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Lets never talk about this ever again

Three brothers go to a costume convection as the hedgehog trio. As you can guess they got what they deserve. Now in a world of techno colored ponies the three become who they are.'

We're Sonic Heroes

I thought we agreed never to call ourselves that!

Co-written with Jake Witt.

Chapters (2)
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5969743 No, I understand that but I had no idea this was in the works! I love it!

Sonic Heroes~!
Sonic Heroes~!
This seems like it's going to be fun.

Cool concept. I will watch this.

5970050 on land yes but using his powers

>We're Sonic Heros

...f*ck. I was writting a Silver and Blaze Displaced story! Now my fanfic will be unoriginal.:applecry: Oh well, at least there will be some motivation from having a "twin" story. The results of a crossover would be hillarious.

5970059 That's not fast either.

I decided to read it... and I regret this. You unfortunately made three worst mistakes you could when it comes to crossover with Sonic.
1. You are too fast. Sure, it sounds good when we consider who are the heroes, but in truth it is a bad thing. The fight against Discord should have been long and interesting, after all it's the most powerfull of all villains in the show.
2. You don't write descriptions, just action. If you want to create a good action, you need to first build up a tension. Some descriptions could also solve the problem number 1.
3. Find at least one proofreader. On my fanfic works at the moment three proofreaders. It doesn't matter how good you guys are with English, in my opinion you should still find someone who will spellcheck your fanfic. I see almost no commas here, which is a bad sign.

Please, don't take this the wrong way. I criticize because it can help your fanfic. In fact, I would be very glad if you'd take this comment seriously - I would even propose a crossover with your story in that case.

5970286 No, this particular fanfic of mine is based on the duet of Silver and Blaze. It's a bit different from this one - in my fanfic they are incorrectly considered as the villains. Oh, and Silver is a buffoon. I already have over 12000 words, my proofreaders are working on it.

By the way, I'll favourite this fanfic anyway. I hope it will get better in the future.

5970327 Listen to this man author, he makes good sense.

5971447 Yeah going to go for a rewrite and slow down the story in later parts

About fing time someone did this kind of thing

I'm gonna say this before I read this but *breaths in* "prepare your anus rainbow dash."

Well, I don't know how this is better than my own works, but it is. I made a Sonic story and two Displaced story then I help a guy make the first chapter of a Displaced Sonic story... it turns out better than my stories...


Anyway, I look forward to helping 5971454 out!

Just wondering about one thing. Why did Celestia not free them sooner? If she knew, they were in fact heroes, why let them imprisoned for a thousand years? :unsuresweetie:

You're joking, right? Please tell me you're- oh God, he's not joking.

Okay! Okay, I get the message, God! I'll read one of these!

Not the best story, but by God it's hilarious.

6646253 this makes me sad like 10x:fluttercry:=21x21=somthing :(

It was a combination of me having my head up my butt and SevenWays-

I think the partnership could've worked if I had a more open mind and stopped being an SOL... I think that's the term? I would correct his bad grammar but that would be me using Grammarly. Ergo I wouldn't be that useful.

“Really going as the hedgehog trio?” He asked. The three of them were at a local convention. Around then where some simple and a few more out there costumes. One guy was as Deathwing and this other was some kinda miss matched being.

The Tale Of Loki reference? Oof. I’m gay

Cut down before its true beginning...I am sad and disappointed that the author didn't have the determination to continue

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