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Starlight spends a day in her old town, and her new friends plan a prank to break the ice. What better than something to laugh about to bring everyone closer together! Some pranks are funny, gentle, and become fond memories one day.

This is not one of those pranks.

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Still good the second time.

That was not how I expected. What a treat! Faved!

Wow. That… took a very unexpected turn.

as they were suspected to be holed up in Night Glider's home, aggressively holding hooves.

That's hot.

Is very depressing, yes.

yeah, this gave me the feels for a character I generally dislike. I'mma gitchu for this Priest.


Well that went places I didn't think it woukd go.

Geez you just ripped my expectations to shreds. I did not see that coming.

“That's what somepony would say if it were actually true,” he retorted.

It's also something somepony would say if it weren't true!:derpytongue2:

keeping up with the black mare's swift pace.

She suffered chromatosis of the fur or is that black mooded?

“Oh! Hey, Starlight!” Night Glider called as she mare slid to a halt beside the two ponies.


A stallion dawned in full camoflage popped out of the bushes with a video camera.


We wanted you to think ? all just to annoy you.

? = it was
Wow big sad!!:raritycry:

8033391 I mustn't....couldn't...yes I can..try this one!
Could have picked on Enigma buuuut everyone has picked on him enough lately.

This is soul crushing.

I feel like this deserves a sequel. A sad, tragic sequel that doesn't end well. Actions have consequences.

Or maybe I'm just cruel. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well... fuck.

She could use time travel to prevent Night and Orion from meeting : (

But I'm sure Time Travel Cuckery isn't her fetish :twilightsmile:

Well ouch! That HURT! I'm one of the few who LIKES Starlight Glimmer! Why'd you have to step on my heart like that?!

:fluttercry: Meanie...

Certainly needs a sequel to make others realize what they truly did. Double Diamond already got a face full of it so he's out. But the rest? Yeah they need to know.

I'm not 100% sure when this is supposed to be taking place. Everypony seems un-brainwashed and on relatively good terms with Starlight. And it describes her new mane style. But also it sounds less like she's visiting the village and more like she's living there and has lived there for a while. Entertaining story nonetheless.

That hurt.
I'm just glad this one didn't end with suicide.

I was worried this would be something else, especially with some of the comments, but it seems that it didn't go nearly as bad or as messed up as I was expecting.
I'll press F to pay my respects to starlight's broken heart though.

I'll add some more to my comment.
1. I feel like starlight is forgetting polyamory is a thing, and while the chances of such a thing happening are much lower... I am kinda doubting the chances she had in the first place, I mean if you were already gonna go for it, I don't see why you couldn't still give it a shot. At the same time I understand the difficulty of working up the courage for that first thing and with all that momentum killed I can't imagine her working up the courage a second time for an even more unlikely prospect.

2. Also it's real lucky that in the end the prank seemed to just be a coincidental mistake that happened to come at a very bad time to really hit starlight's emotions. I do have to say that you shouldn't prank people ever though, and that the prank was stupid and not very funny regardless of it going "well" or not.

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