• Published 29th Jun 2016
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A King's Ambition - Dark Obsidian

Exiled, Injured, confused, and alone, An old usurper had lost everything from his friends to his kingdom. But whose to say that the sun had set on his time as King.

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Royals Meet Royals

(Canterlot Train Station, Scar’s P.O.V)

After arriving at this place called ‘Canterlot’, I was relieved to finally be off the train after what felt like an endless journey with many conversations going on at once, it was like listening to my hyena companions. “I’m glad to be off of that contraption.” I said with a sigh of relief. “Oh come on it wasn’t that bad.” Rainbow Dash said hovering over me. “Have you ever spent time with a group of hyenas for hours on end before Ms. Dash?” I asked curiously. “Uh, no.” Rainbow Dash said. “Good, because it’s extremely annoying, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t go mad from their stupidity.” I said as we continued towards the city of Canterlot.

As we walked through the city, others eyed me the most like I was some moving attraction or something they had never seen in centuries. They began whispering to one another and some I could hear like. “Did he escape from the zoo?” or “What kind of creature is that?” One was quite odd to me was “What’s with the scar on his face?” That particular question made a particular memory resurface in my mind. “Hey, Scar? You alright?” Rainbow asked. “I’m fine, just remembered something, and no I don’t want to talk about it.” I replied with a bit of anger, not at her, but at the memory. “Yeesh, fine I won’t ask.” Rainbow replied as I sulked for a moment. “He’s been through alot Rainbow, cut him some slack.” I heard Fluttershy say. “What do you mean?” Twilight asked walking up to her friend. “I’ll tell you my life story when we reach the castle. Until then, just use your imaginations.” I said as we continued to walk towards the castle.

Upon arrival of what is supposed to be the castle, some ponies in what appears to be armor halted us before the entrance. “It’s alright sirs, he’s with us.” Twilight said. The guards moved aside to allow us to pass. “I take it you know them?” I asked curiously. “Well, I did live here before I became a princess, so handling the guards is second nature to me.” Twilight said with a slight blush on her face. Entering the castle and heading down the hall, We arrived outside the large throne room. “Princess Twilight and company, the princesses are expecting you.” The guard outside the throne room said as he stepped aside. Upon entry, I saw two more alicorns but one was pure white with a rainbow mane and tail flowing in a non-existent breeze and a sun cutie mark. The other was midnight blue with a night sky mane and tail and a crescent moon for a cutie mark. “Ah Twilight, girls, it’s so nice to see you again.” The midnight blue alicorn said with a smile. “It’s great to see you too Luna and Celestia.” Twilight replied.

When the two alicorns gazed upon me, they still retained those smiles on their faces and approached toward me.”And this must be the new friend Cadence wrote to us about.” The alicorn known as Celestia said. “He seems handsome to me.” The other alicorn said with a slightly seductive tone. “Charmed and you must be the rulers of this land.” I replied back. “Your assumption is correct. Luna and I have ruled here for quite some time.” Celestia said with a smile on her face. “Well then I suppose I may as well introduce myself. I am Scar, former king of the Pride Lands.” I introduced myself to the Princesses. “Welcome to Equestria Scar.” Celestia said as she respectfully bowed her head to me. “So where are these Pride Lands you mentioned, from all the maps I’ve read, I haven’t heard of such a place.” Twilight asked as this was just the stepping stone for these ponies what had happened before and during my reign. “It’s not anywhere in this world, but perhaps I should tell you the full story.” I said as I sat down on the floor. All of the ponies in the room followed suit. “You see…” I told them everything about my life except my overthrow against my brother. “And that’s how I ended up here.” I said breathing a sigh of relief that I ‘ve explained my life story for a second time.

“I can relate with you on a similar matter to being favorites.” Luna replied after hearing my tale. “How so?” I asked curious about Luna’s story. “Growing up to where my sister and I can control the day and night, Our subjects basked in the light of day and sleep through the night, making me feel as if Celestia was favorited by all as I would be underappreciated.” Luna replied looking down for a moment. “I see. If you don’t wish to continue you don’t have to.” I said sympathetically. “No, it’s fine. Anyway, I felt all of my envy,and anger consume me and I transformed into Nightmare Moon. I had one goal in mind, bring eternal night to Equestria, but my sister used the Elements of Harmony to seal me away in the moon for 1,000 years, and I’ve been accepted by our subjects ever since my return thanks to Twilight and her friends.” Luna finished with a smile.

I sighed for a moment, I knew I wasn’t honest with them and by the look on Fluttershy’s face, she knew it too. “There is something else I have yet to mention on my rise to power, I killed my brother and framed it on my nephew just so I could assume the throne.” I said which in turn got everyone, except Fluttershy surprised. “Why would you do that to your own nephew and brother?!” The others exclaimed in complete shock. “It was because I wasn’t appreciated for anything ever since my mother was murdered by my own father!” I said with a loud growl. “Even so, you shouldn’t have taken your anger out on a child.” Celestia said with a disappointed look on her face. “In my world, life is unpleasant, and unfair, so I just played the cards I was dealt.” I defended. They gave me displeasured looks at my actions for doing what I needed to seize the throne.

“Scar, There simply could have been less violence to settle your little dispute over power.” Celestia spoke. “Not really, because one time my father taught me and my brother about the circle of life, how all life is connected in a way. So my rise and fall was all a part of the cycle.” I said with a logical tone. “I understand but let’s just put this behind and have some dinner, I’m probably correct on the fact that lions have a strict eating habit?” Luna asked me. “That’s right, I’m strictly a carnivore, but lately I’ve been eating fish courtesy of Fluttershy.” I said as I pointed to Fluttershy. The small pegasus blushed for a moment as we entered the dining hall and plate were being set as I found my dish with raw fish. “This certainly looks like a meal fit for a king.” I simply said as I chowed on my plate of fish.

I never thought ponies essential. They’re crude and unspeakably plain. But maybe they’ve a glimmer with potential, If allied with my vision and brain.” I thought as ideas of becoming king rolled in. After hearing Luna’s tale, I felt as if we had more in common. We’re both the second born and less favored by our families. The only difference was that I was successful in claiming the throne, she was banished to the moon. I began to think of the possibilities of us ruling together and shroud the land in darkness, but I had to have some cleverness at my side for it work and loyal subjects to have my back. Which raised a question; Who would be willing to join me?

The rest of the dinner was relatively quiet, but my mind was filled with questions. I had to find a way to get Celestia off her throne, but how? That was the question. “Perhaps a band of loyal subjects who see my visions could assist, I mean if it worked with the hyenas, I guess it could work on these ponies.” I thought after chewing on a delicious fish. “Scar? Is anything wrong?” Celestia asked. “Oh there is nothing bothering me, I was just thinking to myself.” I replied with false confidence. “Well if that’s the case, it was a lovely evening with you all and I’m honored to meet you Scar. But as time now comes to begin the night, you are all more than welcome to spend the night here in Canterlot.” Celestia announced as I just finished my last juicy fish on the plate. “Sounds delightful.” I said as I pulled the bones from my mouth and placed them back on to the plate.

(Canterlot Castle, 3rd P.O.V)

For months, Guards had been on patrol to secure the capital of Equestria and on higher levels since the Changeling Invasion. After many had believed to have been blown away to the Badlands, one however managed to only get blown a mile from the city. This guard was in fact a Changeling spy who helped infiltrate the castle for the first invasion. When nopony was around he reported his findings to his queen, his mother; Chrysalis. “My Queen, there’s a new creature here in the castle. It looks like a manticore but it doesn’t have any wings, or a scorpion tail.” The imposter guard reported in a quiet tone. “You fool it’s known as a lion, describe it to me, he could be a valuable asset to our cause.” Chrysalis whispered back through a magical projection. “Of course my Queen. I’ll keep you updated on my findings with the lion, Orb Weaver, out.” Orb Weaver said as he made his projection disappear. Weaver then resumed his cover and with a new mission to follow Scar, this could be the foundation to the rise of a new era.

Author's Note:

Hello Ponies and Bronies, Obsidian here and another cliffhanger has been set with a very popular fan villain other than King Sombra. I really hope you all enjoy this as much as I and it's really fun to try and have an idea of how Scar will react to certain situations.
This will also mark to the point where my editor, Randablitz will be on a week long vacation from the 24th of this month to 30th so don't expect any chapters arriving for quite some time and I will try my best to at least come up with some basic ideas.

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