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So long, Fim!


Hi, my name is Jack. Or at least it used to be, before me and Harleen (my girlfriend) were transported to a land of talking ponies by a weird merchant at Comicon. We could have handled the prospect of being in another dimension, but the rulers of the country sealed us in stone for a thousand years! All because I accidently killed one of their subjects! Now we go by different names, she's Harley Quinn and I'm Joker, and we're going to wreak havoc on Equestria. (A Displaced fic)

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the story itself. MLP belongs to Hasbro. Joker and Harley Quinn belong to DC comics.

Chapters (2)
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Which version of The Joker are we talking here? Jack Nicholson? Mark Hamill? Heath Ledger? Or is this purely the comic book version?

Why so serious?

I was wanding when a displace Joker will show up.

6259839 Well I guess you could say that this is my take on the Joker, he'll have a little bit from all of them

Hmm. This seems worth a read, though Discord getting killed by a single puff of Joker's gas seems a bit unlikely. Unconscious, sure, but not straight up dead... Eh, oh well. I'll keep an eye on this... for now.

6259839 it's probably his own version but more along the lines of mark Hamill, since he's with Harley

One slip, Diamond Tiara is a Earth pony not a unicorn and as one said Offing Discord with just one whiff of Joker Gas is a bit of a stretch but I'll put it under magic for now.

I'll watch and follow for now

Comment posted by Theyellowninja13 deleted May 26th, 2016

6260098 Oops, forgot about that. Thanks for pointing that out.

interesting ill keep track of it. Not sure how discord could've been killed off though.

6260363 Yeah, people keep asking me that. I realized that after I posted it, so I came up with an explanation which will be in the next chapter

6260183 NP, it's not like she doesn't act like Canterlot elite. Even if she's got less breeding in her family tree and even less good for the community done than they have, considering that they've got to screw-up sooner or later and do the right thing. At least once in their lives, maybe.


Let the good times roll! HAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

Wow. They just murdered two foals, CHILDREN, who had their whole lives ahead of them.


6261493 and since it was DT and SS, the world's a better place

6260183 ah this is going to be one of those displace 'straps self in chair puts on helmet' lets do this thing!

This story is all over the place... and I LIKE IT!

More original movie jokes (no pun intended) than you can shake a stick at! Two thumbs up!

Hahahahaha*starts laughing deeper*hahaahahahahaha yes yes yes!!

........aw crap baskets

Hmmmm, now that we are thinking on it. If Joker resulted in Discord's death, wouldn't he had inherited Chaos?

so either jack really was just evil crazy asshole who killed Star swirl just because...Or they had just gotten there and were actually just as surprised as the ponies were, like when you wake up in a weird position or when you figure out like twist your feet backwards. either way I love this chapter

6276108 is that how that works?:rainbowhuh: because that would be beautifully horrific:pinkiecrazy:

6276685 We only ask because he killed the Embodiment of CHAOS, Though who else would be more chaotic than the Joker?

Great story give me more!:pinkiecrazy:

I repeat myself...

so good so far, :yay:

So, it only took them like five minutes to become enemies of the state? Thats pretty damn impressive.

Well that escalated quickly, it does kinda surprise me usually when the princesses turn people to stone out of sheer distrust most of the time in these displaced fics, but here it's understandable (somewhat) because they ended up killing an important pony RIGHT in front of them, so good job on that

Joker and Harley had better hope that Filthy Rich and Silver Spoon's family don't hire assassins and put a price on their heads. Wealthy Fictional Characters have been known to do that.

6279008 I'd feel sorry for those assassins, but they won't. There won't be any assassins, not in this story at least...

Good story keep it up

Joker's POV

No, no. Never, EVER, do this shit

6473956 Always, ALWAYS do that shit.

I should be concerned that the Joker was able to kill the IMMORTAL SPIRIT OF CHAOS! But I'm not.
Why so serious
I think it maybe a mixture of the best of them. Ledger's look. Hamil's murderer. Nicholson's humor.

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