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Hi! My name is Joshua, or at least it was before The Merchant got his hands on me. Now I'm just another Displaced. and to top it off the first ever time I fell in love... she was taken from me by outside forces. Now exactly one thousand years later, I'm reunited with the one i love with all my black heart.

WOOO FEATURED 8-16-17 thank you guys so much for all the support!

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that marks a well done story idea much like the story For Glory! For Equus! For Epicness!

First Biyatch!!! Also good work. I would say it just might be a little longer maybe 1500 or 2000 words:heart::derpytongue2::twilightsheepish::trollestia::heart::derpytongue2::heart::derpytongue2::heart:

I'm guessing he is Alucard from the Hellsing series rather than from the Castelvania series? :rainbowhuh:
Regardless the story looks interesting so far.:pinkiehappy:

indeed he is from Hellsing, and later on there will be a few things that might not make sense right away, but rest assured all will be explained in time.

I really like this story so far. keep up the good work.

keep your eyes pealed later tonight, i might release the next chapter then instead of tomorrow morning, just to move the story along faster. :twilightsheepish:

ok that was fun

Hi! My name is Joshua, or at least it was before The Merchant got his hands on me


I personally enjoyed writing the celestia slap, she needs to be put in her place sometimes and i'm not afraid to do it :D

This is a good story so far, and I can't wait to read more of it.:pinkiehappy:

These chapters need more WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!

If you read the AN, I stated why they were so short, I simply don't have all that much time to write. so I can't write super long chapters However once my work calms down a bit and I'm not working nearly sixty hours a week I can write more. But that might take a while since the company just got attacked and everything. let me tell you something getting shot at is NOT fun :(

So yea, if I can make them longer I will but right now I can't so I won't try to over work myself to put out more content. sorry if that's not the reply you were hoping for. However I thank you for the first bit of real feedback so far I hope the shortness hasn't turned you off the story.

I just finished reading everything so far and I gotta say that... Ya' know what, I can't do it justice, TAKE IT AWAY SERAS!

I'm a bit torn on this one. On one hand it has an interesting premise and your promise to not do crossovers before the sequel is a big plus for me. On the other hand things are moving very fast. Everything feels like you are just rushing through things and hardly anything has much of a description. Things are skipped constantly (in this chapter the mane 6 introductions etc).

Frankly said I just don't know what to think about this story.

7103880 The mane six will have a more in depth intro to Alucard later, right now all he really knows about them are their names. In a couple of chapters he will have more one on one time with each of them and learn more about them then.

This is good, really good.

Please let Blueballs be the one to wake him up, that would be so hilarious it's not even funny... and yes, I realize that's a contradiction.

Yes! We need more Hellsing crossovers!

7108119 the next chapter should come out on sunday, look forward to it lol should be interesting.

Hell hath no fury

like a woman's scorn.

7108421 Actually, I'm fairly certain the saying is 'a woman scorned'.

For example, my insanely vindictive ex-girlfriend.:pinkiecrazy:

please tell me he is not based off hellsing if your just using his powers and looks okey but he woundt be so weak

7109276 No he isn't literally Alucard, he just has his immortality and powers as well as so other abilities he picked up over the years. Also even though he is immortal he can still die, I toned down his regeneration ability so that internal damage takes longer to heal.

7120609 right now I'm working with a pile of junk for a computer after my laptop got fried. but i'm trying to get updates out to you all, I should have access to a better computer by the weekend and then i'll type up a few chapters. right now the only thing i can log into the site with is my phone and it wont let me post updates from it for some reason. sorry about that.

I was expecting more shock to Luna being his wife here it's kinda like they didn't even hear her

I am Prince Blueblood, and I have allowed your vile presence in this castle for too long creature!

7131336 but the thing is... he isn't a dick :D Discord corrupted him and made him that way, thats why I had Dissy break out before the gala :P

7131343 I know, I posted that before reading the rest of the chapter.:ajsleepy: I have to admit though, as creative a setup as this is, the impact of the revelations themselves was somehow... lacking I suppose.:applejackunsure: I mean, reveals such as this should feel like 'ERMAHGERDALUCARDHASCHAOSMAGIC!' and 'LOOKOUTFORTHECREEPYOMINOUSVILLAININTHESHADOWS!' but due in part to the, I guess you could call it casualness(?) of it all it just felt... 'meh.'

Which considering the contrast with the earlier chapters is a bit disappointing... oh well, we'll see how it goes from here.

7131402 wouldn't it be fcking hilarious if Blueblood was the voice from the crystal ball? :trollestia:

you made them make up way to fast

7132806 theres a reason for that, there will be a it if a flashback to before her descent into darkness.

7089328 You have earned my respect which is more than I can say about other Displaced writers. Not that I hate their stories, mind you, but they don't exactly give Celestia some much needed karma.

Your explanation of chaos magic probably would explain why Discord appeared weaker(at least in the eyes of the fandom) in the show after his redemption. Color me intrigued! :pinkiehappy:

Actually, as a vampire, he happens to be a sanguivore... He once was an omnivore, yes, but becoming a vampire forces such a change in your diet...

7162101 that's something i wasn't aware of, can you explain what that is? also if you see any mistakes feel free to point them out. i might be okay at catching mistakes but i still miss a few.

this is f***ing aawsome!!!!:pinkiecrazy:
first ive read a good quality vampire x pony fic which includes alucard!:twilightsmile:

7213176 im actually going to write the next 2 chapters tomorrow plus i have a dragoball Z crossover on the way so stay tuned for that as well.

cant wait!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

7213230 scratch that i'm writing it right now, also if you see any errors feel free to point them out and i'll fix them asap. so expect the next chapter either in a few hours or early tomorrow morning

plus i'll be putting up my dbz crossover for publishing later tonight as well. hope you enjoy that as much as this one.

hey no rush! it might lessen the quality of the fic if rushed:twilightsmile:
but still cant wait!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

7213793 lol nah it won't. I've had the next 4 chapters planned out in my head, just no drive to write them until now. that and im having a little trouble not writing blueblood as a douchebag lol but i'll figure it out soon. also im finishing up some touches on the dbz story now and i'll be publishing it later if you wanna keep your eyes peeled for it.

your killing me dude!:raritycry:
with all these teasers!:trollestia:

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