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Student, reader, writer in my off time.

Ten Steps Of Writing According To My Brain (Also known as why I never get anything done)

Step 1. Cut a hole in the box.
Step 2. Put -Wait... Wrong list...
Step 5. wait, no 3. Start writing.
Step 4. Check Fimfiction for messages, comments, etc.
Step 5. Get distracted by ponies.
Step 6. Return to Word and check over what I've written before I send it off to a prereader.
Step 7. Have a new idea and have to rewrite the entire thing.
Step 8. Return to step 3.
Step 9. ???
Step 10. Profit

This happens about three times per chapter.


Starting the next chapter

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The situtation with Vespertine · 8:33am Jul 5th, 2015

If you're reading this, you've probably noticed I've begun making some changes with Vespertine. A lot has happened since I last wrote those first two chapters, I've had a lot of practice writing fiction and building my own stories. With this practice, I've decided to increase the quality of Vespertine before releasing the next chapter, that way there isn't a noticeable change in style between chapters. Expect better release times than a few months between chapters now that I've made it back

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1017560 You wouldn't believe how happy reading that makes me

Vespertine is awesome!

1014186 Thank you! Any particular reason why though?

Hey... guess what.
I'm following you.

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