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A Japanese warrior monk, known as Saito Musashibo Benkei, finds himself still alive and kicking, despite having died only days earlier. He finds himself in a strange, confusing, yet wondrous land, full of magical talking ponies who speak an equally bizzare language.

Follow Benkei as he copes with his new world, discovers new allies and friends, and comes to appreciate his new life. But Benkei was not sent to Equestria by chance to enjoy himself and live the rest of his days happily and care free. He was sent for a reason.

He was sent to help.

He was sent to enlighten others.

But most importantly, he was sent, to save Equestria.

Meanwhile, an oddly intelligent bunny by the name of Akeeta befriends Benkei, discovers the truth behind her consciousness, all while dealing with mixed feelings about a certain white bunny.

Note: Character tags will be added as they appear in the story. The mane 6, Spike, and Princess Celestia are the main cast from the show appearing in this story, but appear later on.

This will be my first shot at a historical fiction (sort've, since it's a legend crossed with MLP) , which means I actually had to do a fair bit of research on Japanese warrior monks and folklore to accomplish accurately and smoothly. That said, this is fiction, this is the MLP Universe, and Benkei himself is from a legend, so its still gonna be pretty unrealistic in that sense. I decided against using the japanese names for armor as it just serves to confuse people. However, if you prefer the japanese names, here is a helpful diagram. Also, the weapon Benkei is holding in the cover art is a naginata, in case that wasn't clear.

Also, for those wondering, no, Benkei will not be speaking Japanese for the whole story as I don't actually speak Japanese and have been relying on painstaking crosschecking with google translate to get the simple Japanese phrases that have been included to make sense when translated back to English. Don't worry, he'll be speaking English soon enough.

Lastly, this story will be updated every month . Its sortve a background project I want to continue to write to see how far I can take it while I write other things.

Side Note: Sex Tag is for references to sex, talk about sex, and some heated situations. This is a teen story, and there will be no directly written clop. Sorry!

Comments are very much welcome, even if you just want to say you hate it, so long as a valid reason is provided to enable me to grow as a writer. Thanks for reading!

Below is a simple summary of Benkei's REAL legend that happened preceeding chapter 1, and partially during the prologue.

Japanese legend tells of a man named Saito Musashibo Benkei. The origins of his birth are unknown, and the first time Benkei was seen, he was a fully grown man. After joining a monastery of monks, and then being exiled from it Benkei built a shrine next to a bridge and stood guard. He defeated 999 swordsmen before being bested, and in a display of honor, he became his adversary's retainer. Benkei fought during the Genpei wars, the giant of a man bringing death on the swift wings of his naginata, a bladed pole sword. He lived a long and exciting life, but all good things come to an end, and Benkei died defending the bridge to his master's castle. He defeated 300 samurai before finally dying of mortal wounds, but Benkei did not fall. He died standing up, at least that's how the legend goes.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 101 )
Comment posted by DoubleCycloneX deleted Feb 4th, 2015

I like what's been written so far. I'd like to see more to see how what is promised in the summary develops.

I like the story so far. Keep going! Also, would it be too much to ask to have Twilight cast a translation enchantment or something? It's just a little annoying not being able to understand him when he speaks... It's Just a suggestion, though.

Great story dude gonna watch fer sure

As such, his body was never recovered, leading Benkei's tale to drift into legend over the years. But Benkei was very much real ...

... and he is still very much alive.


...I think it'd be cool to see Benkei and Gilgamesh from The Mighty Warrior or Epicness meet and have a friendly spar. Like a non-canon omake or something,

Woo, that's a good intro right their. Looking forward to more.

Good stuff. Having a language that they don't understand is fine, but ya just make sure you bounce back to his perspective at times so we know what's going on.

I like it. Some of the phrasings are a little awkward, but that's generally the sort of thing that gets better with time, as you get more and more into the world you''re building. A good start, certainly - I look forward to seeing where this goes next.

Seeing how Gilgamesh is somewhat based on Benkei, and I'm making a Gilgamesh fic, I knew I had to follow this. I can't wait to see where this goes.

I lost Count on how many times i Went "daaaaaw" with all the sweet moments between Benkei and his Little Bunny friend.
Great fic so far, i shall keep my Eyes on it.

5599367 Glad to hear you're enjoying it! Did you notice any parts in particular that really stuck out and were very good? Likewise, were there any parts you feel I could improve upon?

Well, about angel, I didn't expect this, but if you make the elemtns pet talk as well, and including them in the side story, and a little bit of the main story, all will be good.

5603583 See thats what I was worried about when writing Angel's character. Winona appears to be just a dog, Tank might be considered sentient, Owliscious too, Opal is just a cat, and Gummy is just an alligator.

Angel is an intelligent animal, even in the show, and he shows multiple times that he can think at a higher level beyond just instincts. Thats part of the reason I chose to make Akeeta a rabbit, and have Benkei meet Fluttershy first, as it all just seemed to fall into place very well.

I'll consider writing in the other animals, but for now, they'll probably remain as just pets.

5603641 My point is that it seems unfair to make Akeeta only talk to Angel, at least give her a confidant, like owlowiscious, so she won't be so alone, just a suggestion.

I predict tsundere to be occuring in the near future, that and samurai ponies, the images in my mind are most grand and i shall be off to find their digital accouplement.
I cannot believe i did not see it earlier six samurai/six elements, why are there not more such crossovers?

Great chapter, and how you portraited angel was spot on if he could talk in the show......well, atleast i assume so.

You deserve more likes.

Holy shit that description.

Really love this chapter. It's nice to see Benkei and Shy interacting so well despite the language barrier. Also, I find the crush between Angel and Akeeta to be funny and adorable.

5684564 You know, funny thing about that is, Akeeta was originally just going to be a way to introduce Benkei, she was an unnamed bunny that ran off after the introductory scene. She was rather popular with my prereaders and so I decided to include her as a full character in the story, and then things just kind've snowballed into a romance from there, as the way I imagine Angel is a slightly pervy, spoiled, jerk, so of course he tries to hit on her at first. The rest is history, as you might say.

I'm glad you're finding the interactions between Benkei and Flutters to be suitable.

Also, I don't see many Angel romances on the site, so I figured I could give it a shot.

Furthermore, whats up with the lack of foreign people going to Equestria? Its always some english speaking white guy/gal. I wanted to mix it up a little when it comes to HiE. While I don't plan on Benkei speaking japanese forever, I'm rather disappointed whenever someone comes to Equestria, speaking a different language, and they wake up speaking english just cus.

Anyways, I'm rambling now. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I'll be trying to update this story on the first of every month.

If there's any story I want to succeed, its this one.

5684675 I've been having trouble because the main character in my fic is NOT an English speaker. The problem is that I don't know any Japanese. Is there a way to employ a language barrier in fanfiction, but make it understandable to the readers?

5685764 Its all about the body language.

5685783 In that case, thanks for helping me out.

This needs to be regularly updated! What is your update rate please?!

5686780 Its once a month as of right now, due to my hectic schedule.

I'm a freshman taking 3 honors courses in high school, along with gym (im chubby and lazy) , a saturday class on a college campus (go psychology, I guess), and I'm writing this story, along with The Last Of The Lazarus Men, an upcoming story (spoilers :) , a sequel to Adam, and a bonus chapter for Turn The Tide. Oh, and I'm also drawing a bunch of concept art for a friend of mine. As you can see, I've got a lot of weight on my shoulders at the moment, so I'm sorry if once a month is too little for you. :fluttershbad: I really am truly sorry, as I know the feel of waiting forever for a new chapter to a great story. (Not that my story is even good ...)

I'm making an effort to get my release schedule down to every other week, but its tough. If its any consolation, I'm about 2,000 words into the next chapter of TLOB:U so far.

5686827 At least you're not as lazy as I am!

5686829 3,000 words in. You know what, I might even release the chapter on Wednesday if I'm feeling crazy. We'll see.

"So, what brings you here hot stuff?"

*my mouth drop*
What the....heck...

5688256 I'm off to bed now, so I'll reply to anything you say later.

I assume that since you followed me, that was a good mouth drop though? Also yeah, Angel is kind've a perv at first.

Do you like the story so far though?

Gah! This is getting so frikking interesting! I really wonder how the rest of Ponyville will react to the gentle giant.

Well I must say that after reading these four chapters I am hooked on this story! I haven't kept up with the trends of Human in Equestria stories, but it is absolutely refreshing to see a human character with both personality and memorable charm. Since I don't know Japanese I'll assume you've made sure it's legit, so I'd call that very good. Your grasp on how two beings would communicate given a language barrier feels very natural and real. Apart from the rare error or misplacement of words your story is very polished. The only error of note is in the second chapter when Akeeta sees Benkei's flailing and calls his hands 'hands', when immediately after she is mystified by what kind of appendages his limbs have. This is an excellent story in my opinion, and I hope to see it one day in either the popular stories tab or even the Feature Box.

5691294 Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I genuinely appreciate your review. Your words of praise really mean a lot to me, and they inspire me to keep going.

Also, thanks for pointing out that mistake in chapter 2, its been rectified.

I hope this story will continue to keep your attention and fuflfill all your expectations.

Just stumbled on this one. I'm very impressed so far. I've always loved gentle giant characters, and the interactions with Fluttershy are very sweet. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing your story! :)

Re-reading this, I have to admit that this is an amazing intro. Truly fantastic.

Am I the only one that thinks 'Fuzzy-Face' is an adorable nickname for one of the most badass people in history?


I can't help but feel he's overselling the image.

5693792 If you were unable to speak for your entire life, but able to understand those around you, yet they were ignorant to your intelligence and treated you like an animal, I think you would leap at the opportunity just to be able to talk to someone too. I know I would.

Just as good the second time around, Can't wait for additional chapters.

I must admit, this is a good introductory chapter. It's well written and described, and it does have me interested in regards to what's gonna happen with Benkei and how he's gonna mesh with the ponies he'll encounter.

I can also see you've done a lot of research on old Japanese culture. I take it you must know some Japanese from the dialogue of the officers. So hats off to you for those fine touches! :twilightsmile:

Looking forward to more. Hopefully he can start learning the language from twilight.

5701359 You shall have more tomorrow! :D


By the Power of Goroth! I greet you!

This chapter was very sweet.

5705672 Thanks! Anything in particular that caught your interest or made the chapter good?

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