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A woman named Marsara Semmeture goes to a store to get the final piece of her costume but gets sent to Equestria as a Zerg Broodmother.

I have been meaning to make this for a while now, and Bronyparasite got me to start making it as well as helping me by editing, so thanks a lot!

Unofficial tags: Displaced, StarCraft II spoilers.

Status: Undergoing massive editing.

Chapters (7)
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Love it! Course I've seen it already, but being the first like and all. Thanks for the shout out!


Thank you for liking and editing!

Now we have two swarms, cool. XD


Who's the other Swarm?


:facehoof: How did I forget about him?

6137426 Don't worry you can still do your displaced story. :twilightsmile:

6137428 He's on hiatus and hasn't updated in a long time.(And there's that damn first dislike for no reason!)

Thank you for doing this. I haven't updated since the War flopped. I feel bad about it, but my story seemed to lose much of its luster after it failed. If I do start writing it again one day, then we could do a crossover. Exchange essence and stuff like that. I'll look forward to the day when the War happens, or I withdraw. All in all, I'm glad someone took up the mantel of the Swarm after I neglected it so.

6137435 You know that thing about how a writer should NEVER read something after he's written it? There's a big reason for that. That was my first piece of writing. I'm surprised it got so popular.

Edit: Waiiit. You meant this fic. Sorry, I misread.


I'll fix these. I'm using a crappy laptop so expect errors .

Edit: They should be fixed now.


I would be delighted to do a crossover with you. :twilightsmile:

6137475 In fact... If I do leave the War then the Nydus worm that was takinf Dahaka to the War may accidentally arrive in your world. Sound good?


Sounds good!

i have been waiting for this for a long time. I will read it in about 6 hours, then like and favorite it because Zerg4Life


Well thank you. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Marsara deleted Jul 5th, 2015

Damn it, I thought you were talking about the buzz lightyear villain.

6138172 Seriously, why hasn't anyone done that!?

6138193 Could you imagine Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash in a space ranger suit? No wait, all of the mane 6! Climbing through the ranks, becoming almost as good as Team Lightyear, is Team Harmony!

What do you think?


Some one needs too make this.

6138376 If someone doesn't make it, I'm going to.

6138190 I've been wondering that

Seems a little rushed but not to bad, I'll follow


Yes me and Para(Bronyparasite's nick name) rushed it a bit. :twilightsheepish: Third chapter is almost done though!(Me, Para, and Dundredo went ahead and made that for the first crossover. Still have to make the second chapter though.)

6138831 Finally another Zerg crossover with ponies been a while since one thank you though the renames of Zerg units I probably will never like I won't mind them much


Renamed them because when "Zergling" is the name of the most basic unit for the ZERG... well I think you know what I mean.

A lotta mistakes in this, and it could use a fair bit more... everything really. Though it still sounds interesting so Imma keep reading.


Yes I agree it could be a lot better but I'm brand new too writing so its to be expected.


Thank you. :twilightsmile:


Going too camp till july forth tomorrow so Put another chapter so you could wait.

This looks promising. There aren't many good starcraft-FIM crossovers. But this looks like it could work.

Some mistakes, but nothing I wouldn't do to XD.
Well what will happen next?
How did she end in stone?
And Marsara? Sorry if I'm wrong or if this is a different name in Englisch, but is this not also a planet in the Koprulu Sector? I like it.
How did you solved the problem with the time? Also the morphing and building time ?
Not really a fan of the new names, but it is not the worst that could come out XD.
And now i want to finish my own prologue even faster XD.
So on to the next chapter. ^^


Most of these questions will be answered later in the story. As for her name... It was meant too be Zagara spelled as Marsara not vary clever I know. :twilightblush:

One question, it was said that he killed most if not all of them at one point, and so far we have never seen or read anything about Larvas or Drones. So how did they survived so long?
Do they have some one that can manipulate the DNA they gain?
Another great Chapter, so will we see Surprise again? Will she become a Zerg too?


The Larva and Drones will be explained later in chapter three. The DNA stuff will also come later. And telling about Surprise would be spoilers. :rainbowwild:

Well then i have to wait XD.
And I found it XD "Mar Sara" is a planet in the Koprulu Sector XD.
It could be worse ;P my naming ideas are worse.

K, even if the primal Zerge have it even easier XD.
I think the Primals are cheater, but the Swarm shall survive and evolve ;P.


The Primals just have too kill and boom! Instant evolve! The Swarm can do it the same way but chose to change the DNA instead.

6141564 i don't think most zerg can do this, if it were this easy for them they wouldn't need to do things like Abathur ^^.
But some of them with higher brain functions can do it ^^. at least i think so.


I must be remembering the games lore wrong then. But with this it would mean a Broodmother or Zerg of similar status could do it.

6141595 Well most of the time the Swarm was under the control of the Overminde and Kerrigen.
So we can't really say what would happen, but it was said that the Zerg without a overriding will would become nothing but mere beasts. Without a purpose they are nothing more than animals. But the Broodmothers still had a purpose so they never got feral. So it is at least my head canon that lower Zerg can't evolve on their own.


This is supported by... The HoTS campaign. One of the evolution missions explained how the Zerg went Feral without a Broodmother or a Overlord(Yes the Overlords are for supply because they have a small control over the Hivemind of lower Zerg.). Mean while the Broodmother's didn't go feral but did resist the Swarm. Zagara even evolved by herself as Abuther says: "Force change upon herself." Is it possible that she didn't force change but rather changed her DNA herself.

We find this displaced intriguing for now, may it continue.

6141624 zerg always evolves if they are feral or not. In sc2, evolving such as baneling happened when zerglings didn't under direct control of the Swarm.
Zerg of the swarm evolves more effecient way by controlling it but that doesn't mean Zerg do not when they are in feral. They try to evolve on their own to survive and it has so maNY to do so that calls kinda inefficient for the swarm.

Year eight hundred and thirty five… Surprise was gone… Darksville was gone… Celestia thought Paranoid was there and froze the town in a space/time lock… Almost like the Crystal Empire.

I have to admit, even for Celestia that is too harsh. I mean Zerg is big threat for Empire but froze whole villiage for that? Of course she has a dozen excuse but still, that is a story like drop the nuke on the city because there's a serious virus and it will infect whole country in the long run...there's some other option/sequence you do that before trapping a whole villagers with it.

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