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My Absence the Past Year · 7:15pm Oct 19th, 2016

Greetings dear readers, this is BladeSpark. If you could read the title of this little blog, or you saw the explanation I posted in Chapter 9 of Battle for Equestria, you'll know that I am here to explain my absence the past year.

So I won't beat around the bush and I'll just start listing off the reasons for my absence.

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Thanks for the fave. 👍

We meet again, my friend.

Thank you for the fave on Party of Two. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I'm doing good. School and work are kicking my ass though. Barely have any free time anymore.

Hey BladeSpark, you hanging in there okay?

Now I'm back to say thank you for giving the rest of the "Erotica Girls" series a fave. :twilightsmile::yay::rainbowdetermined2:

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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