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This story is a sequel to Lost into Shadow

Twilight has failed, or rather, she has succeeded. Her darkness is her power, and together with her husband, Queen Twilight has a new plan for all of Equis. The black castle rises to greater power than has ever been seen before. War is brewing while alliances are forged and others are broken. The days of harmony are dead and gone, and all the world will be forced to mobilize against the might of the Nightmare Hordes. Will they prevail in the faces of Wrath and Despair? Do they have any hope of someday returning to a time of peace and love?
Not a chance, because in Chapter 1, Hope dies.

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Oh, this is gonna be goooooooooooooooood! A LIKE AND A FAVE!

:fluttershysad: ..........................................

Twilight, how could you do this to your own brother!? :fluttercry::flutterrage:

Ah hell. Yeah, I know I said I would keep an open mind, but I'm out.

See you in the other sequel.

4523346 Well, she has gone off the deep end. She was forced to choose between Sombra and the world, and now the world will pay the consequences of her decision >:D

Despair is meant to be swift, merciless and efficient. Everything this Twilight is not, seems more an element of torture then anything:fluttershysad:

Hopefully next chapter will be better, where both the new crystal empire ruler will be able to unleash their real potential, or supposed so:ajbemused:

I like what a see and I like what I hear.

We were there you know.

no we wern't!

yes we were. you were drunk and I used a demenchion warp spell.

how did they not feel your darkness and my light?

Duh, we are the god of balance witch is every little thing. our powers were neutralized making it unreadable

since when have you been nice, subtle, and explaining?

Don't push your luck, fool!

there it is.

nice sequal keep it up:twilightsmile:

4523637 Who's saying the things in purple?

This sounds like it should have a tragedy tag...

4523653 oh! that was my alternate personality Darkened spectrum. he represents everything negative while I represent everything positive. example: he represents lust , darkness, hate, fire, death, insanity ect. while I represent love, light, caring, water, life, sanity ect.

Evil or not, I really enjoy how Twilight is blushing/flirting with Sombra. The scene between the two versions of Twilight cracked me up.

Damn, when you said that the story would be darker you weren't kidding. Anyhow, I would like to see what happens in the next chapter.

Awwwww! I wish the child could've at least been saved:fluttercry:, but oh well! What's done is done. Nothing can change that.

I like you how started off with the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the beginning. I also remember this creepier song of it from the movie Dead Space. Trust me, it is a lot creepier than the child one you brought up from the top.

I knew Twilight heart was going to be dark, but I didn't know it was going to be Star Wars dark:pinkiegasp:

4526192 Believe me when I say, it has only just begun :pinkiecrazy:


Star Wars? That pansy thing? :ajbemused:

Read the Warhammer 40,000 novel called Dark Apostle, then you talk to me about dark. :pinkiecrazy:

I like both versions of this sequel rather much. Please... continue.

*Alondro sighs, shoots Twilight and Sombra in the head with his god-mode bullets a few thousand times because there's no kill like overkill, then stomps out in frustration*

4529010 Noooo come back, it only gets wor...I mean better from here!

4528782 You call that pansy shit dark? I could regale you with some of the more disturbing fantasies that I have had about people I don't like (by people I don't like, I mean people who are at the very top of my shit list). Brutal torture while not allowing them to die (as in keeping them alive and conscious, while making sure that they don't bleed to death or something of the like), and intense psychological trauma caused by slowly ripping away everything that the victims ever cared about in their miserable lives (in front of them). I do have morals though, and even though I might not feel remorse from doing acts like that, I wouldn't even dare to commit atrocities like that, because it is against my morals.

I can have some incredibly dark thoughts though.


Comment posted by Cheshire-Smile1994 deleted Jun 11th, 2014


*ahem* Disregard that last comment, I thought you were still talking about Star Wars. I was sort of half-reading it for a bit.

Anyway, as for your fantasies, me and my GF could probably top them. In fact, we'd be happy to swap ideas with you sometimes. :pinkiecrazy:

Good night.

I think this is right this way. I always had a cold heart so please make more than the other one

This reminded me StarWars episode 5

You mentioned Path of Redemption in the end of Lost into Shadow...

At this rate, it's gonna take a LOT of Redemption for anypony to come out of this intact.

4532442 Not as much as you think, the path of Redemption is an entirely different walk than the one of Damnation, completely separate. Check it out here.

yeah i like the other better this one is well written so it gets an upvote but not a fave the OTHER one on the other hand gets both.

nope. first redemption, then this dark alternate story. won't read it until the other one is finished :eeyup:

Reading both, need new chapters for both!!!!!!!!!!!!

4530539 Oh, isn't this adorable... A little meeting of the twisted minds. How utterly.. quaint. Truly you all must be the darkest of the dark, true masters of the grimdark. You speak of torture and blood, but leave out how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel all nice and fuzzy inside? Or does it fill you with a manic glee. The shadowed light that pierces your unholy soul. When murdering countless millions in your dreams makes you giggle like a schoolgirl...

Go see a psychiatrist. For the Mad look upon you with disdain. :pinkiecrazy:

I like this.Everyone's got whats coming for them for their blind loyalty. Thought have to disagree with Twilight. She betrayed everyone first.
Poor Shining he lost right about everything at this point. But damn if this isn't writen good. I actually expected the foal to survive.

claps. congratualtions your polluted fimfic with another idiotic kill them all bullshit. like that is even possibly. hell there is no way for twilight to have entered the crystal empire if she is dark. any being of darkness is either repelled or destroyed by the heart.

i am tiredo f contrived bullshit like this, vyer, veyr tired. and it is needlessly, retardly dark. its easy to be dark. its harder to balance out the shadow and light. especially when you pull retarded leaps in logic as tiwlight somehow breaching a force that can repel any darkness. hell i would have expect some kind of negative reaction to befall her as her power came to be from the elements of harmoyn, and now she is chaos.

really hate idiocy like this, especially the ons where freaking Sombra is mad overtly competent. its just stupidity all around without an effort to create a plot beyond making the plot retarded and contrived.

4524546 except him deleting this retarded story and the one before.

4523612 exzcept ther eis no way she could have defeated celestia, luna, or the crystal heart....... hell the crystal heart woulda killed her. of all the magical forces in equestria, the heart is the most cold and direct.

4535638 only because the writer made it so rather than the characters. tiwlight could never have brought herself to kill them. of course this is not twilight such a cardboard cut out filled with evulz.

also the heart woulda killed her.

Is it wrong that I found Twilight and Sombra's argument, which descended into a morning romp, to be hillarious despite being dark?:rainbowderp:

4537459 Certainly not, I for one had a grin plastered on my face while writing it at least :trollestia:

4537433 Clearly you dislike the story. But do you really need to reply to all these comments and spout "retarded" like it's the word of the day? If you don't like it just don't read it. There are tons of stories on here and Lucidenn was quite open with what was going to happen here. Hell, it's called "Path of Damnation", I'm not sure what else you could expect

ah.... I just love it when the shock and aw happens to others

you my other self are a dick.

why thank you! I try


nice job! more soon please:twilightsmile:

"leaving behind a stunned crowd of crystal ponies whose world had just been turned upside down." I really want to make a Fresh Prince of Bel Air joke here, but I don't remember the opening song.

4537491 perhaps you are right, was too violent with the language.

still, jsut because its call3ed that FAR from means twilight could conceivably succeed. two ancient alicorns, a draconequs, and a force that obviously acts by killing approaching evil. not to mention that why would she murder her friends? its out of character even if she was corrupted. this isn't star wars where they are bound to some power that causes the mind ot shift from white to black without the grey. even Nightmare Moon did not go around killing ponies randomly, she only activbelyl tried to kill or simply humiliate the pony she hated.

basically, far from convinced she would do that, and even if she would the regal sisters or the crystal heart, or discord, would ahve put her down long before that.

4537491 and don't say because its a fanfiction. a fanfic is still a story and stories follow certain rules.

Comment posted by TheKitten deleted Jun 12th, 2014

Tis Glorious!
Long Live King Sombra and Queen Twilight Sparkle of the Crystal Empire, soon to be King Sombra and Queen Twilight Sparkle of all of Equestria!
I wonder what their foal will look like…? :duck::duck:

4537433 If you don't like it, just don't read it. It's that easy.

4537640 On most of your points I'm fine leaving put to personal opinion. On the matter of the crystal heart, I'd like to raise the counter argument that this is not the first time King Sombra has forcefully taken over the Crystal Empire. Secondly, in the season 3 pilot episode, as the heart fell to Sombra it actually restored him from shadow to his physical body. It was only when the crystal ponies 'charged' it that it struck out and destroyed Sombra along with the black crystals that his influence had caused. Thirdly, charging the heart thusly produces an aurora borealis centered on the castle, an effect that does not persist. 'Games ponies play' shows that the crystal ponies' joy and heightened spirit at being selected charges the heart again, once more releasing the aurora, which further suggests that the powerfully destructive properties of the heart are based upon bursts of energy, rather than a continuos deadly shield. Hence, why I surmise that it is perfectly reasonable that when caught by surprise such an usurpation is completely plausible.


stories follow certain rules.

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