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The Elements of Harmony: Equestria's most powerful Magic, and the greatest Magic of all is Friendship. But what makes Friendship possible? What are, as one might say, the Elements of Friendship?

Starlight Glimmer seeks to stop an ancient evil, and if she is to succeed, she's going to need five other ponies to help her find out . . .

Cover Art by unsavorydom

Chapters (6)
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Pretty good start. Having Starlight slave/minion be a bushwoolie is clever.

". . . but --- from one bibliophile to another --- you really should get outside and take a break from those books!"

:rainbowlaugh: That was just brilliant.

So far so good,

" 'Our Town?' Is that the name of the village? What kind of a name is that?"

Well you're the one you came up with the name.

"Sunburst? . . . what . . . what are you doing here?"

Do I detect a hint of shipping?

And I'm calling it now, Twilight Sparkle is Starlight's mentor and Sunset Shimmer is the villain.

Do you know Pinkie Pie?"
"Hey, I've been there! Do you ---"

"Yes, I know Pinkie Pie." Boy, that pony sure was popular!

stately orange pegasus stepped to the front "

Oh hey Flash Sentry.

Princess Twilight SparkleCalled it.

I've seen many alternate Element Bearers, and many alternate Princesses. What makes this story unique is having it set in an entirely different town. Well, that and setting up two starcrossed lovers as part of the Elements. Looking forward to more.

I really like how you showed the qualities of the characters here and through each trial. Even better you managed to avoid the repeatition of the same elements over again. Bravo. Though I feel Starlight is lacking what makes her well her. Aside from her insercurites with Sunburst of course.

Nice set up so far. I am intriquged to see further events and dilemmas for these six.

Great work on this chapter. The ways the ponies have proven their worthiness of their respective elements was clever. I really like how Starlight dealt with her issues with Sunburst.

Sunburst had appealed to her logic. Even if she couldn't stand these ponies, her odds would of success would be much greater with a larger group

Nice little story.

Thanks for your feedback everyone! I'm so happy to see that so many people liked this story! :pinkiehappy:

Chapter 4 was more focused on the other Elements since the first 3 were centered on Starlight, but your point is a valid one and I thank you for it. :twilightsmile:


What is that?


These things.


The bushwoolies were friends of the ponies in G1, but they haven't been seen in MLP since. Originally Starlight was going to have a dragon assistant like Twilight, a baby girl dragon named Amethyst or "Amy" for short, but then I thought, "Why not make it more interesting by giving her a bushwoolie instead?" So I did! :pinkiehappy:

These are the three main bushwoolies from G1: Hugster, Chumster, and one you might recognize from this story. :raritywink:


I've decided to try a new cover, and I'd love to hear your feedback. Do think this one with the group photo is better, or do you prefer the old one with this picture of the Elements? I personally like this one better because it specifically shows what makes this AU different from the canon universe, what do you guys think?

I'm imagining Shining Armor sitting somewhere, scratching his head and wondering why Twilight needs to have a sister in these kinds of stories.


Ha! I never thought about that, actually! :rainbowlaugh:

Yep, Shining's sitting in the Crystal Empire at his computer, waiting for the part in this story where he suddenly shows up and gets his big hero moment, until he gets to the part where Twilight has a sister . . .


Awkward . . . :twilightoops:

Someone should make a sequel to this!

6849272 If you were smart you would look it up instead of asking.

My favorite parts were where you broke from the original script and let the characters assert their own personalities. I wish there were more of that.

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