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This story is a sequel to The Darker Side of Life

Shea was a young Night Elf that was killed by Celestia because of the dark magic living inside her. She wakes up a thousand years later to find a shattered kingdom named Equestria ruled by a Sith Lord known as Folteren. What will she do? What any Undead Night Elf from another dimension that can't remember her past would do.

Walk around aimlessly until she finds a graveyard. Then sets up shop.

"Who the heck would name themselves Fotlen?"

And Folteren has to deal with a rebellion, commended by some... Flash Century? And his old friend, Jackie, or as she likes to call herself: Bastila Shan. Plus, the dead are rising.

Crap, he just got the throne!

Oh, and Whitney's back. Joy.

He'll also have to deal with something he never thought of before... His immortality.

"Waffles! Get down from there!"

Rating changed due to changes in the story.

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Okay I like dis but there's a few errors BP.

She failed. She failed Cadence, Shining Armor, Rarity, Fluttershy, even her friends that joined Folteren… But most impotent, she failed her son, Spike.


He was a father of three, how could he be bad? Bastila’s misguided, and so are the Element’s. Cadence was a loyalist to the end, and those fools would be dealt with.

The golden guardian had gained intelligence during Scootaloo’s absence, which was about two months ago. It learned to talk, though labored, it made itself clear. It’s new personality was a bit rude, but enjoy’s the flightless filly more than anything.

no apostrophe needed for those.

Other than that, I am psyched by dis.

6138891 Fixed. What's the most exciting part?

6138918 First thing that popped into my mind when I saw the guy to the right on your cover art: Is that Erron Black?

Good job Para!(I can't stop calling you that. :rainbowwild:)

6138918 I'd say just the foreshadowing. Makes me wonder what's to come... (Also seeing Goldie is fun for me.)

6139051 Damn that foreshadow. Things about the war are going to be a part of this.

Yeah, Goldie was fun. He's a smartass too! Waffles will also be in this as the 'eats everything' character. Like Silky in Teen Titan's. And Shadow's Guardian.



Twilight a goner for this Equestria anyway.

Oh my god! They killed Twilight!

You bastards!

6263669 I think you're the only one who cares... Just keep reading on, three chapters are coming your way.

I don't know how to feel about Twilight dying. Hopefully it had plot significance and wasn't just spur of the moment killing. But it's your story do with it as you please. Great entrance to the sequel by the way.

6276226 Thank you, and yes. I'm a big Twilight fan. If I wanted to kill somepony without purpose, I'd kill Rarity or Applejack.

6276239 I'd go with rarity personally at least AJ makes food.

6276341 Yeah... Rarity wouldn't be missed except for Fluttershy and Sweetie Bell.

Did Cadance just bite the dust died in chapter 2?

Well cue the genocidal slaughter!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

6286839 Let us see... who do you like most? I'm feeling evil today...

Well, I always feel evil. I fantasize about killing people when I'm bored, and just look what I have as a avatar... And I killed Twilight... Who does that? I need a psychiatrist...

6287113 ... Folteren be like: quickmeme.com/img/74/74948f979b25336df931b66d6431a07572662b74ad3eeb9d688928e6fdfbab31.jpg

:pinkiecrazy:6287669 *laughs like a genocidal maniac*cause being good is old school

6288715 Yes my dear friend *laughs with you*

It warms my heart that Folty no matter what cares for his children

[Location: Terran(Canterlot Renamed)]

... Are we sure I'm not fighting for a Terran?

Hey I'm not the one who wrote "The Zerg of Equestria"... Or am I??? *Evil laughter*

This is the second most morally grey displaced fics that I have read.

6293558 Even villains have a heart. And Darth Vader had pretty much the same idea for Luke, so a Sith Lord having kids he cares about isn't completely crazy... I mean, you hate the guy, but you gotta love 'em at the same time, right? The more I write, the more attached to him I get.

6293719 Terran was a planet in Star Wars Knights of the old Republic. It's a city planet, and the first world you go too.

6293810 I'll take that as a complement. I have stories that have the character in black or white... Wait, second? What's the first?

With all that said, I'll have a fun time with the War of Shadows. This just says that both sides aren't completely good or bad.(For an example, Lee killed the Shadow instead of let him live.)

This seems like it's about to get interesting once the Queen of the Damned starts to get the ball rolling. The thing about the Scourge is the more your armies fight and kill the stronger they become.

6293853 Ever read the story, Son of Invention? I also have a question about the War of Shadows. I was wondering if Jacob could use the skills that he has gained to abduct and interrogate Chaos Jenny until it eventually leads to a heartfelt reunion.

I just imagine riptide playing during the chapter,i wish there was a star wars parody of riptide XD

6294402 They know each other? I'm not sure Chaos Jenny knows Jacob.

6294652 No, Jacob finds Chaos' token and uses the information that he got from a certain bachelor party to connect the dots. After that, Jenny would practacly sing like a canary about any secret that she learned, including all of Darth Foltreren's allies' strengths and weaknesses as well as identities.

6294802 Don't think that'd happen, she's a robot... And that's just cruel!

6294831 In war, you do what needs to be done. Besides, after she sings, Jacob can call Dox, ask him to summon Kyth and Jen, and Chaos can leave with her memories of the kidnapping and interrogation wiped. As for the robot part, ever heard of Extreamis? If you didn't, then it is an ability that Iron Man has that let's him telepathically control technology. Those droids, immobile and blind. That pesky prosthetic limb and the pip boy, down and unresponsive. Those nano bots, boom. Those blasters, jammed. That communication device, crap. The firewalls can burn themselves down. That death star, surrender or I take out the life support systems.

6294896 Talk about OP! But it seems interesting... Too bad Chaos might not get to meet Kyth and Jen. You'll have to ask Arc about if he's okay with them meeting in the war, I think he might have an alternate idea... And I'm sorta fine with the interrogation. The weaknesses wouldn't do much, but they could gain knowledge from her. She is one of Darth Folteren's generals.

6294907 In a battle against computers, the best hacker wins.

:ajbemused: Eh, genocide isn't my thing. I kill those that commits genocide.

6652016 That's kind of the point... He's evil...

When I first read the part where twilight dies I thought whelp there goes one but then I remembered that the scourge are in this so I'm betting there's going to be undead twilight

6839042 SOMEBODY GIVE THIS MOTHERF***ER A COOKIE!!!:pinkiehappy:

6839088 were you waiting for somebody to say that? :ajsmug:

Also I will gladly take the cookie :derpytongue2:

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