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Not long after the events of the Crystal Empire, Fluttershy discovers the remains of King Sombra's horn in a field while out on a picnic. She accidently releases the tyrant, only to find that he's weak and hurt. And so, unknown to her friends, the mare begins caring for the broken tyrant in hopes that she could maybe reform him...

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Comments ( 25 )

lol this was confusing seeing the story with only 1 chapter

anyway hope we see next part soon

THIS is how a rewrite should start.

cant wait for more

But he didn’t simply staring


occurred to her that maybe she was just trying too ahrd to get a response out of him.

And I'm pretty sure there was a uncapitalized 'discord' earlier on

3794903 yeeeep that's what I get for doing the majority of this very late at night. Thank you so much for pointing those out, I'll try to fix them and attempt to proofread this a little better. Guh.

:yay: for sombrashy hoped to see this again good to see it's alive and kicking

Yay! I'm happy this story is in the works again :heart:

Why u take so long?:fluttershysad:

I hope you update soon I love this story :twilightsmile:

PLEASE continue!! :fluttershysad: I love Sombrashy!

I just finished reading the first chapter, and what can I say? I would love to see more of this. What I really like so far is the fact that you haven't gone the easy route and made Sombra and Fluttershy just randomly fall for each other. Sombra is convinced she's conspiring against him and Fluttershy is torn between turning him in and her base mothering instinct. It'll be great to see how this leads to romance!

Here's hoping my comment can make you feel somewhat motivated to write more. :pinkiesmile:

Please finish this... PLEASE??


:pinkiehappy: Yea?

Can you go find the author for me and beg him to write more?

:pinkiesmile: Okie dokie lokie!!

Make Moooreee ;-; :fluttershysad:


I like this so far, hope to see more come out at some point!

Um....can there be a update?....if thats ok with you...I mean...:fluttercry:

Very good! Can't wait for the update! I'm really curious about how this will go down. I know one thing though, if Fluttershy actually didn't attend the party, Pinkie Pie would probably steam up like someone breaking a Pinkie Promise.:pinkiehappy: Anyway keep up the good work!

I can't wait for the continuation of this, it is absolutely wonderful the way you wrote both charectors. Sombra being cautious and hateful while Fluttershy being motherly and scared. I can't wait to see what happens next!(I mean I can but I really would love to see more.):yay:

More please :D 10/10 WILL ready again :D

Oh come on! Why are most of great SombraShy stories I wanna read uncompleted?! Can you just please update?:fluttershysad:

Is this dead?

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