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DarkLord of Fire

Dark lord of the fire throne, sits alone. JK 23 years old male and enjoy's mlp, reading other fanfic's, wrighting, ect.


sad news once more, and some changes coming · 11:29am Sep 11th, 2018

so, saturday morning my grandmother who was battling cancer, pasted away thankfully in the bliss that is sleep. so her pain was not there when she left us. she will be missed dearly. as for a update to the main story im working on some changes are going to happen, i not going to list all but the biggest one is im going to rework the chapters and fix some errors/plotholes i stupidly wrote in. so once done im going to release them in one big go. so be ready to see the mistakes and the growth that

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Thank you for the like and follow! I appreciate all of my readers for giving my story a look.

I had a similar issue with one of my stories. I'll link it later.

sorry didn't mean to put it there, my mouse on my laptop clicks at random times

Thanks for the add. May I ask what you mean by hiatus corner?

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