• Published 3rd Apr 2015
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Crystal Protector - Honest Wisdom

Long Before Equestria there was the Crystal Empire and the Crystal Heart, fueled by the love and light of it's Citizens. But where did it come from?

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Once upon a Time there was a King and Queen named King Solaris and Queen Selene. King Solaris brought about the Day and Queen Selene, painted the Night. The King wore a crown made from the rarest of jewels and most valuable of metals, anyone who wore it learned the secrets of the universe and all within. The Queen wore a set of Mithral armor that gave its wearer eternal youth. The King and Queen loved each other greatly and ruled fairly. Their kingdom prospered and grew beyond the seas. All was well.


One day a strange pony arrived in the night, while the Queen was protecting the dreams of her citizens. He snuck into the armory and stole the Queens armor from beneath the noses of her most trusted of guards. Her guards ran off in search of the Thief, searching far and wide but never able to track down the crafty Thief. Within a few months the Queen became gravely ill. The King had no choice but to send her most loyal hoofmaiden to retrieve the armor.

Once Upon a Time in the Crystal Empire, There was a Prince. The Prince was desperate to gain any and all knowledge possible. It became his biggest obsession in life. Many a night was spent researching spells and studying philosophy. His Advisers grew increasingly worried as he dug himself deeper and deeper into the Royal library, shirking his Responsibilities. He was rarely seen in public. Under his Rule, Ponies went hungry.

The Hoofmaiden searched far and wide, questioning Dragons, Changelings and Ponies alike. All wanted the Queen to get well again and aided the Hoofmaiden however they could. They all told her whatever they knew, giving her gifts and places to rest. They fed her and kept her clean, Unicorns putting blessings and Earth Ponies clearing paths. Dragons gave her knives to cut down the thief and Changlings showed her loved ones she missed. With every lead the Love in heart grew from the friends and allies she made, until her coat shone with the Light in her heart. The thief's fear grew and he began to lay traps to keep the Hoofmaiden away. He fled north until the land beneath his hooves was frozen and mountains speared the heavens. Cornered, the thief turned to his normal trickery to avoid capture.

The Prince eventually found a story of a Crown, the Crown was said to grant all the knowledge one could want. He greedily set out to find the one pony alive that could help him find it. His advisers noticed that everyday his coat grew darker and demeanor more violent. Days later he turned to dark magic to complete the ritual that would summon the pony that would aide him. In doing so, he warped his body to a hideous imitation of a pony.

The summoned mare was not amused.

The Hoofmaiden followed the thief until she reached a cave. She stumbled upon the armor, alone and abandoned. She put on the armor to best carry it back to the Queen, but once the last piece of armor was in place, she found she could not move. The thief had placed a curse on the armor, whoever put it on turned to crystal. Seeing she was trapped the Thief ran, leaving her with no friends to aide her and the inability to return to the Queen.

Weeks later a Dragon friend of the Hoofmaiden stumbled upon her in the cave and brought her to the King and Queen. The King was able to remove the Curse from the Armor and safely heal the Queen, but try as he might, he could not free the Hoofmaiden from the curse and the Kingdom weeped at the loss of their dear friend. There was no hope left for her.

'Those who seek knowledge often find despair, I will grant your wish as it is my Curse to Obey.' With that the Mare pointed to a map where the crown was hidden.

The Prince sent out his armies to retrieve the Crown. When they returned they told a tale of how the last Pony to wear it had warped into a terrifying being of Chaos. The Prince cared not and set the crown on his head anyway.

The Summoned mare watched on through his mad reign, acting on his will, no longer truly there. Some thought sh was just as mad as the Prince, Others thought her an unwilling slave. No one knew the truth. Eventually the Prince declared himself King and forced his citizens to Mine deep into the earth for rare gems, working them near the point of death. The Princesses of the south rose up and attacked the King and the Mare in an attempt to drive them back into the shadows.

The King fell deeper and deeper into the Darkness, His madness driving him to use more and more dark magic, his eyes becoming permanently stained. Through great difficulty the Princesses of the south managed to seal him in the ice of the frozen north, but in doing so the Crystal Empire vanished with him.

Once Upon a Time, there was a young Filly who loved to learn magic. She was soon taken under the wing of a wise Princess who had lived for over a thousand years. The Filly grew up to be an incredibly powerful and wise unicorn, who faced many dangerous threats. She freed a mad Alicorn from Darkness and imprisoned a being of Chaos in stone. She hatched a dragon and braved the Everfree Forest.

The Filly made five friends who were all Extraordinary in their own ways. One could tear open the sky with an explosion of light, another could stare down a Dragon. One of them could warp reality to her whim while another could clear an entire orchard in a day. the Fith was a mare of great beauty who created many beautiful dresses and gave selflessly. Together they wielded Artifacts of great power that could vanquish any evil. One day the wise princess sent her student to the north to face a great threat. Her and her friends bravely went to vanquish their foe. But they forgot to bring their Artifacts and failed. They were captured by the enemy and used to keep the Princess at bay.

Such a shame too, they could've been the ones who got their happy ending.

Worry not, their story isn't over quite yet.

It's only just begun.

Author's Note:

Welcome to my newest brain child. Hope you enjoy the ride. Creative criticism is appreciated and encouraged.