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Ten years ago: the coronation of Princess Twilight Sparkle, the goddess of knowledge and power occurred. One year later, Spike the Dragon disappeared. Twilight Sparkle was broken. With the help of her fellow princess and bearers, as well as all of Equestria, she seems to have accepted the loss of her best friend.

On the nine year anniversary though, she, three other Bearers and Luna make a trip to the Western Badlands. Their mission? To get to Blackwater City, and arrive at an international political convention. However, things are turned upside down when they find out that their escort across the Badlands is the "Dragon Outlaw", Spike. However, he is not the same innocent child as before. Even though he is still biologically a child, the harsh world of the Badlands has forced him to grow up fast. Can Twilight help bring him back to her, or have the Badlands claimed his life as it has so many others? After all, once an outlaw, always an outlaw.

Chapters (4)
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Spike as a foul mouthed badass Clint Eastwood?:rainbowhuh: You have my attention.:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Oh this sounds so good, need to read later!:moustache:

In my opinion, this is awesome. I love the idea and the thing with the revolver was nice. Great skyrim refrance by the way. I'm also writin my first fic, so I get a shit ton of bad reviews. If this happens, just keep writing. You will always have me as a fan, so that's something. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile::moustache:

Great idea but there some spelling errors, but good none the less

2205780 Yeah, my writing is definitely nowhere near perfect. Also, the fact that I tend to fix errors automatically in my head when I read them doesn't really help. Thanks for the compliment though. Nice to see that people like this story.

Comment posted by Smoku deleted Mar 3rd, 2013
Comment posted by Smoku deleted Jun 23rd, 2014

My first dislike. Crap. Well, I wish that the person would post what compelled them to dislike it. Oh well. Shit happens.

This is looking good, please continue! Seeing as you have Spike missing for 9 years I am looking forward to a good long 2nd chapter explaining what happened.:twilightsmile:

Also, besides the small number of errors the only other thing that was off was that you forgot to name the pony's as they said hello to Spike. Even though I knew it was Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Luna, in that order, it still should have been noted who was taking. Just how you described Spike, in great detail, it wouldn't have been hard for you to give the girls a little description.:raritywink::ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2:

P.S. I hope we get to see what new Bad-Ass skills Spike has in the later chapters.

Spike's theme-

Hope there are explosions, and elephants going at Mach 13.

I like the premise. One that has been a bit overused lately... But yours is one that may show something fresh and new.
But I do have some problems with the story. First of, so far Spike is a very unlikable character. This is not a clod blooded badass. So far he's just being a depresive asshole who complains A LOT. Wich brings us to problem two: Overuse of shit, fuck and so on. Do not use this words every sinlge time you can man. Or the dialogue will get boring and repetitive very soon.
Other than that I do like the set up, and I think is a good start. :twilightsmile:

2207594 Thanks for the comment. Now that I think about it, I'm definitely going to cut down on the cussing. Also, Spike will definitely not be as depressed as he is now for much longer. You'll see why he is the way he is in Chapter 2. And, don't worry, the ponies are definitive going to help him develop a much more likable personality. I'm also going to try to make this fic fresh, and not just a copy of ones like it. Thanks again for the critiques, I definitely need people to tell me what I did wrong, writing a story is a learning process after all.

2206183 Don't worry, you'll see Spike's new skills in Chapter 2. I'm going to have him get in a little "tussle" with a Minotaur during a bar fight. Fun stuff. Also, I'm going to explain what happened to Spike when he "left" Equestria, and what he's been doing in the Badlands, along with some stories on those scars.

Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments, likes, and favorites. I honestly didn't think that this story was going to get any attention. Please, keep voicing your thoughts on both the good and bad parts of this story. Also, once again, could anyone point me in the direction of getting an editor or two? It would significantly increase the quality of this story, and I would be appreciate it no small amount.

please update mate this is good

Okay first off. This story starts off amazing, i really hope you continue it
Point two: I would be happy to help you edit this story, I'm already helping someone else with theirs(they really needed the help, they directly copied my story lol) so adding one more shouldn't be too much trouble. Message me back if your interested

please please im begging you this concept is so fucking awsome right more it deserves it

Winking Skeever? I love you.


Scheming Blueblood is best pony


- Hurry! Chapter four!

"(...)I'm the best at what I do, and what that is ain't too pretty."

- Wouverine want your phrase come back, Spike.

Well that escalated quickly! Spike companion, a coup and Blueblood a trader to the clown.
Please rip his HEAD OFF or shot him between the eye's, something to end his pitiful life.
And a hot dragoness, this should be good.:moustache::raritydespair:

2534106 Don't worry, Blueblood will get his:yay:, and maybe Spike will "get his" in regards to Brii, eh?:moustache:

2535136Oh I do, I do:moustache:. And if that's the case, you should add the sex tag to this story when you do.:trollestia:

2535170 Sex?:derpyderp1: What's that?:rainbowhuh:


'Ze sexytimes, I know not if they shall commence in this story, or do I? :trollestia:

So Spike got fun time in the bandlands too ha

2532287 I'm with this guy in nearly every fic I have read Blueblood is a complete and utter DOUCHE BAG!

I just don't get it why does everybody like to make blueblood look like a douche.

Man, I though this story died. Good to see you back.:pinkiehappy:

I'm not surprised that Blueblood join this group, ten bucks says that he's a double agent. And it looks like Spike is going to show his old friends why you don't mess with the Outlaw Dragon.:moustache:

I a agree 120% with you DARKPHANTON13.

4587617 I am with you. I am happy to see it is back and kicking ass. I do love how it seems Twi and Rarity have a thing for this bad ass Spike. They would be the most interesting to see him get involved with during this wild ride of him protecting them. I wonder where the other two are though? They are going to lose their shit when they see Spike kill that griffin lol.:moustache::twilightblush::raritywink:

Awesome man just awesome

I'm liking the badass Spike more and more.

Two chapters in one go? I'm liking this.:pinkiehappy:

Dang, they even got Discord? These guys mean business. Thankfully Spike just prove that he can more than hold his own in a fight.:moustache:

the unicorns are the nazies, we get it...

PS 2205841 's link's broken, and try to use links only a few lines long next time, that way when it breaks, it doesn't take up half the page

You might have made a mistake, the dying griffon said "The Black Horn Order" but spike said "The Red Horn Order." Which order is it?

Just sayin, but personally I think that in accordance with Spike's new persona because of being expelled from Equestria, he doesn't mince words when he uses them. So I think that when Rainbow came with her "Just friends" remark with the air quotes, I kinda wished that he would said something like "Yeah, I fucked Brii. We fucked a lot and then broke up. End of story. Still has some feelings for her though, and she for me, but ain't time for relationships, particularily when you are THE real law and order of these parts."

I feel that would be better.

Also, Blueblood is a double agent: Part of me is surprised, but after seeing him putting a contract on the Dragon Outlaw, should have known that he wants Equestria for himself and all the other stuffy unicorn bastards.

uhm the gryphon said black-horn and spike said red-horn, was that intentional or no

How the hell can a bunch of ponies capture and hold prisoner the Lord of chaos:unsuresweetie:

Other then that great story :pinkiehappy:

By taking fluttershy captive

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