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I bid you welcome to this group, where all Madness fans are welcome.
Enjoy your stay and don't track mud onto the carpet OR I'LL KILL YOU!

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so this concerned me im gonna share this with you guys.

404426 pst! just wanted to say i finished my chart! with some delay due to recent calamities and such hindering me from my work and this.
but i em pleased to tell you i will begin! shortly. until then try watching madness realm 2 project its pretty good.
ok well my message is over with. GOODBYE FOR NOW!

Will do.
Keep up the good work, and tell me when you have got something I could look at. I might take a day or two to respond.

404324 Sure thing ill get started in a few days once ive drawn out the whole plot on a diagram first. until then keep the madness flowing ok?

I could check perhaps grammatical errors and typos, but my writing isn't top notch. I'm trying to learn how to write, so by helping you, I could end up helping myself. I could help with plot continuity, but who knows. Just trying to be helpful here and perhaps learn something myself.

404152 oh do tell what you have to offer? plot, characters, settings or maybe just checking my typo and grammar errors?
or maybe something completely different? so many questions.

I can perhaps help?

Hay im gonna start writing again! im wondering if it should be a madness combat series crossover. can i get some feedback?

Dun dun dunnnnn :pinkiegasp:

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