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Twilight had reached her peak, she was at the happiest point in her young life. The day of her coronation as Equestria's newest princess had finally arrived. Then the unthinkable happened, Sombra appears in the throne room alive and well demanding his chance to be reformed by pony society. The unthinkable happens again, when his wish is granted, spearheaded by none other than Princess Twilight herself. Will Sombra's nefarious plans bring her to ruin, or will she succeed against all odds? Only time can tell as it reminds them both that plans have a way of changing all on their own.

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Final I love these stories thank you

Please tell me twilight becomes a evil queen and beats the princesses

I'm glad to hear you're liking it so far! Now I don't want to mention any spoilers for the story ahead. That being said, I can tell you that there is a very good reason why I chose the image I did as the cover photo ;)

seems interesting and that cover-art looks beast, something tells me that twilight will be needing some team work for a much bigger evil (unless it ends up like kiss of the dark where she kills the princesses), also badass twilight FTW.

This story is so cool! >.<
When will the next chapter come out?

Oh my gosh I don't believe it!:rainbowhuh:how can such an amazing story by such a talented writer have no comments!? It boggles the mind! Besides the story's needing to be longer,this has a great deal of wonderful potential! Well, I for one believe you are a brilliant inspired person, and I just know you'll take this story to the max! Keep on writing! I look forward to moar chapters, so don't disappoint!:ajsmug:

Lol Twilight is a mother fucking BOSS

I like the story so far, but why is all the dialogue italicized? It's more than a little distracting.

Since you mentioned it Rainbow_Crash92, I reread those chapters and had to agree. I've edited out the italics, and made a few other slight improvements to readability. In other news, yes, more chapters are on the way, and soon folks! I must have rewritten and redesigned the basic storyline for these next few chapters half a dozen times already, but now that I'm satisfied with it you can expect to see them published shortly, so keep your eyes peeled :twilightsmile:

Your story turned out quite nice tbh...:yay:

However there is one advice I really want to give you:
Micro chapters (<1000 words) are daunting and keep a lot of people from reading.

Exactly what he/she said.

Fortunately(or not) I love evil/dark/badass Twilight fics and it looks like as such.
(How many mistakes I've made in this sentence?^)
(And this one too^)

Alright guys, I'd appreciate if you could please keep the comments relevant to the story. We've got blogs and forum threads for the rest. Ok?

Twibra?XD Sorry, I'm a bit immature....*snicker* *smirk* good story though.This is the type of story I'm looking in Fimfiction for.This needs more views.*smirk* Twibra *LoL* Dang it I'm too immature.XD

If she becomes an evil queen, can she be like possessed so she does it AGAINST her own will?Then her friends tell her something all cute and adorable and she turn back into Twilight and kills King Sombra....Twibra......*LMHO* ......forever!!!!....I haven't read the ending...meep.... Just have to keep reading...I'll go do so.

perhaps even corrupt her with the dark path

This is getting good....MUAAHHAHAHA!!(Twibra) HHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

What if Twilight reformed Sombra, then Sombra reformed Twilight??OMC(oh mah Celestia)

THAT WAS EPIC!!!OMIGOSHOMIGOSHOMIGOSH!!!!Can you PLEASE continue this?! It's epically amazing!!The deep thought part!!It was beautiful!Please continue!You will right?Im re reading this!!

3776067 Don't worry, this story is still far from being complete, and I'm glad you're enjoying it so far :twilightsmile:

3776173 usually, I would be disappointed to hear that...but since this story is just so epic, ITS THE BEST NEWS IVE HEARD SINCE THE SEASON 4 OF MLP PREMIRE WAS COMING ON NOV 23!!!oh and quick question, does Sombra ever end up falling for Twi? Or is it all fake as he USES her totally awesome power to TAKE OVER EQUESTRIA!?

Oh and the cover art is beautiful.Deviantart?

3776186 Spoiler(ish) Alert: Yes, they both end up truly loving one another, but the path there is not an easy one. You'll actually get to see more about how the events of this chapter turn out to be the crucial domino in their relationship that gets everything really started in the following chapters.

3776197 Yep, done by an awesome fellow named Jaaaaaaaaaaz. Check it out here:

Does Twilight fall for Sombra first, or does Sombra fall for Twilight first? I would like it if Sombra fell for Twi first.Plot Twist...we'll compared a bit to the Discord one.Fluttershy accepted Discord before Discord accepted Fluttershy.So what if Sombra loved Twilight before Twilight loves Sombra? ^.^

3776429 Sorry, but for that answer, you'll just have to wait and see :raritywink:

PLEEAASSSEEE!!!!PM me so no one sees!! I won't spoil it for anyone else!
Cross my heart
Hope to fly
Stick a cupcake
In my -OW!!


Now I just simply can't stand waiting for the next chapters!!! XD

I read Sombras memories a bit more closer, and wow...that will explain the wanting revenge on the crystal ponies....it's just so sad....

3776473 That's cheting. I don't like cheters :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

3798932 but stealing cookies is cheating too!then suddenly the whole world steals cookies.

3801215 of course I am.Im awesome.

This intrigues me, go on.

Well then, this is gone from 'interesting' to 'Well damn, I like this.' Congratulations, dear author, you have earned yourself a fan.

You know, I've always enjoyed Sombra, his possibility as a character, I feel that this shall be fun. You have an untapped sandbox to mess about with, his powers, his personality, and of course his traits. Have fun with this my friend, I shall have fun reading it I am sure.

You know, I would love for these to be longer, but it's still fantastically amazing. I love how you're doing the writing here, Sombra especially. I also have one question, at any point will we see Sombra messing about and being generally as cute as an evil shadow king can?

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All my favs are belong to you.

keep it up!:pinkiehappy:This is so awesome!:rainbowkiss: Im looking forward to the NEXT CHAPTER!:twilightsmile: 'Till next chapter, bye!:derpytongue2:

This is truly a great story! Keep it up and I will be eagerly awaiting for then chapters to come.

You deserve a cookie~!

Seriously, this is awesome!

Write more of this!!! I love this story so much!!!

Yessss, Twilight, use your hatred to reave their soulssss!

love the pacing of your story and you are keeping character plus Sombra isn't stupid nor naive. keep it up!

Its like a mini christmas for me every time a new chapter of this story comes out

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