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As a child, David Kane was a loner. His only escape from a sad, depressing life as an orphan being an entertaining video game.
Years later, now a Made man of a drug smuggling and dealing Mafia, he finds himself in the position to help a stranger.
When he does, he gains the love and affection of another, who he finds much more important to him than the life he knows.
One day, this same person gives him an offer, to travel to a world he thought was unreal. He accepts, and begins a new life.
A new body, a new world, and what the Darwin's, he's still an ape.
That's not how it goes.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 37 )

ok, I'mma make a new rule for CGG fics.

you have to make it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that you are in Equestria OR elseqhere on the planet Equis, before the first chapter ends[not counting prologues].

Beyond that, this fic has potential. I just skimmed it[roughly what the mods do] but you seem to come off as philosophical at times, and the fic feels rahter sluggishly-paced.

It's not bad so to speak, but it feels like a brick wall compared to, say, 'From Nobody to Knightmare' or 'Griffin the Griffin'.

Rust's 'Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog' manages to be both philosphcal and fast-paced.

Just some food for thought from a fellow Chessverse author.

But it's first person, how would he know, without a map what's he got to go off, I get why though, that would be annoying.
Besides that, and the obligatory gushing because YOU read my story WOOT WOOT,
I'm more philosophical than adventure, at least I want to be, but that's mainly because this is my first adventure, and only second fic.

955174 there's plenty of ways to do it. and we actually DO have a map for the fics, to keep thigns rolling smoothly.

Alsoo, don't get TOO happy...

Poultron linked it too us in the chessverse chat.

That's why i added that 'new rule'.....

Because if you hadn't mentioned Discord, he wouldn't have approved your story AT ALL......

Yeah I was worried about that, was going to write more, spread out story, but just wanted to release this
Seen the map, actually have an idea where he is, but not really sure how to show it, beyond somebody just saying, YOU ARE HERE.
I assumed somebody in Admin told you, otherwise it would have been slightly stalky.
Oh wait, Thanks for the map to, and all the fish

955281 yeah
be lucky he decided Discord was enough, otherwise...yeah....

We're working on a 'Quality Control Team'. I'll wait for your next chapter to decide if this passes or not.

As soon as I saw that picture, I thought,

"Ya know, I really hope no giant monkeys come down here and beat me with their giant monkey arms of death! That's my one weakness!"

955292 Frankly, with how many fics there are in the group, a few of the bad ones kinda need to be weeded out. Know what I mean?

962825 No, not about you. I have just read a few bad ones sense this whole thing got started.

oh yeah me too, but you said it here, you know, seemed like you was saying something.

963608 I can see how you would take it that way. Rest assured, the only reason I said it here, is because this is the first place I saw that news.

cool, I'll accept it, sorry for being so accusing,

Here, here, here we go
So they're finally here performing for you,
If you know the words you can join in too.
Put your hands together if you want to clap,
As we take you through this monkey rap.
D.K. Donkey Kong
He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well,
He's finally back, to kick some tail.
His coconut gun can fire in spurts,
If he shoots ya, it's gunna hurt.
He's bigger, faster, and stronger too,
He's the first member of the D. K. crew.
D.K. Donkey Kong
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This Kong's got style, so listen up dudes,
She can shrink in size to suite her mood.
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He can handstand when he needs to
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Walnuts, peanuts, pineapple smells,
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Oh yeah


Oh you, I only knew that from memory.

Wow just wow, colour me impressed.

That game consisted of about 1/4 my childhood, along with Super Mario 64, and both Zeldas. Oh, wait, i almost forgot the Jak PS2 series.

Yeah I was like that,except also Pokemon Stadium, or something, then my 64, got stolen and I got a PS2 and GTA, pretty much never looked back on games without guns after that, until I got a Wii, which reminded me of all the games I missed, these days I have a gamecube, 64 and Wii, no Playstation, and can honestly say, I am happier with this.

I always look for awesome gun-less games that i played as a (small, i'm only 14:moustache:) kid.

16 but still, You have no idea how awesome finding a 64 was, It was all ritualistic and stuff, especially when I blew on the cartridge.

My dad sold mine when we sold our cabin, and i recently bought another one and am on a mission to buy back all the greatest games.
currently have LoZ:OoT and DK64.

I'm mainly just going for whatever I get my hands on, regardless of what it is, figure, even if their terrible, eventually somebody will want it.

We have a chat channel? Do tell!

Also...this story is BANANAS!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

That was actually where the inspiration came from, bananas-monkeys-gorillas-Donkey Kong.

Will DKC trilogy music be used for the story? :pinkiehappy:

#chessgameofthegods , you get to it just like you would for the Fimfiction one

Cadence and Armor?

Nice story, I've enjoyed the chapters so far, a bit slow yet you seem more focused on character building which is good. It's nice to know how much DK loves Kami, how he thinks and his history and the old action scene here and there are entertaining.

Now question time, (if thats ok) So does DK have all of Donkey Kong's abilities like ground pound tremors, hovering when spinning in midair, summoning barrels out of cannon space to throw things or is it just size and strength.

And finally. I can't wait to see how DK reacts to Shining and Cadence knowing he's human.

When are we going to see more DK

I hope they make a "AHHHHH BANANA!!!" joke.:fluttershysad:

If he doesn't sing the DK rap, I'm out. (not really)

Will this story be finished any time soon? I can’t wait for more! Go dk!

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