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Before Equestria there was the Empire, ruled by a King and Queen who loved their ponies with all their hearts. The Crystal Heart was the Highest Law in the entire Kingdom, able to denounce any King or Queen and instate a new Prince or Princess who was more worthy of the throne. Very few ponies know the story behind the origins of the heart and, until Prince Sombra stumbles on a old fairytale, no one thinks it is really alive.

Unfortunately She was.

Silken Blade has slept for hundreds of years in her crystal prison, waiting for when somepony would free her and let her fly among the Stars again. Her Curse: She is bound to her Savior til their death.

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5816346 There can never be enough Sombra.

5816363 He had so much potential! :raritydespair: How could I not love him!?! His back story is lacking though.

Comment posted by Animated Rarity deleted Apr 18th, 2015

5816373 very true:fluttercry: I hope he makes a comeback in season 5:pinkiehappy:

5816442 hope yes hope

Hmm, I like this new pegasus. I feel like watching her and Sombra will be most entertaining.

Please continue.

5823042 *starts writing next chapter* I CAN'T STOP!

5823867 Omg that seems like a terrifying combination:twilightoops:

5823867 ok loving it but my only issue don't....I repeat DONT turn her into a Mary Sue but YEAHHHHHH SOMBRA WOOOOH:pinkiehappy:

I'm sooo confused......backstorys will clear it all up :moustache:

Mind walking for the win. This will be a good way to progress in many directions. Looking forward to more.

5830952 Well my Four day weekend is almost up and I probably won't have as much time to write but I'll try to update as often as possible!

Starswirl ehhhh:rainbowhuh: hopefully you do this right and not fall on your face but still love da story:pinkiehappy:

The Filly made five friends who were all Extraordinary in their own ways. One could tear open the sky with an explosion of light, another could stare down a Dragon. One of them could warp reality to her whim while another could clear an entire orchard in a day. Together they wielded Artifacts of great power that could vanquish any evil.

I note that the fifth friend doesn't merit mention here. That mentions only four which I assume are Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack.

5857660 That took me a moment. I didn't even realize I forgot to mention her.


5875476 I'm on it! I've already started the next Chapter.

"At least this is some progress." She muttered to herself. She

Twilight ceased her onslaught on the wall to examine her progress. A few pebbles littered the ground of her cell but other than that she'd hardly made a dent in the wall. She groaned and flopped onto the bed. I'm never going to get out of here.

I think you dropped a sentence or a paragraph there.

5917343 I just now saw it I never got any notification so its been a week and I could've read this sooner :raritydespair:

I think you may have started to be inconsistent in coloring each tale:

This for example:

The Prince eventually found a story of a Crown, the Crown was said to grant all the knowledge one could want. He greedily set out to find the one pony alive that could help him find it. His advisers noticed that everyday his coat grew darker and demeanor more violent. Days later he turned to dark magic to complete the ritual that would summon the pony that would aide him. In doing so, he warped his body to a hideous imitation of a pony.

The summoned mare was not amused.

-Appears as if it should be red. The colored text is very enjoyable but when it is inconsistent it becomes confusing.

A little confusing, especially the way the colors are used in this chapter and some paragraphs seem to blend together.

But perhaps I'm just overfond of using the enter key in my stories. Will continue reading.

Queen Amber stone

Amber Stone

...he walked int the castle.


Still lots of confusing color usage and paragraphs blending together. A tip for transitioning to flashbacks, different narrators ,etc. in chapters would be to use that line divider I've seen utilized here a couple times or some sort of '...'

Such as:

Silk slumped down against a wall and pulled out a thin Mithral* knife, laying it against a hoof. Along the flat of the blade the word 'Starswirl' was etched in a long dead language. She twirled the blade, catching the light.


Silk bounced into the cave, her cloak fluttering out behind her. Her silvery mane fell over her eyes as she looked about.

"Starswirl, I know you're in here. Surrender peacefully and the Queen might have mercy of you." Her eyes fell on the pile of armor in the center of the cave.

"What!?! You can't just leave Armor like this laying about in some dark wet cave!" She scrambled to collect it all, dropping it constantly.

(Sorry, I'm just so fond of the enter key.)

*Do you mean 'mithril'? From Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit/Insert More Middle-earth related Tolkien Works?

"Things can change in a Thousand years. I imagine its been peaceful, yes? I'm certain she's grown fat and lazy since then."


I wish I had a Quill and Parchment. It'd be so much easier to have a checklist.

This makes it sound like she wants to go shopping at a store called Quill & Parchment with those capital letters.

"I always judge you, i'm just not very vocal about it."


"...All the magic under Solaris's sun couldn't change that about you."

Could you explain a little more about Solaria, Selene, Celestia, and Luna in this world? I'm trying to draw the lines to connect them here and all I can guess is that the first two are the parents of the latter. I understand that they (Sombra and Silk) are from the past but why are the referring to Solaris in present tense? Is he still around? Blah blah blah?


Just a minor spelling error.

"Well, lets operate under the assumption that you gave two shits about the Empire."

I think there should be an apostrophe there. This line was very funny and gave me the impression Sombra This Sombra hates repair bills and taxes. The fact that he more then likely came before indoor plumbing also supports my claim.

"Then you'll have a powerful unicorn who's extremely pissed and probably not too stable mentally."

This is too beautiful....:raritystarry: :heart: :fluttercry: :pinkiehappy: :moustache: :rainbowlaugh:

"I don't have a softer side, he died along with my irritating cousin." He growled.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, there Honestverse Sombra you almost sounded like Iceverse Sombra for a moment. :raritywink:

So this guy is still alive? Intrigued.

But where is the pink one*? Shouldn't she at least be mentioned? I can't recall if she was.

*If you get that reference from the Iceverse give yourself a cookie.

I have to thank the Pink One later. And remember her name.

So the Honestverse has its own pink one? :trollestia: :trollestia:

"At least this is some progress." She muttered to herself. She

She what?

"Please sir, can I have some more?"

Why is this story in the Twibra community? It doesn't seem to have any Twibra...:trollestia:

"If that means what I think it means, than Sombra found a way to turn the Crystal Heart into a Pony." Twilight took a deep breath. "How is that possible, Princess?"

I don't think that's what happened.. I think someone found a way to turn the hoofmaiden who wore the armor into the crystal heart. Sombra freed her from her current state as the crystal heart that is why she serves him. I think.:derpyderp2:

She was so distraught she didn't notice the smirk etched across Starswirl's face.

So Sombra and Starswirl are the baddies in this fic...:pinkiesmile:

Twilight smiled, happy to be among her friends again. For a brief moment she worried about Sombra's Invitation. He could have just had them all killed and moved on without so much as a second thought. So why had he shown them mercy? If what Celestia had told her was true, then Sombra would not have let them live, much less wander the castle unguarded. Her eyes flicked to the Pegasus, who was helping Rarity style her mane. Unless, She thought. Silk is lying about her special talent. It would make sense. Luna says that she's the Crystal Heart so it stands to reason that she shouldn't have a Cutie Mark. Speaking of which, why doesn't she take the form of a Unicorn? It would be easier to explain her abilities that way.

Because she was made into the crystal heart!:twilightangry2:

"At least this is some progress." She muttered to herself. She killed the poor girl that is TwibraFlattercordlover with the suspense of an unfinished sentence."


Three journeys...
One World...
One Story

Sombra chuckled. "Things can change in a Thousand years. I imagine its been peaceful, yes? I'm certain she's grown fat and lazy since then."

lol :rainbowlaugh:

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