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Once upon a time in the magicless land of Earth, I was a simple geek on my way to comic con chosing to cosplay one of my favorite literary characters, Eragon.

Such a pity I never made it.

One meeting with a quite odd fellow, a purchase I wasn't entirely sure I wanted, and I was in Equestria holding my receipt.

No returns. No exchanges. All sales are final.

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Oh shit! Surprise story out nowhere!

5597849 Sorry about that, I didn't think you'd be interested in this particular genre. Love the Dexter reference though.

Fuck yeah, Eragon stuff finally!

We enjoy this sight, wonders are abound we hope that thou has in store.

Like this so far. Interested to see what else you do with it.

Keep going its good so far, but one question why is Saphira name different?

This is truly...BEAUTIFUL!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

5683730 It would be unoriginal to use the canon-dragon-name, right?
It seems much better this way to me.

Ah, Eragon. Haven't read it in quite a while, maybe this will respark my interest in Dragons. I'll give this a go.

5697110 oh that makes since thanks

5683730 Solarkness is right. The use of Saphira felt like I was copying the original story a bit too much. Eragon I can get away with thanks to the whole reoccurring first rider thing.

5697110 I'm glad you like it. The name Vivien holds more meaning to this story than Saphira would.

5697324 I hope to keep you entertained.

Sadly, there aren't many Eragon crossovers on Fimfiction. While this isn't a direct crossover, I hope to keep a least a little of the spirit of the original story in the chapters to come.

5699997 very true o wish there was more storys but i guess i would have to wait a bit more.

I see where this is going

5697324 wait... you haven't read Eragon in a while... does that mean you don't know there are 3 other books after Eragon?:pinkiegasp:
Also on a completely unrelated note, this story is one of about 6 Eragon crossovers I know of... and that's kinda sad:applecry: because The Inheritance cycle is very good and it's sad to know that out of millions of bronies, only about 6 (that I know of) expressed that they were fans of Eragon:ajsleepy:...

5738707 No, I've read all the way through inheritance. Don't worry.
Thanks for reminding me to read this. I'll do that now.

5738707 Don't be sad! That just means there aren't as many badly written crossovers to get depressed about

5699997 Yeah, which makes me sad. I was hoping for a direct crossover, you know the end of Inheritance leave such huge potential.

5738818 Heh, I mean, now.
This is actually much better than I expected. N-not that I thought it'd be bad. Eheh.
Go on! Encore! Etc.!

5816648 Thank you? I think. I'm working on the next chapter for this but college continues to take most of my energy

Really hoping to see this continued. Great start so far.

needs an update. really good story so far

5738707 You liked those books too? I thought they were great!

5818518 Loving how you've created the characters, will there be more?

*sees Fanfic in the sidelines
*stares at it for a few seconds

6873642 Finally what?

So what happens next? :applecry:

Finally one about Eragon! This is the first one I've seen about him in forever! =D


Dammit, this is such a shame. I find a Displaced Eragon story and it hasn't been updated in two years..

Hey, just to let you know, I am tryingnto do something with the Eragon story. If you click on my name and then the stories, I have a six chapter story so far. It called Seven Riders of Equestria. Check it out, as you might like it. If not, then stick around, because I do plan on continuing it.

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