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A King's Ambition - Dark Obsidian

Exiled, Injured, confused, and alone, An old usurper had lost everything from his friends to his kingdom. But whose to say that the sun had set on his time as King.

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New Beginnings to Ends

Meanwhile in Ponyville

News around Equestria spread quickly as Ponyville received word of the events that had taken place in Canterlot, Scar's new reign of the ponies, Chrysalis's subject's being allowed to feast freely, and the former Princesses being sent into exile. It truly had been a major turn of events, but there was little to be done.

However, Twilight summoned and gathered her friends in her castle, which had a protective spell around it to keep the Changelings from entering. They were all in the throne room reviewing the map as the chaos spread from Canterlot to the far north of the Crystal Empire.

"I just can't believe it, Scar betrayed us and now he has conquered Equestria!" Rainbow Dash boomed with a loud angered outburst. "I can't say I agree with you, but we must find some way to overthrow that devious lion before Equestria's love is devoured." Twilight sparked back.

Fluttershy had a few tears running down her face, She was hurt the most because she worried for Scar the most. "I-I never thought he was a b-bad lion... J-Just wanted to be a leader." She squeaked out as Applejack put a hoof around her. "Calm down there Sugarcube, We'll bring Celestia and Luna back and dethrone that scoundrel." Fluttershy perked up a little, but said nothing. "But how in Equestria are we going to do that? We've got hundreds of those disgusting bugs out there." Rarity questioned in slight distaste of the changelings.

"We'll need some advice, maybe find a way to get the throne back." Twilight thought, but was distracted as Pinkie was drinking loudly close by. "Do you mind?"

"What?" Pinkie asked. "It's for my tummy that had been aching for days, luckily Zecora knew just what to do." She beamed with pride as Twilight gazed at the Everfree Forest. "Zecora? Zecora! That's where we'll start!" Twilight shouted at the idea, Her friends agreed. "We better hurry, I think they might be on their way!" Starlight added in as the changelings came back into their minds. Everypony made their way into the Everfree Forest to find their Zebra friend.

"A tragic tale this is to me, but the answer you seek is closer than it may seem." Zecora said after Twilight explained to her the events that had taken place. She walked around to her cauldron and continued. "To regain the throne, a test one must pass to be able to beat the leader in order to surpass. the test is all in strength, to overthrow the leader over a great length. Challenges such as Scar will not be easy to win, chances of winning are very thin." Zecora then looked through a book which contained the legends and traditions of her homeland of Zebafrica. "But outthink your opponent is something you all have done before, You all have averted disasters and war." Zecora smiled humbly as the Mane 6 looked upon one another, knowing Zecora was right.

"Well I guess we are accustomed to the danger of Equestria to know this is something we cannot allow." Rarity spoke out first. "But then again we are facing a lion who could very well feast upon us." her voice turned into a more worried tone. "But even so, The Princesses must be able to grasp the power to take out Scar." Applejack chimed in. "U-Um, but where could they be, they could be anywhere by now." Fluttershy added in.

"I can scout around and find them in 10 seconds flat." Rainbow Dash sleeked in with confidence and her ego in full light. Not that the others really paid any attention, but still respected her speed to locate their rightful rulers. "Thank you for the help Zecora, but what can we do about the Changelings, they could very well find you here." Twilight said expressing her concerns.

"To gather a ponies and bring them here, to show them not to fear. Rallying their spirits that Equestria has not fell, giving them the light to rebel." She closed her eyes and gave a light and reassuring smile. "Again thank you for your help, lets go everypony." Twilight said as she left Zecora's hut with the other five ponies following behind, leaving Zecora to plan her new pony rebellion.

1 Year Later, Canterlot Castle, 3rd P.O.V

With many changelings looming around the once beautiful streets of Canterlot, Scar was outside the medical facility. Waiting anxiously for his queen or any news of her conditions. The doors opened to reveal a drone, motioning him to enter. The male lion entered and saw Chrysalis, lying down on her side but with a small little ball of fur with her and cuddling along side her. "My king. Meet your new prince." She said with a smile and looked down again. Scar smiled as well sharing the look at his new son.

A small male lion cub, green eyes shared from his mother and was silently asleep. "Have you decided on any names Scar?" Chrysalis asked with a light smile. Scar looked at his queen and nodded. "I shall name him after my own son, Nuka." Scar replied. Chrysalis smiled in response. "I like it, Nuka."

Before Nuka's birth, Scar explained his life back in the Pride Lands. How he was second best from his older brother, His jealousy that he'll never become king, The murder of Mufasa, and how his 3-4 year rule brought him a son, a daughter, and an adopted son/future king. Knowing he might not see his family again, he chose to start anew. Chrysalis was pleased to have birthed their first offspring.

Scar leaned in close to his new son and whispered softly. "Nuka... you shall be the future king of Equestria." In reaction, Baby Nuka light nuzzled his father's muzzle, causing Scar to lightly chuckle. "I think you could be his favorite." Chrysalis smirked at her king. Scar nuzzled her for his response and the two looked down again at their future heir to the throne.

Author's Note:

Hello Ponies and Bronies, Obsidian here and back in the flesh, Soo sorry this took so long to be released but with college and the holidays coming and such, not much time is available. Anyways This was meant to be a short chapter with a one year time skip because it would just feel more Lion King, however suggestions are welcome as I can make this longer and include some more scenes. Lastly, Im not sure if Lion Guard is canon to the timeline itself, but if it is the case, we can just safely say that Scar's soul remained in the Pride Lands.

Well with that all said, be sure to Like, Favorite, Comment, and/or Follow and til next time I will talk to you all later. :twilightsmile:

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I'm so glad this story isn't dead, but I'm also sorry I haven't been able to help out since I've been very busy with school.

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