• Published 29th Jun 2016
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A King's Ambition - Dark Obsidian

Exiled, Injured, confused, and alone, An old usurper had lost everything from his friends to his kingdom. But whose to say that the sun had set on his time as King.

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Author's Note:

Hello Ponies and Bronies, Obsidian here to say that it's finally here and sorry about the long wait but with school rising up once again, it's going to be a tight one for my schedule and Ranadblitz's as well, but hopefully you understand that I want this to be as suspenseful and epic as possible in the near future. Thank you for understanding.

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(Badlands, Scar’s P.O.V)

After the little fan fare of celebrations for a new coming era now set in motion, Chrysalis and I returned within the castle to discuss how we are going to rule this land. “Now when I tried to take Canterlot, I transformed to become the bride of Prince Shining Armor as my subjects waited outside the shield protecting the city and break through for our takeover. Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away in my victory to notice that the love for the wedded only lead to my humiliating defeat.” Chrysalis explained before inhaling sharply at her memories. “Now with you here, We can assault Canterlot directly and stealthy with deception.” As she smiled at the thought.

However, I saw flaws with the plan and came up with something different and less complicated. “Perhaps I have a better plan. Since the Princesses trust me, I can enter Canterlot without any complications. Once in the throne room, I’ll challenge her for the throne on my terms. That way she can’t refuse or it will result in a sign of weakness in the public’s eyes and make her seem rude. Once I have the throne, I will allow the Changelings to feast and banish Celestia and Luna.as we dominate this land.” I suggested as the Changeling Queen looked at me with a grin of malice, approval and somewhat doubtful.

“I like the way you think, but what if Celestia beats you after challenge her?” Chrysalis asked. I had to be careful when it came to my planning, one miscalculation could lead to disastrous results. “Then I will suffer whatever punishment she has in mind and your kind will continue to starve.” I replied somewhat sympathetic for her situation. Chrysalis was a bit disappointed but still loved my idea of an old fashioned throne challenge. “My changelings and I will support you in any way possible, just give us an order.” Chrysalis motioned to her subjects outside the castle, going about their business. “Thank you, but there will be no need. All I need is training and once I face Celestia, you to signal the changelings to enter once I’ve assumed the throne.” I replied as Chrysalis nodded and smiled villainously as I did.

“I bet all lionesses back where you came from loved that conniving mind that makes you so… powerful.” Chrysalis said with a slight slurry tone that I grew to admire. “Then it’s settled, get your subjects set for the journey. It’s going to be the start of a glorious era for Changelings and the foundation of a new Equestria.” I replied as I left the throne room to begin my training for the upcoming battle.

(Ponyville, 3rd P.O.V)

Rallied at the base of the castle, Twilight, Spike, Starlight, and the rest of the Element Bearers stood at attention to why they had been sent here so early in the day. “Alright, you’re all probably wondering why we came for you guys at this time of the day right?” Twilight asked. The others nodded in response. “Well it’s come to Starlight and I’s attention that Scar has possibly been abducted by Queen Chrysalis, and has been missing since yesterday evening.” Twilight reported in a serious tone. The ponies gasped in shock from what Twilight had just said. Applejack was the first to regain her composure. “What do ya mean Scar was abducted, he’s a carnivore for land sakes!” Applejack asked. “That’s the best way I could describe it, but we don’t know for sure, but we do know is that changelings could be behind it.” Twilight proclaimed. “Of all species, why Changelings?” Rainbow Dash asked with a groan as her forehoof slid down her face in frustration.

“We don’t know, but for some reason Chrysalis must want somepony to use as either a bargaining chip, or as a manipulated drone to fight us.” Twilight hypothesized. “Don’t forget that Chrysalis’ ability to shapeshift, for all we know she’s probably changed her form, and is planning to head back here to stop us from warning Celestia.” Starlight said with a concerned expression on her features. “What do you suggest we do Twilight dear?” Rarity asked looking at her friend with worry. “To be honest Rarity, I- I don’t know.” Twilight said with her ears flattening against her head.

“I still think we should do something and help Scar before he does something he may regret.” Fluttershy suggested for the concern of her friend. “I know Fluttershy. I know.” Twilight said before looking up to the sky lost in her thoughts.

(Badlands, Scar’s P.O.V)

After enhancing my fighting skills for the last few hours, I felt ready for the upcoming era ahead. I panted from all the work I’ve done, but I realized that I wasn’t alone anymore. “My, my, such a feral, yet sophisticated fighter.” Chrysalis said with a sultry tone as she came into the room. “Indeed, the era of change is upon us. We just need to address our loyal subjects our time has come.” I replied as we both walked out and saw our subjects lined up in an orderly fashion. “You’re all gathered here today to witness the beginning of a new age, with me as your king alongside your queen. You do not know pain, you do not know fear, you will taste victory!” I exclaimed with conviction. I heard the entire crowd roaring with cheers while Chrysalis smiled at me, but this smile wasn’t one of a master manipulator, but of a being in need of a lover. “Let us go and begin the gleaming future!” I continued and leading with Chrysalis to our march for Canterlot. “Yes, but afterwards I have a special request for you.” She said with a sultry smile. “And what would that be?” I asked. Chrysalis giggled in response.

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out, now let’s kick Celestia’s flank!” She said as we made our way out of the cave. We left the badlands and began our long march to the throne.

(Ponyville, 3rd P.O.V)

After a discussion on their next move, Twilight has decided to hope for the best and give Scar 2 days to return or else Twilight, Spike, and the others will go and search for their lost carnivorous friend. “Don’t worry Twilight, I’m sure a lion like him could take on an entire horde of those shapeshifting creeps.” Spike said reassuring. “Maybe in a small group, but in mass numbers, he’s outmatched.” Twilight said as she flopped down on her bed. “You may never know Twilight, I mean there were times when you seemed to be outmatched yet you still prevailed.” Spike proceeded to reassure his friend. “I know, but Scar doesn’t even know anything about the world!” Twilight argued. Spike knew it was sort of pointless to continue this argument and decided to change the subject. “So uh, you read any good books lately?” Spike asked sheepishly. “Not really, aside from a book I received from the Canterlot Castle library, I haven’t read anything worth talking about.” Twilight said with a slight pout.

(Everfree Forest, 1½ days later, Scar’s P.O.V)

After a day of marching our army into Equestria, An idea occurred to me as I remember looking over a map of the land. We approached a small bridge with two paths with one leading into the Everfree Forest and another heading into some gorge. “Chrysalis, take your subjects through the gorge as I head into the forest, I’ll assault Canterlot and signal you if I am successful.” I suggested to the Changeling Queen. “I will, now you have to keep those disgusting goody-two hooves ponies away until you’re ready.” Chrysalis said as she gagged at the description of Twilight and her friends. “I will indeed, meet you all at Canterlot.” I replied before splitting off our separate ways.

After trekking through the forest for the better portion of a day, I managed to find Fluttershy’s cottage. I saw her outside feeding her animals, and she was singing. I had never heard her sing before, but it’s absolutely wonderful. “I guess she does this when nobody’s watching.” I thought to myself as I got closer. Then the little hare of rabbit saw me and tried to get the mare’s attention from poking her leg to whacking her with a carrot. The singing mare took 5 minutes to notice what her pet was doing as he was frantically pointing at me and concluding my enjoyment. “Oh my goodness! It’s so great to see you Scar! You had us all worried sick!” The usually timid mare shouted with unbridled joy. She squeezed my foreleg tightly as I only smiled and placed my other paw on her head, softly petting her. “Where have you been and did the Changelings really abduct you?” Fluttershy asked looking up at me.

“Oh I was abducted by those Changelings, but I was lucky to fight them off and return as quick as I could. They are quite the fighting force though.” I said as I worked my charm of subtly. “Oh that sounds so terrible! I’m glad you managed to get away from those cruel creatures, especially their queen. She once posed as Princess Cadence to rule Equestria, and she even managed to overpower Princess Celestia herself!” She said while starting to tremble in fear. “Well she couldn’t overpower me, not even her army. Let’s go and find your other friends and surprise them of my return.” I said releasing the mare as she simply beamed in excitement. “Great idea, let’s go!” She squealed in happiness as we left, even if her happiness was rather distasteful to me.

It didn’t take us long to find Pinkie and Rarity having lunch at Sugarcube Corner. We approached the two of them while Rarity was in the middle of one of her usual rants I was behind her mimicking her making Pinkie laugh. “I never took you liked that kind of laughter.” I said from behind getting a startled reaction from Rarity. “Aah! Oh, Scar it’s you!” Rarity exclaimed making everyone look in our direction. “Yes I have returned and I hope I didn’t leave everypony in too much of a worry.” I said maintaining my posture.

“You did have us worried, but we’re just glad you’ve returned. I’m certain Twilight would be thrilled to see you again, why don’t you go and visit her?” Rarity suggested. “Very well, I’ll be off then.” I said as I turned and left the bakery. Along the way, some ponies were quite intimidated by me but overall glad I returned. Arriving at Twilight’s Castle, I knocked on the door and patiently waited for a response. As I waited I began thinking that after I meet Twilight I’ll tell her that I’ll be heading to Canterlot under the Princesses invitation.

Finally the doors opened to reveal Twilight, Spike, and Starlight, all surprised and overjoyed of my presence. “Scar! Thank goodness you’re alright!” Twilight shouted as she proceeded to tackle me and hugged me tightly... “It’s great to see you as well, now may I please breath.” I asked as I felt my windpipe slowly being constricted from the deathly embrace. “Sorry!” Twilight said sheepishly.

“It is great to see you again Scar, what happened with you and the Changelings?” Spike asked as he went up to me. “I was abducted by the queen in order to be her tool of affection, but I managed to escape.” I lied. They seemed to have bought it as they were intrigued about my ordeal. “So wish to come inside, you must be exhausted from your adventure?” Starlight offered.

“I may have to decline as I am to report to Canterlot when Princess Luna came into a dream of mine and it’s important that Celestia must know of Chrysalis’s future plans to prevent a disaster.” I lied once more to the ponies. “Oh, well best not keep them waiting. Tell them we said hello.” Twilight said with a smile. “Indeed.” I simply replied as I left the castle and towards the train station.