• Published 29th Jun 2016
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A King's Ambition - Dark Obsidian

Exiled, Injured, confused, and alone, An old usurper had lost everything from his friends to his kingdom. But whose to say that the sun had set on his time as King.

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The Dawn of a New Era

(Canterlot Castle, Scar’s P.O.V)

After an uneventful trip to Canterlot other than the usual stares and whispers from ponies, I reached the castle to begin to put the plan in motion. I approached the main gates to the castle with two guards posted on opposite ends wearing gold armor and wielding spears. “Halt, State your business!” A guard stated a crossing a glare at me.

“I have been called here by Princesses Celestia and Luna themselves to discuss of my recent abduction with the Changelings.” I stated to the guard as they grew weary as evidence that they must have faced Changelings in the past. “If you were summoned you may enter. You will find Celestia and Luna in the throne room just to save you the trouble.” The other guard stated as I proceeded to enter the castle.

“Thank you, have a nice day.” I said as I entered the castle and continued to act casual as my plan was working perfectly.

Upon entry into the throne room, I found Celestia and Luna on their thrones drinking some tea from a small cup. When she looked upon me, she was quite surprised by my presence. “Why hello Scar, I wasn’t expecting to see you.” Celestia said to me as I approached halfway to the throne.

“Princess Celestia and Luna it is an honor, but I have come for more than a mere visit. I have come for something else.” I said as Luna began to look skeptical at me. “What do you mean?” She asked as I only grinned villainously. “Princesses, I challenge you to a duel for the throne under a few conditions.” I stated as both the Princesses were mortified at what I had just claimed. “If you refuse however, Not only will you be known as rude, but shown as weak to the public and I don’t think you want to be weak to your subjects now do you?” I continued as Celestia looked down for a moment, but returned her attention to me.

“I accept your challenge Scar. What terms have you for this?” Celestia asked as Luna gasped. “Tia don’t. What if he bests one of us or worse?” Luna begged for her sister to reconsider, but knew it was futile. “I’m sorry Luna, but we have no choice.” Celestia said in a serious tone as she rose from her throne and walked before me and Luna to follow.

“My terms are more than simple really, One, No outside assistance, Two, No magic or flying, Three, The opponent that doesn’t call to yield will be the victor and the loser will be exiled from Equestria along with the sister.” I stated my terms and finished with one more question. “So which Princess will be my opponent?”

Luna looked horrified and shook her head in a desperate attempt to reconsider Celestia’s mind. “I will Scar.” Celestia announced with Luna still shocked. “Tia Please don’t!” Luna cried as Celestia levitated her sister a distance away as she was still crying for her sister to stop what she was doing.

“Wise choice Celestia.” I said with a sneer and readied my attack pose. “Scar I should have known you would fall back into your old ways to seek power.” Celestia said as she got into her fighting stance. “Oh I’m not doing this for myself, but for a rather different cause. But enough talk.” I said as I began to attack and commencing the duel for the Equestrian throne.

(3rd P.O.V)

Scar lowered into his attack stance and prowled around Celestia as the white alicorn took her stance and eyed her opponent sharply. Scar made the first attack with a swipe from his paw, which Celestia blocked with her hooves.

The lion then kept up his engagement scratching and biting at the alicorn princess, but Celestia kept pace with the attacks with a few cuts on her hooves. Scar then backed off for a moment and pounced on her side and dug his teeth into Celestia’s back. Luna stood and watched in horror as she knew she could not intervene the conflict.

Celestia tried to get Scar off her and bit his tail and flung him aside. The lion grew relentless and charged with more attacks with cuts, bites, and scratches. Scar suffered a few bruises from the hooves, but still kept going and not let his future rule slip from his paw. Scar jumped and bit Celestia on her neck and tossed her to the floor.

Luna wept as she saw her sister bloodied and beaten as she laid on the floor and Scar towered over her. “Do you yield Princess?” Scar asked as the beaten Princess looked up at him. She knew she couldn’t face him any longer and he could kill her easily since she couldn’t fly or use her magic for defense. She sighed deeply and responded. “I yield.”

Scar smiled triumphantly as the barrier fell and Luna ran to her sister’s side in tears. “Don’t worry Tia, I’ll end him for you.” She said with anger. “No Luna, we made an agreement. Scar is now the ruler and we must announce this to the public and leave Equestria.” Celestia said as she weakly rose and began to leave the throne room.

After an order to the guards to gather everypony in Canterlot was sent out, Celestia stepped forward leaving Luna to the side with tears in her eyes and Scar on the other with a victorious smile. “Citizens of Equestria…” Celestia began gaining everypony’s attention. “It is with a heavy heart that Luna and I will no longer be ruling Equestria.” Everypony gasped and began questioning when Celestia continued.

“After being challenged and beaten, Scar is now your new ruler.” Scar stepped out and everypony gasped as the guards had no choice but to kneel to their new superior. Scar looked over his new subjects with an evil smile as he began to speak.

“As your first order by your new King, I hereby banish Celestia and Luna from Equestria.” More gasps were heard as two guards came up and escorted the former Princesses out. “With the Princesses gone, I shall lead Equestria into a new era where Ponies and Changelings come together, In a great and glorious future.”

After that statement, the Changelings flew in from above and Chrysalis landed next to the new king with a smile of triumph. “Well done King Scar, just say the word.” Chrysalis said as the ponies were now scared of the hungry changelings that loomed over them.

“I decree, that the changelings can feed freely throughout Equestria.” Scar announced as the ponies began to panic and run with the changelings begin to swarm and feed on the love of Canterlot. Scar looked at Chrysalis and both shared an evil smirk on their faces.

“What is next, King Scar?” Chrysalis asked. “The future, My Queen, the future.” Scar replied as minor explosions and the ponies screams echoed throughout Canterlot, and quite soon all over Equestria.