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In our lives, we are presented with many choices, and these choices define our very existence. You can choose to be evil, you can choose to be good, or you can choose to walk the line between good and evil. I too have had to make choices in my many years of life, some I wouldn't take back no matter what, and some I would give anything to reverse, but probably the biggest choice I've ever been presented with, the choice that changed my life, for better and worse, was the choice to come to Equestria, and become a pawn in a very deadly game.

I am Shadow, and this is my tale.

Set in the Chess Game of the Gods universe created by Rust and Blackwing

Chapters (22)
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I used to be an ordinary, everyday guy. But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked.


...Fuck. I was JUST about to say that.

Great minds think alike. :rainbowlaugh:

I am Troutking the unofficial greeter of our game!
So first things first! WELCOME!
I like the story, zebras have been used 2 other times.
Anyway I cant wait to see where your story goes!
Thanks for the feeding and GOODBYE NEW BLOOD!

Thanks you for the welcome, i know zebra's have been used before, but i figured it would be fun to have a zebra as my main character. Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot.

They do?
Am I that important for words to mean a lot?
Anyway yah I hope your story becomes great.
Also fair warning when a guy named Hygonking asks for a crossover you have become popular.
We call him the CAWAH!
Good day!

all compliments are important to me, it shows that people are enjoying my writing, and it means a lot, and good day right back at you sir.


You could always make him a different SPECIES of zebra. Gorath and Ivan are both Zebrican Isles zebras, aka plains zebras in our world. We also have the Gerfuth (Grevy's on Earth) and Montane (Mountain zebras on Earth) in this world.

Intriguing, I never really thought about his species in zebra terms really, he's a zebra, plain and simple, though i would like to know more about the Gerfuth and Montane


Montane are generally a peaceful lot, living in their mountain and plateau homes. When angered, however, they will fight using their amazing martial art abilities and powerful Earth magic and animal companions. "To anger the Montane is to bring the Earth itself against you." is a common saying. They are allies to the kiangs, and frequently trade with them.

Gerfuth are the largest zebra species. They live in the more arid areas of southern Equestria. They frequently are hired as mercenaries for their combat profiecency, especially with a special weapon called the yuppbaffa, or 'tail-star'. It is two half-moon blades attached to a fine metal wire, attached to the tail of the zebra. It is deadly when wielded by a master 'Sandgazer', or elite warrior. Before killing, Gerfuth often wrap a special garment about their muzzles and head, exposing only the eyes. This garment is called the 'Nami' or 'water cloth'. It has apparently some religious signifigance.

I would consider shadow to be kind of a mix of the two, there's a lot of surprises in store. Also, how exactly does zebra magic work, I'm a bit lost in that department. I know,, a zebra writer who doesn't know about zebra magic, but cut me some slack.

Thank you, this chapter was really fun to write


Zebras use magic through a channeling device, such as a wand or a gem. They, just like unicorns and alicorns, draw the energy from the world around themselves or their own bodies. And only a few can do it.

Thanks, i figured it worked something like that, it's always nice to be sure


Gorath can't do it, he's just a remarkable badass with his own four hooves and weapons. Ivan is the mage, and is a BIT scary.

Wait till you see what I have in store for Shadow, it shall be most epic

One chapter down and ... my word! my dear friend Bladespark! you've done it you magnificent bastard! :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks man, I really appreciate the compliment

Good luck with the story.... It's turning out pretty good so far.

so thats what happened to the manticore

elsewhere (aka a writing exercise, Ch. 1)
A janitor walks by the cafe, glancing briefly at the cash register, before grabbing an empty chair and reads a newspaper, propping a broom up on a window. He looks over the paper as the woman sends the cashier along his merry way. When the woman leaves, he slowly picks up his broom, it making the shadow of a scythe on the floor. He walks across the room, flipping over the register. The bones in his face shifted as he stared at the gape mouthed customers. In moments, he looked exactly like the guy who disappeared. He swung the broom in the general direction of everyone, who shook their heads after a dazed moment, wondered why there was this awkward silence, and resumed their conversations.

1796979 This is very cool, I've always wanted to see what the bystanders think when the chess pieces disappear

elsewhere (aka a writing exercise, Ch. 3)
A tan earth pony shaped creature squatted behind a rust orange camera-robot, which was labeled "A/VER-E" on its front. Her hoof had a small yellow fleshy wire plugged into the robot's back. "...adow, Notes: Ursa fight. I think that's good enough. *cough* Save." She stood up and guided the robot away from the forest.

elsewhere (aka a writing exercise, Ch. 4)
A pair of lens focused light into a fleshy version of light detectors. They were aimed at the town below.
Beside it, a tan pony-like female frantically dug a small circular hole. She stood inside the hole, runes glowing around the edges of the hole. Her legs bubbled slightly before shooting a yellow growth through the floor. Her eyes glazed slightly. "I can hear them now. Start audio in ... 5 seconds." She took a deep breath as an extra pair of vocal cords were grown. 'You are a very kind zebra..."

1) You bring book of Alchemy?
2) So, are you going to a) sacrifice a limb to see Truth or
b) get gloves, inscribe runes on them, and go all Roy Mustang on people?

elsewhere (aka writing exercise, Ch. 8)
Dirt flew in a small fountain from a broom being jabbed into it. Cold eyes glared from underneath his cloak, his broom casting a shadow of a scythe. " 'There is no justice, Only Me' A nice quote, if I do say so myself. Hopefully the old guy can catch up with his standard quota with my help." He raised his broom and swung.

Ch. 9
gonna lung with: gonna lunge with
not to real: not too real

on a roof top, camera lens stare down into the short battle, time jumping with a rusty clock to catch several angles.

Later, a grey earth pony helps dig some graves. He scowls at a hole that was shooting out chunks of dirt at high speeds.

He leaves the next day and doesn't come back. Its mainly to get the whole goddess aura influence thing from damaging their minds.
Or he just wants to keep business running and stop people from running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

counter a TARDIS.: TARDIS?
I have nor problems: is this bad speech or typo?

You do know who (most (some)) of my characters are, right? Have you been to the chat room? Perused the forums? Need a link to the chatroom? I can provide a Mibbet link even though I'm not a registered author due to the grandfather clause.

I"m glad I've stayed with this fic. It's turning out rather well.

1914134 Thank you, that means a lot. I've got some epic plans in store for Shadow and Co.

... Chrono is a griffon. Yeah it's that obvious. ... Well for me it was. Probably not most people though...

"me and Spike to cvoer oru ears"
I shat my pants here.
No just... No.
Spike and I to cover our ears.

Yay! Happy anniversary to u! *bam bam* and there are the fireworks! *knock knock* open up its the police! We noticed the illegal fireworks! *cues action music, pulls out a lightsaber, and cuts the lamp in half, then jumps out the window* never! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Trolololooool predictable zebra is predictable!

Dammit the story is dead:fluttercry:

Comment posted by KnightBrony deleted Sep 15th, 2013

:twilightoops:wow, Well that could have been worse.



So,you basically used soul trap on silver thorn.
And thanku for introducing me to full metal alchemist.

Not sure what soul trap is? Also, FMA is awesome!!!

Comment posted by Cade117 deleted Nov 23rd, 2013
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