twilight thought, but was distracted as Pinkie was drinking loudly close by. "Do you mind?"

"What?" Pinkie asked. "It's for my tummy that had been aching for days, luckily Zecora knew just what to do." She beamed with pride as Twilight gazed at the Everfree Forest. "Zecora? Zecora! That's where we'll start!" Twilight shouted at the idea, Her friends agreed. "We better hurry, I think they might be on their way!" Starlight added in as the changelings came back into their minds. Everypony made their way into the Everfree Forest to find their Zebra friend.

"A tragic tale this is to me, but the answer you seek is closer than it may seem." Zecora said after Twilight explained to her the events that had taken place. She walked around to her cauldron and continued. "To regain the throne, a test one must pass to be able to beat the leader in order to surpass. the test is all in strength, to overthrow the leader over a great length. Challenges such as Scar will not be easy to win, chances of winning are very thin." Zecora then looked through a book which contained the legends and traditions of her homeland of Zebafrica. "But outthink your opponent is something you all have done before, You all have averted disasters and war." Zecora smiled humbly as the Mane 6 looked upon one another, knowing Zecora was right.

"Well I guess we are accustomed to the danger of Equestria to know this is something we cannot allow." Rarity spoke out first. "But then again we are facing a lion who could very well feast upon us." her voice turned into a more worried tone. "But even so, The Princesses must be able to grasp the power to take out Scar." Applejack chimed in. "U-Um, but where could they be, they could be anywhere by now." Fluttershy added in.

"I can scout around and find them in 10 seconds flat." Rainbow Dash sleeked in with confidence and her ego in full light. Not that the others really paid any attention, but still respected her speed to locate their rightful rulers. "Thank you for the help Zecora, but what can we do about the Changelings, they could very well find you here." Twilight said expressing her concerns.

"To gather a ponies and bring them here, to show them not to fear. Rallying their spirits that Equestria has not fell, giving them the light to rebel." She closed her eyes and gave a light and reassuring smile. "Again thank you for your help, lets go everypony." Twilight said as she left Zecora's hut with the other five ponies following behind, leaving Zecora to plan her new pony rebellion.

1 Year Later, Canterlot Castle, 3rd P.O.V

With many changelings looming around the once beautiful streets of Canterlot, Scar was outside the medical facility. Waiting anxiously for his queen or any news of her conditions. The doors opened to reveal a drone, motioning him to enter. The male lion entered and saw Chrysalis, lying down on her side but with a small little ball of fur with her and cuddling along side her. "My king. Meet your new prince." She said with a smile and looked down again. Scar smiled as well sharing the look at his new son.

A small male lion cub, green eyes shared from his mother and was silently asleep. "Have you decided on any names Scar?" Chrysalis asked with a light smile. Scar looked at his queen and nodded. "I shall name him after my own son, Nuka." Scar replied. Chrysalis smiled in response. "I like it, Nuka."

Before Nuka's birth, Scar explained his life back in the Pride Lands. How he was second best from his older brother, His jealousy that he'll never become king, The murder of Mufasa, and how his 3-4 year rule brought him a son, a daughter, and an adopted son/future king. Knowing he might not see his family again, he chose to start anew. Chrysalis was pleased to have birthed their first offspring.

Scar leaned in close to his new son and whispered softly. "Nuka... you shall be the future king of Equestria." In reaction, Baby Nuka light nuzzled his father's muzzle, causing Scar to lightly chuckle. "I think you could be his favorite." Chrysalis smirked at her king. Scar nuzzled her for his response and the two looked down again at their future heir to the throne.