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We evolve beyond the person that we were a minute before. Little by little, we advance with each turn. That's how a drill works-Simon the Digger


Okay I'll admit I've made mistakes. I was angry, arrogant, and I hurt ponies who didn't deserve it.
but even so I don't think I deserve a punishment as cruel as this one...
Oh come now Allen my singing's not that bad.

this is a Displaced fic feat. Allen walker

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please notify me of any grammar mistakes and i'll fix'em


In the story description you forgot to cap the w in Allen's name

Off in the Distance a large man wearing a tall top hat smiled. "The one thousand year prologue will soon draw to a close." And with that, he grabbed his umbrella and flew away.

Oh dear! Narrator, you mustn't tell us his weakness, or tell us the scene when Allen finds it out!

He eavesdrops you to gain an advantage! Now, where did I put the character-eraser again...

5901048 I have a plan and won't be needing your character eraser besides Allen aleady knows that he's here

5901058 That was not what I was talking about...

Think about it, the EARL tells you:
"I see you."
You would crap your pants then too! Because of his smile!

5901067 Oh yeah your right that's pretty good I might use that later
like maybe have pinkie shudder because someone is breaking the forth wall

5901067 also if you've seen the anime the earl reffers to his whole ordeal as a play of sorts and when "the prolouge comes to a close" shit gets real

5901082 Yeah, but in this case, it's even worse...
The first "chapter" usually is the prologue. But there is one thing that we shouldn't do, it's wait for the enemies to get out of their statues so they can beat up our minions.

D-gray man hype :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: instant fave and follow.
Btw is Allens innocens the arm or Crown clown? It simply makes sence for me if he has already evoked it since he has been training with discord for so long. Anyway I wish you luck and hope that you have a good day :scootangel::heart:.

5901158 it's the arm I wanted him be a little more versitile in the begining but The Noah are here as well so i'll have to give him crown clown at some point

This is gonna be awesome for sure. I do wonder why Allen got stoned as well like the other Displaced though. Is something wrong with the elements by chance? I wonder as they're meant to restore balance and purify evil. And crap the Earl is already in Equestria? Has he been there for 1000 years or so and if so what has he been doing exactly I wonder seeing how he's not ruling a dead world by now?

Welp, I am hyped to see what you do with this story. Also, every costumed Displaced has the tag line about being out of character. After all, no human has lived a sort of double life like what is present in Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist, or Majin Buu from DBZ, or Dullahan, or Nightmare from Soul Calibur, or as a weapon from Soul Eater. You get the idea? You are just one of the many Displaced authors who took inspiration from the others, and your favored bit of media. That said, each author brings something new to the multiverse, and creates a new and unique world that alters or enhances others abilities, while bringing their own story to life. So yeah, you are in good company, and I can't wait to see what sort of creative chaos you bring forth!

5901296 well he's mostly been waiting and building his army of akuma but outside of equestria to avoid to much attention
also he was waiting for Allen to get free so they can have some fun.

as for the elements they are fine I'll go into more detail when he explains it.

5902539 thank you I have plans for this story i hope many will find entertaining

i will track this next chapter i may favor it :twilightsmile:

5901296 If you have seen the show or read the manga, you should know why the elements worked on "Allen".

Great job! I want in on this!!!

5917955 It means I want to cross over with you xD

5917961 :pinkiegasp:REALLY?
oh that'd be so cool I'd love to:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay::yay:

5917984 PM me when you get the chance

5918331 yeah when I get the chance/want to write another chapter:rainbowkiss:

Well, Freddy seems to improve after a bit. Oh well.

Let's see where this is going. I'll track for now.

I agree, Writing Zecora is hard. I have tried myself. But you my friend did an amazing job with it.

"Thank you Zecora my name is Allen walker,

I need to be heading back or sky will get worried

why am I not surprised?

this is a weapon forged from innocence

that’s perfect”

great now it’s found an accommodater

sorry Freddy I gotta dash

yeah hold on

she's drunk, now's my chance

your drunk, and you saw nothing

Don't worry sky,

^need to cap also the 2nd to last one is [You're] not [your] but other then that awesome chapter :pinkiehappy:
Maybe I should start reading Freddy's story.... also should link it in Author's Note cuz that what most are doing in these crossovers

5929374 It's in green text in the authors notes. It's a link to the guys story and account.

5930101 There wasn't a link when I made the comment which said he should add it for reader convenient...

in between are lessons."


also the very next line has the EXACT same mistake...

flowers there playa mean joke

play a

So first stage innocence? will we see Crown Clown?
a great story so far.

5932857 eventually but he'll get it under different circumstances, also thank you:twilightsmile:

And we still wait for the next chapter

6129748 I've been spacey and busy, i'm working on it

6129784 Yeah, and if your still willing to edit it for me I can have it up by tomorrow

6130044 actually I forgot I got family stuff can't have it today

I can completely say that i forgot this existed and was so damn confused to see this in my updated folder. :ajbemused::rainbowhuh:


I agree! I can't even remember the chapters I have already read! :rainbowlaugh:

Like I said I've been dealing with stuff
And I when put the chapters back up some things will have changed:rainbowdetermined2:
sorry for leaving it for so long:ajsleepy:

6707394 im completely fine with you leaving it for so long, as long as you aknowledge that its still here and im frankly quite glad your having another go at it because if i put it in my follow box before it means that i liked it before so i have no doubt ill like it re-written. And if youve been going through something ill be fine with waiting!:derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy::twilightsmile:

P.S. good story is good rewritten :pinkiecrazy: , i see it as extreme editing :rainbowwild:

Thanks for understanding I promise not to let any of you guys down again:twilightsmile:

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