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Before Equestria there was the Empire, ruled by a King and Queen who loved their ponies with all their hearts. The Crystal Heart was the Highest Law in the entire Kingdom, able to denounce any King or Queen and instate a new Prince or Princess who was more worthy of the throne. Very few ponies know the story behind the origins of the heart and, until Prince Sombra stumbles on a old fairytale, no one thinks it is really alive.

Unfortunately She was.

Silken Blade has slept for hundreds of years in her crystal prison, waiting for when somepony would free her and let her fly among the Stars again. Her Curse: She is bound to her Savior til their death.

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The Apple family has had a good last few years, ever since ponies found out they were friends with the princesses they've barely been able to keep up with demand. Applebloom is sent to Baltimare to run the family's newest store and is robbed the next day. When the police do nothing she decides to take matters into her own hooves. With the help of an old friend and Zebrican training, she'll do whatever it takes to fix Baltimare.

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Wisdom is Princess Terra's faithful student ever since she accidentally blew up the testing room for the Canterlot Academy for gifted Mages and hatched a draconequus egg. When she discovers a threat of Solar Flare's return she begs her teacher to listen but instead she's sent to Ponyville to oversee the Fall Moon Festival. There she meets a perplexing group of individuals who seem very eager to be her friend. Can she find a way to save the Unity Empire or will Solar Flare prevail and bring about eternal day?

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For centuries the seas of Equis have been plagued by pirates. None more fearsome than the Crew of Eternal Night. For years ships sail in fear of Eternal Night and her captain, Nightmare Moon. Princess Twilight Sparkle, tired of being overlooked in favor of her older Sister Cadence, joins the crew of the Harmony under the guise of a unicorn named Velvet Light. She is soon introduced to the ship's crew and discovers that they are on a mission from Princess Celestia herself. A mission to hunt down and capture Nightmare Moon.

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This story is a sequel to Fate's a Funny Thing

After Wisdom leaves Sombra in Twilights care she decides it's time for him to make some friends. The CMC happily oblige. Despite poor first impressions, the four quickly grow close. Maybe he'll learn the magic of friendship after all.

Additional Characters include: Silver Spoon, Discord, Princess Cadence, and Shining Armour.

Rated teen for innuendo and occasional violence

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This story is a sequel to Settling in

It's been three Months since Wisdom has come to Equestria and discovered an ancient prophecy that may or may not regard her. She has a new family of interesting characters. she loves them like nothing before. She'll do anything to keep them safe. But when Her best friend and Roommate, Twilight, gives her a job as the Royal Ambassador to give her a chance to get out into the world, she's torn between her Family and her Future.

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Wisdom was a normal girl. When she's pulled into Equestria by an Overcharged spell, she Reacts the same way anyone would, she panics. When she starts to remember things from before, she seeks the help of a Mysterious Gryphon mage. During the journey she discovers a little about herself and her past.

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