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New Story Time? amazing · 12:26am Feb 9th, 2015

Well it's certainly been a while! Gotta update my profile a bit and try to settle back in. First thing's first, I.....probably won't be considering Tales of Sombrashy. At least not yet, I won't lie to you guys that I've lost my drive for it. Maybe it'll come back one day but, it's been over a year since it properly updated. I don't forsee it happening anytime soon. I really do apologize, I know a lot of you liked that one.

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Don't worry if it takes you a long time to write another chapter. My most recent update was on a fic that hadn't been updated in almost 8 months, so I can relate to your woes. Even if it takes a year, I'll still be waiting. :twilightsmile:

My only advice would be to give your blog posts a name, that way we can actually comment on them rather than flocking to your user page! :rainbowlaugh:

I wish u all the best of luck with continuing with the story. Out of the other sombra fics I have read, yours is the most believable and best paced story so far. :pinkiehappy:

One time I lost ideas for a story so I wrote a bunch of ideas down, the ideas eventually turned into a detailed summary and it helped with the writers block. I wrote that summary for a year, but it was a god send since the story was so long.

Anyway, I hope u can achieve what u want to continue with the tale and know the waiting will pay off.:raritywink:

Doing great on the story can't wait for the next part. Hope the next chapter is just as good as the first (probably better than the first) can't wait


Ohh… that's why you haven't updated. I understand! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Get well soon! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Edit: Don't worry about it not being good enough.

You earned the praise! The way the story is slowly portraying Sombra's character is perfect and precise. I hope I'm not sounding overly flattering, but you really have a way of expressing his conflicted inner thoughts; also those of Fluttershy are also well developed. She would be the only pony to take him in, despite how terrifying he is. So her being so undecided what to do is perfect for her: She's too kind to let him suffer but is also too timid and unsure of what she is doing.
In the Crystal Empire episodes, King Sombra bides his time; slowly putting his presence around and just waiting for the shield to expire as he knew it would not last long. As in your fic, Sombra is doing sort of the same thing. He knows he can't engage his enemies being so battered and ill, so once again the unicorn bides his time. He really is a clever villain when you think about it and your tale is proof of that.
I wish you the best with your sticky chapter. I'm sure you will figure things out and it will play out well just as your first installment.:raritywink:

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