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Revenant Wings

"The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face." - William Makepeace Thackeray, Vanity Fair. Admin of LGBT, somewhat obsessed with Crash Bandicoot.


The former equalized ponies struggle to reconstruct their town after Starlight Glimmer's defeat, and Double Diamond struggles to reconstruct his own identity after being freed from Starlight's equalization brainwashing.

Contains some Season 5 spoilers; do not read if you haven't seen.

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Comment posted by cherished deleted Apr 10th, 2015

It takes all kinds to make a world. Let she who denies this fall into the latrine.

Comment posted by cherished deleted Apr 10th, 2015

I really enjoyed this story. It has genuine struggle and feelings in trying to pick up their lives after being brainwashed (you show it going way beyond hypnosis), and relying on this newfangled friendship thing to see them through.

I was really inspired. I wish it was longer and yet at the same time I feel it's already the perfect length. Wanting more yet feeling fulfilled. That's the mark of a good one-shot.

Yay! :yay: I always struggle with one-shots; I always think they need to be longer or have more detail in them somewhere. Good to know I managed to take this one in the right direction. :pinkiehappy:

This was quite enjoyable. I like the kind of stories that go beyond what happened in the episode it's based off of. Considering that it had to have been quite a long time Starlight was running that village, there definitely had to be some PTSD that would come with it.

That, and I just LOVE the four main village ponies from that episode. It's really hard to choose a favorite from the four. They need their own tags.

Bravo! This has been added to my faves.:heart::pinkiehappy:

Nice story. I had inferred from the episode that Double Diamond was supposed to be Starlight's 2nd in command and enforcer, and in the end he leads the revolt against her.

My goodness! This was a fantastic read. I love what you did with the characters in this. The story just fits together very well.

Just an aside, I caught two typos related to it's vs. its.
her philosophy wormed it’s way into his mind so smoothly.
...in it's place...

Both it's should be its. :3

Thank you very much! And the two errors have been fixed. :twilightsmile:

Wow. Double Diamond's voice almost made me cringe every time he spoke in the episode, but you let me forget that easily probably less than a quarter of the way through. Your characterization is absolutely stellar, the interactions felt incredibly genuine, and I think it's safe to say we were all waiting for this plotline to be explored and that it was done so well so soon is a welcome surprise. Finally, your grammar is practically flawless, I didn't see a single error while I read.

I want to thank you, and anyone else who may have been involved, for giving us this remarkable (pun neither intended nor regretted) work of fiction. Faved with a vengeance.

You know, the irony is Our Town ITSELF was something Unique as the place of Equalization, now that uniqueness ITSELF is gone.

I loved this!!!

Bravo, sir. :moustache:

I demand a sequel.

For a sad story this really just slid through.

The pacing was well mastered around his own struggle. And it melded well.


Nice story about the victims of Starlight's insane philosophy.

Very nice and uplifting. Double Diamond's characterization was handled well.

This was really enjoyable! I'm glad these new characters got some limelight in the fandom, and stories about the heavy handed themes surrounding Starlight's rule were explored. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Shoot, that was pretty good and lines up with a lot of ideas I had about Double Diamond after season five. :)

Ah, for the days before the show pulled Sugarmac out of its rear end and proceeded to do absolutely nothing interesting with it...

In any case, this is a fantastic story of recovering from years of psychological trauma and abuse, but the scene with Party Favor undercuts the emotional climax of the story. When a friend has already assured Double Diamond that he's not the only one suffering and that there's a market for skiing lessons among the other Ourtowners, that end revelation feels a bit redundant.

Aside from that, though, a great read. Thank you for it.

He couldn’t throw the skis away now, not that Party Favor had seen him with them. He ended up taking them back to his house and opened the door.

IMO, that should read
He couldn't throw the skis away, not now that Party Favor had....

“The candidates (voters) were allowed to select between Civil Servant or Double Diamond, or to provide a third option. The results of the ballots have been tallied, and the majority vote wins the election.”

I always had communist vibes coming from that whole scenario with her making everyone "equal" except naturally herself.

This was delightful. It is a great exploration of the "Our Town" characters, with some very well explored themes.

The way the ponies deal with overcoming Starlight's rule rings true. Starlight may be gone, but her voice lives on in their heads even though they no longer believe what she taught them. The leadership role feels right for Double Diamond. His doubts are understandable, but one doesn't have to be perfect to be a capable leader.

This is quite well-written! I was wondering if you remember where you got the cover art from or who the artist is. Thank you!

I enjoyed this one, thank you! :heart:

When you work as one towards a common goal using your differences
Isnt that the best form of equality?
To me it is

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