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My apology chapter · 7:55am Apr 28th, 2013

I decided to work extra hard to pick up for the slack on my update speed recently and just uploaded chapter 5 and must again, apologize for my slowness. I promise it will be much faster now. thanks for reading!

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Hey, I've got a new story up think you could come take a look at it?

Hey, i have a story i'd like you to look at for me please? it isnt mine, but it's my GF's so far she has a couple chapters in progress, PM me if you are interested in helping her out, and if so ill get it up onto a Docs for ya

thanks for following!!
the new chapter 1 is about ready to go up as well, it just needs a final run through before it gets posted

Normally I don't get thanked for watching people. :pinkiecrazy:
All joking aside, you earned it for the great story! Keep writing! :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the watch!:rainbowkiss:

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