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Starclaw had fought and died to save his people from slavery. He was guided but his goddess to them and fought to set them free. Now his goddess calls on him to save a new world. But just because she wants him to save it, doesn't mean she is going to make it easy for him to do so.

Image doesn't belong to me. If you see anything wrong with the story tell me so i can fix it.
Maybe this will go somewhere.

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dam this fic is very good keep up the good work

HOLY CRAP, someone commented.:pinkiehappy:
Thank you.
As for the rest of you lot, why haven't you done the same?
Come on I'm not that scarry......:twilightsmile:

Hey if you lot find something I missed in the story, could you tell me.
I kinda feel like i'm missing something.
give me some hints.

Good, though the chapters could be a little longer


Thank you.

I've noticed the length and I want to make them longer, but baby steps.

Still thank you for the look.

I can already tell this is going to be good :pinkiehappy:

Well, it wasn't a crossover at first.
But he is my Pathfinder/ DnD character.
So I guess its a DnD and Pathfinder Crossover.

Yay, i got a good score.
That is why i write.

4553457 one the max out of me on a chapter rating is 5 hearts and 2 fluttercrys wich = that it a well righting chapter that hit all i think of a must reed and anyone wood love reading over and over happily.

and by the look of it on chapter 4 you had fun on wich way you can go with the story line he he.

Comment posted by damnaion deleted Jul 24th, 2014

Very intriguing!
I get the sense from the grammatical & spelling mistakes you made that English isn't your primary--still, you're doing pretty good with it, although you might want to put a sex tag on this one :derpytongue2:
Some of your mistakes are almost as good as the story: "a genital breeze" had me rolling :rainbowlaugh: AWESOME!!

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: whups, and no, English is my first and only language. I just can't spell and have no editor.:twilightblush:
And I fixed it. Thanks for seeing that. :rainbowlaugh: Genitals..... :rainbowlaugh:

Pathfinder, the table top RPG.

5198032 i love pathfinder and i can't wait for more chapters soon also we need longer chapters

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