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We're all about Twilight and Sombra stories and "Kiss of the dark" type of stuff so yeah we really don't have regulations, other than it has to be more than 1,550 words.

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Oh, well it's still funny.

435284 I actually got in trouble with the site administrators for that one. They said I was spamming.

I like the group banner.

The second paragraph made me laugh.

What are the sources for the group and banner images?
You have planted the seed of a new group and it took root. Congratulations!

I'm hereby informing you that I'm confiscating your group without your permission and placing it in the garden known as New Groups. Despite the relocation, you are still expected to take good care of your group. Any and all complaints should be addressed to the 'Talk To The Hand' department of the garden where they will be put into a drawer indefinitely.

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