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Upon her first use of darkness its taste lingered within her mind, creating an ever growing thirst and revealing her true desires. With her recent elevation to an alicorn and princess she begins to find her desire for power insatiable. Small seemingly inconsequential steps grow into giant leaps, pushing her senses of morality and reason.

Besides, doesn't the ends justify the means? For a queen can accomplish so much more than a princess....

Special thanks to Omny87 on DA for the inspiration.

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Well, Twilight, all I can say is that you'll develop so much faster, now you're working with a master who will help you cultivate your darker side. You'll discover wicked ways you've never known before, and you'll find that when you're really rotten to the core...

Interesting so far. I like

cant help but wonder how this'll play out.

This is wonderfull! Good job on this one, I needed a Sombra story =D

Well thank you! Omny87 inspired the story and had the set up with some minor adjustments on my part. I'll prolly write another chapter after final getting around to finishing that Roses for the Grave chapter.

Where did you get the cover image?

Also from now on I consider Fluttershy having a tentacle fetish cannon within all my stories! XD

Yes! I can drink to that! :rainbowdetermined2: I personally think it was the highlight of the chapter. Way too funny. :rainbowlaugh: In that 'I can't believe this is happening' kinda way. :rainbowkiss:

So here is one for Queen Twilight Sparkles friend's (not very well hidden) fetish! :moustache:

Glad to see this updated. Never saw that coming with Fluttershy though! :pinkiegasp:

Once the thought occurred to me, I could not see doing this chapter without it. I might bring it back to light later. :P

Tentacle love!:heart:

Well Twilight, looks like you have a dark side... is this the third coming of Nightmare Moon?Or something even worse?

Glad I do!

Congratulations! You get a cookie!:pinkiehappy:

The story is going great so far! I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Two bits says that Celestia totally knew this and just didn't tell Twilight.

Glad to hear!

We will see.

Well, now we know the reason Twilight was so skilled with dark magic.

Is in her blood.

The question now is: Did Celestia know about this?

On the funny side, even Twilight dark side is snarky, the "tentacles" line made me chuckle.:rainbowlaugh:

So... Twilight is descended from Sombra. :twilightoops: I wounder how this gonna effect their already chaotic relationship? :duck: Or Twilights apotheosis! fall into darkness.

And Shining as well? Is he gonna walk in one chapter and talk about gibberish and slaves?

Quick turn this Mature so we can use those tentacles :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Lol as soon as she started tracing the bloodline i had a feeling it was going to end that way

i think sombra will like hearing his descendant rules the crystal empire^^

Oh to see Shining's and Cadence's faces when they hear about this:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

The codenames of the Cobra Unit. In the order that Naked Snake fought them too.

GJ, someone finally got it! :D

Well of course Shining too. It wouldn't make sense unless one of them is adopted. This also means one of Twilight's parents is a descendent.

Fluttershy, you kinky mare. It's always the quiet ones.

I felt it made sense, strangely enough. She loves animals and would like to feel secure. I figure she has a secret longing for an octopus or squid animal friend.

When Dash started bustin Twilight's chops for walking to Fluttershy's, I was expecting a snarky comment about why shouldn't Twilight just teleport everywhere.

Shit just got real:derpyderp1:

That thought never occurred to me, but she does tend to just walk everywhere unless there's an emergency or panic.


Shit happens. :scootangel:

That's one way of putting it. :P

:twilightoops: No! That's not true! That's impossible!
Sombra: Search your feelings you know it to be true

I can not help it, every time I read a tentacle written in purple I can only think about this

Gawd... This is so crazy!!! First Twilight scolds her own brain and then she finds out she's related to Sombra!

I just had to do that. Now, I hope to see MOAR soon.

Well, All I can say is, more please:twilightsmile:

Funny, I can picture Sombra laughing his flank off right now.

I KNEW that would happen! And i LOVE that it did! Great job on the chapter, absolutely fantastic! :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

Oh my dear Luna ( that's right I said Luna not celestia) this will end awesomely I can foresee it

Well crap!!

Still doesn't answer the question, does the heir know how to use dark magic?:twilightoops:
"Hey, Shining? Can you teach me dark magic?":twilightblush:

2774832 True, I didn't think of that. So Sombra's heir "inherited" the Crystal Empire anyway?:twilightoops:

Awkward breakfast conversation.

"So, Twilight, what were you researching last night?"

"YES, SPARKLE! WE, I mean I am very interested to hear what interests you so!"

"I'm trying to uncover the secrets of the lost arts of Dark Magic to gain more power so I can over throw you both and take over all of Equestria as Queen, similar to how my great great...


...great grandfather, King Sombra tried to take over twice, before failing and becoming locked in my subconscious mind."


"I mean... um... I just came to pick up some light reading!"

"...OH! Wonderful to hear!"


And nopony suspected a thing!:twilightsheepish:

Anypony else guess it was twilight at the end of the bloodline before even reading the last part? Cuz I did and I nearly had a heart attack CUZ IT'S SO BUCKING AWESOME!!!

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