• Published 3rd Apr 2015
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Crystal Protector - Honest Wisdom

Long Before Equestria there was the Crystal Empire and the Crystal Heart, fueled by the love and light of it's Citizens. But where did it come from?

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Falling to the Dark

Fallen to the Dark

The Prince was cold and bitter, no one ever showed him love. All he knew was the false affections of desperate mares and the lies of greedy nobles.

Sombra scrapped together the last bits of his magic and chuckled. Rise. The magic flew from his horn and struck the falling Crystal Heart. A flash of brilliant blue light briefly stung his eyes as the Heart reacted to his commands. An armor-clad Pegasus took form, swooping down to rescue the falling Dragon and the Alicorn. It flew down and gracefully set the two down on the streets. The Crystal Ponies screamed in fear and fled back to their homes, locking the doors and shutting windows.

"It's her!"

"Sombra's demon!"

"Run for your lives!"

Sombra rolled his eyes at their ignorance. If she took pleasure in obeying my will I'd already be back on my throne and they'd be back in the mines. He sneered at the tricky mare. She's probably thinking of how to sneak away yet again. "Slave! Take these interlopers to the dungeon." The Crystal mare shot a glare at him but lifted the Alicorn to fly off. "And none of your tricks!"

"As you wish, My King." Her ears twitched in agitation. "Would you require anything else?"

He began to speak but was interrupted as the Sky blue Pegasus that had arrived with her friends flew out of the stampeding crowd and knocked him down. "What did you do with Twilight, Freak?"

Twilight? She must be the one who got through my traps. If he wasn't so magically drained he would've flown up there himself and slain her right there and then. "Don't worry, as long as you and your friends don't step out of line I won't harm a single hair on that pretty little head of hers." He winced inwardly at that line. It made him sound like a poorly written villain from a cruddy adventure novel.

Can you spell 'Cliche'? S-O-M-B-R-A. A bubbly voice echoed inside his head. Would you care for a boost, My King?

"Get these outsiders out of my sight." He growled, shoving the Pegasus off of him and storming towards the palace.

"As you Wish, My King." She chirped, just as giddy as she sounded in his head.

Silk fluttered her wings, hovering eye to eye with the rainbow Pegasus. "If you could kindly and calmly follow me, this will be much easier."

A conflicted expression washed over her face. Before she managed to make a decision a lasso Wrapped around Silk's midsection and yanked her to the ground. "Quick, Dash! Find where he's keeping Twilight, we'll hold her back!" Silk slid her wing blades upwards and sliced through the rope. The Pegasus, Dash, had already flown off. "Now listen here, Miss Crystal Heart, Y'all are gonna help us stop Sombra, cuz' ya don't yer dooming an entire Empire to suffer under his rule." An Orange Earth Pony loomed over her.

"I already knew that." She chirped, earning a few horrified looks. "I'm cursed you see. As long as I'm in this body, I'm bound to the pony who freed me."

A Pink Earth Pony bounced forward. "So how do we turn you back?"

"Do you have a pound of chalk, six mangoes, a flute and a powerful Unicorn?" Silk stretched out her wings and thought. "Or was it two pounds of salt, four watermelons and a Sombrero?"

The Pink one pulled out a a Flugelhorn. "Will this work?"

Silk eyed her. Is she for real? "I... Doubt it." Silk leaped forward and tapped the hooves of both the orange and pink Earth Ponies. Light blue Crystals sprung out and bound their forelegs together. "I'm terribly sorry, I stalled for as long as I could. Maybe your Rainbow friend will reach Canterlot and warn the Princesses."

A bolt of magic stuck her armor. Well, Stuck is a bit of an exaggeration. It felt more like a light tap. Silk glanced towards the source of the magic. Maybe it was just a warning shot? A pure white unicorn was rushing towards her. "Unhand them you ruffian!" The Unicorn cried.

Silk rolled her eyes and vanished. The two Earth Ponies struggled against the crystals to no avail. Silk stood by the Earth Ponies and waited for their two friends to get close. The unicorn lowered her horn to the Earth Ponies hooves. "Hold still, Darlings."

"Boop." She tapped the Unicorn's horn lightly and the Crystals sprouted around it's base. "Seriously? Did you think I teleported?"

"Aiieee!" The Unicorn jumped at least three feet at the sound of Silk's voice. She couldn't help but giggle as she tapped the yellow Pegasus's wings. The most she received from her was a small, 'Eep.'

Silk dropped the invisibility and looked around at the four mares, "This fight is depressingly one-sided. Diamond-butt, and Butterfly, come with me. You have no magic, and no Earth Pony strength to help you and I really do not want to hurt any of you." She looked at the Earth Ponies. "Which of you is the biggest threat?"

"I Am." They claimed simultaneously. They both shared a look of confusion at their shared claim.

Silk growled and stomped over to the nearest house. With a swift buck she knocked open the door, revealing a cowering family of Crystal Ponies. "You," She pointed at the father. "Help me escort these interlopers to the dungeons and your family will be spared from the Mines." The Father leaped up and rushed out the door. Silk felt a pang in her heart at the idea of dangling that kind of freedom over their heads. It's not like I have a choice. She thought. I can't help what the Curse makes me do.

The ponies continues to struggle as the Stallion lifted the Earth ponies and placed them on his back. The unicorn mare kept trying to rub the crystals off her horn and the Pegasus cowered behind her friends. Silk carried the little purple dragon on her back and tried to start a conversation with the four that wouldn't end in bitter remarks. "I mean, It's not like we don't appreciate you guys trying to free us but Sombra is Incredibly powerful and he doesn't have any qualms about torture. The most I can do is keep him from going all murder happy."


"I'm sure your friend is fine. Sombra may be Evil, but he keeps his promises."


"... So where are you from?"


"Oh look, we're here!" Thank the Stars for that. Silk swung open the cell door and the Stallion tossed them in, rather roughly. "I'll be down with some food later!" She locked the cage after shoving the last two mares and the sickly alicorn into the cell. She smiled at the Stallion, "I'll be sure to mention your contribution to the King."

The Stallion fell down at her hooves and began to kiss them. "Thank you, Thank you, May the Gods smile upon you!"

Ahh, nope. She jumped up in the air and flapped her wings until she was out of reach. "Yeah, yeah, go back to your family." She flew past him and headed to the throne room. She was certain that's where Sombra would be holed up.

"Well hello there, Mister Tall, Dark, and Grumpy." Silken Blade landed right next to Sombra's throne. He only grunted in response. "You hungry?"

"No." Why doesn't she just go away?



Silk fluttered her wings in annoyance. "Why is no one in the mood to talk? I can't hear what you're thinking unless it's directed at me."

Go away.

Silk frowned at him. "Fine." She flew towards the massive double doors and slammed them behind her. You aren't achieving anything, you're just making them hate you more. What does the wealth matter if it only leaves a hole in your heart? I told you before that this Greed will be the end of you, Fear is not a substitute for Love.

Author's Note:

Two dislikes yet no complaints... I'm guessing they're Sombra haters and it has nothing to do with the fic. Also, Sombra's grouchiness is directly proportional to Silk's giddiness... I should make a chart.