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Dark magic is a powerful and banned art believed to be long forgotten. Unbeknownst to the common Equestrian citizen, that art is very much alive and practiced in secret by less harmonious individuals. These ponies are part of a hidden society that has long opposed Celestia and her reign for well over a millennium, fighting a secret war away from the eyes of the Equestria's ignorant individuals.

When a necromancer, a vampire, and a ghost must abandon their home upon discovery, they find refuge in the town of Ponyville where they can continue their morally questionable practices. But with the inquisitive Elements of Harmony nearby, they soon find it harder and harder to hide their darkest secrets.

Slowly but surely, Twilight and her friends are drawn into their world, showing Equestria's true colors in the process; caught within a battle between light and dark. Will Twilight and her friends find fiends of pure malice or will they discover ponies with scarred and broken hearts?

Additional Characters and Categories will be added when needed.
First story, feed back is appreciated and is my pride and joy!


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It's funny, I had inspiration today and will be adding more background story to that poor corpse.
She was just gonna be a throw away character at first.:derpytongue2:

Poor Rhapsody, she was only trying to get back into her grave.:flutterrage:

Bringing a new meaning to digging ones own grave.

Sorry about the long wait between chapters. Also I just noticed my first dislike.:fluttercry:

Hahahaha... You sir have made me remake my top five storie favorites. :pinkiehappy:

Added an image finally. Maybe if I find someone kind enough to draw something that is a better representation I'll replace it.
Until then, borrowed image it is! :P

The opportunity presented itself and I couldn't resist.:pinkiehappy:

You and your damned cliffhangers!

Leave them wanting more I say! Though really it isn't anything of a big deal. Unless your Twilight, then it's a very big deal.:twilightangry2:

>>Mordy toúche Mordy, toúche

Yep, you got me. :P

For a second there I thought he actually believed her and was going to betray any remaining Necromancers.
And I have no love for a traitor.

The forepony crushed a butterfly!
He must be evil.

Or he was irritated by that invasion of butterfly's earlier in the week. :P

Glad to know your back! And Ooh itchy neck!

It might be obvious what itchy neck means.

I know silly! The second half of my previous comment is just me proclaiming that pinkie is aready ahead of the curb, which is some what expected. Cus she is Pinkie!

Too bad she's bothering the wrong pony. :P

Hahaha true so very true. So did you focus somewhat on what femme is more this chapter than previously for readers confusion, or just SaG (shits and giggles) to expand on her character?

There's over all going to be a bit more of shift to her. I was going to hold off revealing what she was this chapter, but wasn't sure how to end it. I had multiple ideas on how to end it, but this felt like the appropriate time to reveal it.


Seriously, I figured it out by chapter three. :trixieshiftright:

Then you get a cookie. :P

good good an update....
really enjoy your work though i found this chapter wasn't quite your usual quality though i cant put my finger on how.....

Might have rushed it a bit. Mostly going to spend next chapters integrating what was cannon in season three.
It also might have lacked any real action besides the whole unwilling blood donation and the Dark Lord scene. *shrugs*

perhaps you should get some one else to proof read/edit your story i find i can never do my own work,(and not to insult you or anything) but it seems the same goes for you:pinkiesad2:

I did it for this chapter and thought I got most of my mistakes. All others I didn't. Your telling me it turned out worse?

undead workers ...... There is Money to be made here!

Why do you think he can sell everything so cheap?

2391561 no the story is still engaging and all that but there are some points where there just seems to be sentences there that just don't really need to be there.
. and also some grammar issues and missing words.

I have aspergers which has traces of dyslexia. Perhaps there are sentences that make sense in my mind. Also, it would be more helpful if you point out at these sentences just so I have examples and so I can edit the mistakes. Please and thank you!

I like this one, it's at quite good level compared to most of begginer stories I read here. Here take my fav and make good use of it. I'm really supprised that this story have so few views. Maybe you should work on description a little? It's quite important factor if someone will open story or not.

Yeah, when I made the description my creative juice was low and I wasn't sure what to say.

I'm enjoying the story so far, it's well written and descriptive, and although it does have 'wall-o-texts' it's not enough to have you roll your eyes and skip page.

Yeah, I try to space out things to be easier on the eyes. Why there's an extra break point after every paragraph.

I absolutely loved the scenes with detail and Julius, especially the graveyard/celestia scene.
Keep up the good work!

Glad you did! Fun fact, the icon I'm currently using is of Julius. I have more pictures of him and Femme over on my DA. http://dragon-mordak.deviantart.com/

Hmmm..., I'll keep an eye on it.

a few things
1 vampire word count: 1 (the first time you addressed her as vampire)
2 twilight already dabbled in dark magic(crystal empire on the throne and the door)
3 you got your self a folower

I'm trying to determine if those first 2 things are good or bad. :o

1 its funny how you suddenly drop the vampire word :twilightsmile:
2 its story related to the show, and you still hold a bit of canon towards that so, i gave you just a reminder :pinkiehappy:

1. I haven't dropped it. I decided that a vampire is any being with Nosferatu disease/blessing while a vampony is a pony with Nosferatu. So, one can refer to a variety of species while the other is more specific.

2. I originally started writing this before season 3 started and began to keep it cannon as season 3 went on. I'm preparing to explain why his dark magic doesn't look like dark magic when cast in the next chapter. As for Twilight, only Spoke knows about that little episode and Twilight might not necessarily be 100% sure it was dark magic she was casting. She was aware that it was definitely different.

Though could you be more specific to what you were referring to in my chapters in case there was something I missed.

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